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  1. stevelaw

    Owner's Manual in PDF format?

    I may have it in PDF on CDROM. I will look for it as soon as I get settled back in.
  2. Thanks again for posting that link to the board.
  3. stevelaw

    silicone brake fluid

    If you are using the braided steel brake lines that are lined with PTFE, as some of them are, they are compatible with all brake fluids. I use Valvoline Synpower DOT 3/4. It has a high boiling point.
  4. stevelaw

    1999 Corolla problems: Seeking advice

    1 - Are they "correct" about the front brake rotors and pads needing replacement? 2 - Are they correct about the rear brake drum needing replacement ? You know, without pysically seeing the rotors, I can't tell if they need to be replaced, but at that mileage? Sounds odd to me. As for the rear drum, I doubt that it can't be turned and used. Like fidgits said, get another opinion.
  5. stevelaw

    1984 Toyota Tercel Wagon Deluxe sputter

    How many miles are on it? And is it the proginal carburator on it?
  6. stevelaw

    Type 2 Antifreeze

    Whoa--you mean it hasn't been changed yet? Have you looked at it lately? The Sienna has 100k with original antifreeze. John
  7. stevelaw

    Toyota Avalon 2005+ suitable oil?

    Is that the oil you got the analysis done on?
  8. stevelaw

    engine swap

    Yeah, but one of those years, I can't remember, there is a different biscuit/engine mount. But I suppose he'd just buy it at a junkyard and then make the swap.
  9. stevelaw

    Toyota Avalon 2005+ suitable oil?

    Thanks, Humanoid. Got my weekend project cut out for me.
  10. stevelaw

    Hey guys, newbie here needeing some input...

    I still can't believe it blew a rod. You'd pretty badly have to abuse that motor.
  11. stevelaw

    Type 2 Antifreeze

    You're not under any warranty at this time, are you? I think the chemistry of the 2 technologies are similar, but if they are not and you try to use the Zerex, you'd probable be best to flush all of the old coolant out totally.
  12. stevelaw

    Toyota Avalon 2005+ suitable oil?

    Mind telling me who does oil anaylsis? I'd like to see what a 500 mile result would look like with the Mobil Drive Clean 7500.
  13. stevelaw

    Inside front door handle broke off

    Way to go. Love to see a job well done by a do it yourselfer.
  14. stevelaw

    Toyota Avalon 2005+ suitable oil?

    Personally, I never wait more than 3000 miles for a total oil/filter change. And I am still using the Mobil Drive Clean 7500. I get good mileage with it, so you might do better with the Mobil 1 super synthetic. But I am hesitant to use ANY oil for more than 3000 miles. I think Humanoid has a good idea with 2 filter changes, but I don't do it. I also don't know about the BP oil. How long have they been making a synthetic? I used to use Nitrex sometimes.
  15. stevelaw

    Inside front door handle broke off

    I think you can do it without taking the panel off...but if you were to do it yourself, there is a door fastener removal tool you can get at any auto parts store for less than 10 bucks. I have also removed the fasteners with a "pickle fork" (ball joint tool). They are small plastic push-in anchors that run around the perimiter of the door panel. Probably 8 or 10 of them. They are very easy to remove.