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  2. Hello! I have a 2016 Sienna and I am trying to figure out how to play movie up front on the nav screen. I have seen where if you put the car in park and use the emergency break then hit the "dvd" option on the screen it should work. Well, I dont have a "dvd" option button only "rear". Is there a way to play movies on the nav screen while in park? Thanks so much for your help!
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  4. Hello everyone. I'm in desperate need of a rear bench seat for a 2002 tundra, but am having trouble tracking one down. Local yards have nothing and local sights the same...anyone have something out there? Thanks, kevin
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  6. I own a 2008 Toyota Solara SLE convertible and would like to join a group to share info etc. just wondering how to do that. Thanks, Donna G.
  7. Greetings All ... I am finding power steering pumps for my 84 Celica GTS differ in mounting brackets to the 22RE Engine. It has also been difficult to locate a shop to do a complete rebuild of my power steering pump. Auto parts stores I have contacted do not offer an exact remanufactured pump for the GTS. According to ToyoDIY using my VIN#, the pump assembly part number is 44320-14160. I am interested in getting a remanufactured replacement or a rebuild on my pump. Thanks to All ... D_GTS
  8. Greetings to all ... I am the original owner of my 84 Celica GTS Convertible. Facing new challenges as my Celica ages and looking forward to connecting with others. Thanks to All D_GTS
  9. My new 2019 Highlander (LE 4 cyl) as a very crazy cruiser control program. At 75 mph (I live in Texas) any small hill or overpass causes the transmission to downshift from 6th to 4th gear. The trans. stays in 4th gear for miles after the crest of the hill. I mean like 3 to 5 miles. All the time the engine is running at 4,000 RPM. I can take the same hill without cruiser control without downshifting at all for the most part or perhaps downshifting to 5th for a few seconds. I've taken it to my new Toyota dealer and they say that's within normal calibration. I objected because it's never been normal on any other car I've ever owned. Has anyone noticed this same thing? Is there an after market solution?
  10. Hi guys, I just turned 100K miles on the RAV4. I changed the spark plugs at 90K, but didn't have any adjustments made. (Tune up) Now, it's still running fine, but I notice that when I'm going slow (1200 RPM) and I just touch the gas pedal, to maintain my speed, the engine vibrates lot, and sounds rough. It didn't do this before, it ran very smoothly. Do I need to bring it in to Toyota for an adjustment or something? This minor problem started a couple thousand miles ago, long after I changed plugs It still keeps running, but I find it's just not right! I hope it's just a simple adjustment. It's way out of warranty, and I don't want to change a computer ($$$$) for this little problem.
  11. I would probably upgrade as the value is in the secondhand market to resell but not viable to continue ownership taking into account annual depreciation
  12. I was wondering, what are the mileages on Siennas out there? I have a 2006 with 602206 km ( 374,211 miles ). Sad to say I will be losing it due to a collision. The engine is still very strong. The oil was changed about every six months with 20.000 to 25,000 km ( 12,428 to 15,535 miles ) on it.
  13. What do you think ? Get the XSE or just payoff mine ???
  14. If you have a chance to get the xse do it if not definitely the SE Model
  15. The car warble when I apply Brake at 100 miles per hour speed
  16. mike mirabal


    I have a 2018 camry xse and the exhaust out the back is two on each side but only one on each side is real what would happen sound and power if I had all the tubes working
  17. Has anyone installed the Toyota Supercharger on their FJ 2007? I have 75,000 miles on my 2007 and want to install the Supercharger, but want to know if there are any "risks" to installing on a engine with that amount of miles. Also, does anyone have any MPG figures for with and without supercharger? THANKS Ray
  18. Richard Foley


    I have a 2018 Camry Hybrid and need new tires. Which are the best fuel efficient tires available, I have read the reviews, but want to know actual owners think
  19. My battery went dead in my garage. Pulled the hood release in the cab and that failed as well. Used pliers on wire inside hood release cover and no result. Am stuck on how to get inside hood. Toyota dealer no help, said I would have to bring it in (tow job would be 80 miles). Can anyone help me as to how I can get inside hood to pop the hood open?
  20. I want to setup the map lights so they turn on with the doors. I figure I can do this relatively easy if I can take out the inserts in the head liner and connect them thru diodes to the cabin light door connection. Where can I find proper removal instructions for these parts?
  21. mine says the same thing. I just got it so I haven't thought about it, but I guess I need to look into it.
  22. 1st - I think all modern bumpers are plastic. 2nd - a patch job may be cheapest, but matching the paint is an issue. I had a couple of attacks by trees and they painted parts that were not damaged 'cause they bordered the damaged panel and it is white.
  23. ruggb

    Rock in Wall of tire

    " with a rock being stuck between the wall of the tire ", That is an incomplete statement. It takes 2 items for something to be "between".
  24. Just saw a TSB for an issue like this. T-SB-0220-17. Your Rav is not on it, but they may not know all the effected vehicles yet. If the latch switch gets hit by the nozzle or the splash shield and trips it, an automatic filler vapor block is activated. At that point you can't fill it any more. The fix is a shield for the switch, but you can experiment to see if that is what is happening. TSB fuel door MC-10161532-9999.pdf
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