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  1. Well, when i started this post, there was and still is no actual resistance in steering, just the noise. Do you feel that the wheel is harder to turn when cold?
  2. did you use the blue goo?
  3. Since it is a 2005, I am not going to waste your time by troubleshooting the matter. Dealership time, my friend.
  4. You know, the rear seats in the Camry fold all the way down. Then you can put a sleeping bag and your feet are in the trunk, your head and shoulders are on the back seats. Put the front seats all the way forward for some more room. Won't work with girlfriend though: hole between back seat and trunk won't fit 2 people.
  5. The Camry does have a perutation for having spongy brakes...but not for failing brakes. How long has this been going on?
  6. Are you trying to sell it? We do have a buy and sell spot on the board.
  7. stevelaw

    2002 camry

    I think there is an ejecy hole under the faceplate of the unit....let me research this to be sure, because if there is on where I think it is, a paper clip bent straight will get it out.
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    Popping noise

    I think a lot of people out there will find that to be valuable information. TOY is quiteobviously having a problem with this issue. Thanks for the #.
  9. stevelaw

    98 Avalon

    GREAT statement. Greasy terminals can really hamper electrical troubleshooting with a starter. You may have saved a few members a lot of wasted labor. Thanks for posting this. AutoZone is a fantastic place to shop (I just did front brake pads the other day). Any greasy electrical work should be accompanied by a can of carb cleaner and a pack of red rags. Learning road in short cut road not exist. There are no short cuts in the learning process.
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    Factory alarm or aftermarket? Please advise.
  11. It's easy. You need a phillips head and two hands. Lower the glove box and take out all of those McDonald's napkins. On the right side there is a Phillips head screw---take it out, and the the glove box will drop down. Then look under there with a Maglite. You will see the filter. Pull it straight out. Shove the new one in.
  12. Humanoid is correct. They have parts that are hard to find.
  13. Hey....gimme an email address via PM and I can send you a file on this.
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    Have you tried NAPA?
  15. stevelaw

    Timing Belt

    You'll spend more money to do it seperately.
  16. Good info--thanks for posting it here on the board. I am sure this Q will come up again.
  17. This is THE most important thing you can do for your car. Don't wait 5000 miles. Do it every 3000 miles. And use a good oil.
  18. No disagreement here as to what you are going to do. But....if you're changing the oil, you could just change it out with a synthetic oil or a semi synthetic. Like Mobil Drive Clean 7500. 5W30.
  19. Send me a PM and give me an email address to send it to. And get a large paper clip.