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  2. Limited edition number

    I want to know where i found the number of my limited edition car number.
  3. Alloy Wheel Corrosion

    I have the same problem with corrosion/peeling on alloy wheels on my 2004 Sienna. I ignored it for several years but now it is causing slow leaks around the rims and I need to make some decision. Hate to spend the $$$ on all new wheels for a 14 yo vehicle but the van runs great otherwise. Any suggestions, recalls?
  4. Last week
  5. Toyota Manuals... Lots of them. 3 Tundra Boxes full. Contact me with any you may be looking for. I will start to list them individually as time permits. All seem to be in like new condition. Seems they run from 1985 to 2000, with just about every model. Manuals are located in Canada, so you get to buy in Canadian Dollars. Just give me a bit of time to get them sorted out of the boxes. Send your want list & I'll see what I have & we can then go from there with cost, shipping etc. Meanwhile keep the dirty side down & have fun
  6. SiriusXm Signal Loss

    Could be more to do with radio transmission rather than radio reception. In the UK, radio transmission has gone digital and a lot of analogue stations are starting to disappear or lose power in transmission
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  8. 2006 Six Cylinder Engine running rough

    I am running Fuel treatment. Fuel injector cleaner actually. My mechanic recognizes the issue, told to use it me to use it and tells me it is running properly other wise. But I will make sure he checks for vacuum leaks again. Thanks for responding
  9. Running Rough

    I would recommend running some fuel treatment through the fuel system/engine and then follow it with an Italian Tune-up....this tends to sort poor idling problems. At least it's a place to start and it costs very little. From there on it would be a case of checking vacuum leaks, engine condition, etc and albeit it's fundamental stuff and shouldn't cost too much in time, its still best to eliminate the obvious things first. let us know how you get on and what you find
  10. Best Sites to buy auto parts in the USA is my go to source for everything Toyota. They have the biggest and best selection of Toyota parts online at great prices! Hope this helps.
  11. 2006 Highlander Hybrid no heat???

    I just joined. Sort of a useless forum. Black hole is right
  12. Vsc light and traction control car died

    Sounds very much like power supply issues....battery connections (corrosion, loose terminals, etc) as each time it is connected/disconnected then it seems to cure it. I would start there and work out from there to see what you find.
  13. Fuel injector query

    I wouldn't take a chance with fitting the wrong seals and maybe best to source them directly from Toyota as they wouldn't be too expensive. Usually, the issue is with selecting the correct type of seal (as in the correct material it is constructed of as it has to be resistant to fuel, etc) so definitely would not recommend buying something that you are not 100% sure is correct for the purpose.
  14. newbie update

    Hi Bo...welcome to the Club Good to have an avid Toyota fan onboard Cheers, Trevor
  15. Hit a dead deer about a year ago and vsc and traction control lights came on. Eventually ran fine and lights went off till a few days ago. Recently the radio died and the lights came on. Car would not start. Jumped it and it restarted but it sputtered and I shut it off. Replaced the battery. Started and drove 60 miles or less. Radio died again, lights came on and engine sputtered and sounded bad. Car is now parked, won't start or even go into gear unless you disconnect battery, wait a while and then re-connect. At shop now waiting for diagnosis but would like to avoid troubleshooting and fix myself if possible. Thanks for any ideas.
  16. The complete history of one of the most famous 4x4s of all time The Land Cruiser is Toyota’s longest continually produced model. From its start as a utility vehicle built during a period of economic gloom and uncertainty after the Second World War, it is now a well-equipped, luxurious and highly capable prestige SUV. This book covers all the changes that have taken place over the years to provide a complete history of the Land Cruiser’s extraordinary heritage. This book covers all the changes that have taken place over the years to provide a complete history of the Land Cruiser’s extraordinary heritage and includes the Land Cruiser’s outstanding success in some of the toughest environments of the world, and what it takes to modify it to meet the toughest of conditions. The author follows the extensive range history of the Land Cruiser from its earliest models, through the utility models, right up to the prestigious versions that exist today and draws on his considerable experience of both on-road and off-road testing to provide his informed professional judgement on this extraordinary vehicle. The first chapter deals with the origins of the Land Cruiser and how Military and Economic circumstances lead to the birth of a legend. The second chapter looks at the Land Cruiser range and how it varied over the years to accommodate the commercial and private markets. The third chapter looks at a specific model, the FJ40 and how it has evolved over the years to become one of the best 4WD vehicles ever built. The fourth and final chapter deals with modifying the Land Cruiser for expeditions, safari holidays and world speed record events! All in, this book is a fascinating read for any Land Cruiser enthusiasts and comprehensively covers the models from 1951 to present day. Numerous diagrams, data charts, photos (colour and mono) are used throughout to break up the written content making it easier the reader to pick up and put down as required and digest as much or as little information as desired. A very informative and attractively laid out book at a reasonable price! BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION Publisher: Amberley Publishing Publication: 15th December 2017 RRP: £14.99 (GBP) ISBN: 978-1-4456-7173-4 Size: 234 x 165mm Binding: Paperback Extent: 96 pages Illustrations: 150 illustrations Rights: World, all languages Also available in Kindle, Kobo and iBook formats THE AUTHOR Nigel Fryatt is editor of the UK’s only multi-marque four-wheel drive publication, 4×4 Magazine. He has been a motoring journalist for over thirty years, having edited Sporting Cars, Cars and Car Conversions, and was also launch editor of MiniWorld, The Golf and Land Rover World. He has contributed to numerous international motoring publications. Nigel has been Publisher of IPC’s Specialist motoring titles and also Publisher at CH Publications and he is now a freelance editor and author. Besides editing 4×4 Magazine, he is currently a columnist and regular contributor to Classic Car Buyer.
  17. Question

    I believe it is a rear spoiler....
  18. Contaminated Fuel?

    Thanks Trevor
  19. 2012 Yaris Audio System

    Thanks Trevor, I was hoping someone could help with the audio system operation manual for a PU860-00012. I should have setup instructions and some troubleshooting.
  20. what do you want to know? ex south african and own a hiace myself in uk. lived in it for 6 months so experience i have in bucket loads
  21. New guy

    Hi ToyoPro....welcome to the Forum Feel free to post up some threads and looking forward to reading them Cheers, Trevor
  22. MR2 parts

    Hi Samuel.....welcome to the Forum Not sure about the coolant outlet assembly but the turbo hose you would be better getting an aftermarket silicon hose...better and cheaper! Let us know how you get on finding an outlet Cheers, Trevor
  23. I have a slight battery drain on my 2003 Matrix. Has anybody had this problem and solved it? I saw an owner of a different model Toyota report his battery drain was caused by a faulty automatic door lock. My email is: if you wish to email me. Thanks for any help you may provide!

    Hi Peggy and welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  25. Hi...welcome to the Forum My first thought is battery charge levels as if they are considerably low on charge and in poor overall condition from being on vehicles that have stood around for a while then this can lead to a range of issues with electronics That would definitely be the first thing I would check. Let us know how you get on with it all Cheers, Trevor
  26. Supra 96

    Hi my supra "Big J"was made in 1999, and before this was supra made in 1989 and I can say that the new machine is much better and less likely to break. Very cool of course gift to his son, probably he is a fine fellow), I can advise you only what is better to take with 4 doors, since it will be easier, but I think you will make the right choice. With regard to insurance, I have been working as an insurance broker for many years and I can advise you to read this site. Http: // How much I would not look for different sites, on this you will find the most current insurance and information about them. And yes I think you can take his car =) Good luck!
  27. pulley replacement

    I would disconnect the auxiliary belt(s) and see if the noise disappears. Sometimes, rattling noises can be produced by the crankshaft pulley when it's breaking up and when no load is taken off it the noise then disappears. Also, Alternator pulleys (if the over-running type can also rattle but by taking the belt off then if the noise disappears then look there as well
  28. New member, Toy 4Runner Limited

    Pat_R That's quite an average mileage for the year and should go on for many years to come...hopefully with very few, if any, problems :-)
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