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  2. Check engine light with codes p2004, p2009, c121, also vsc light, and my cruise uit working.
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  4. I have a 2017 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Sport 4x4 with a 6in lift that I just bought in June and when I got it, it only had 34155 miles on it and I got it for $28000 and some change.
  5. What is the ECT PWR button for?
  6. Saw these on a 2025 XSE and bought a set for my 2024. A lot better looking than the plain black ones that were on the car. This is the new design. Cost about $155 + tax, unless your parts place will discount them. Part Number on box PT922-03182, Door Sill Enhancement. You can them get illuminated as well, but I did not price those.
  7. Good morning. I just acquired a Coroll hybrid agency (HVE XLE 2024), I am new to this brand and hybrid. From day one when accelerating sounds a "thunder" type in the front left (of the pilot), the same noise is heard when lowering stops. I reported it to the agency, we handled it with the seller, I heard it, with it they put it into service and two days later they determined that it was a "normal" sound. They justify that they are cars with a lot of noise and that it is the reinforcement of the brakes. As I wasn't sure it was normal, they took me to their cellar where a technician handled an equal and sounding model but not so often or intense. Do some of you have this problem?
  8. I’ve been tinkering with my Toyota’s tech lately, and I stumbled upon this post about the WiFi SIM card location. It got me thinking about how tricky it can be to find the perfect SIM card for these systems. I remember when I first tried to set up the WiFi in my car – it was a total headache. I ended up doing a lot of research and came across a great site called simsdirect.com.au. They have a solid variety of SIM cards that made it a lot easier to choose the right one without any hassle. The process was straightforward, and I had the SIM card up and running in no time. It's amazing how much smoother my drives have been with reliable internet, especially for those long trips. Plus, having WiFi in the car is a game changer for passengers too.
  9. Dear sirs I have a 2013 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid. The "LE" model in that year did not come with a backup\park-assist camera, although the "XLE" did have one. I have the following questions, regarding adding a camera. #1) Is it possible to add a backup\park-assist camera to the LE? #2) Can a camera communicate with the LE's OEM factory 6.1” LCD touchscreen, or would the radio need switched out to a different model? #3) Can a dealer's service dept. handle such a retrofit? #4) If the addition of a camera is possible, what would the costs be? #5) I am in the Akron, OH area. Who can you recommend to perform an install?
  10. 2023 Camry TRD and 2024 4Runner TRD offroad Premium
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  12. Was cleaning out my garage and came across a stereo from, I believe a late 70s Celica GT. It is the receiver, cassette player and a 8 channel equalizer. If there’s any interest I will post pictures. Thanks
  13. i replaced my altenator , and while changing it i hooked the battery up to check the milage, the positive contact for the altenator accidentally touched metal and it sparked. i figured i blew a fuse and continured the replacment of the altenator. when the replacment was finished i got to crank the car and nothing. the key f.o.b dosent engage, the read break lights dont work, no power windows, but the headlights work. i do my research and checked evry fuse down to the big fuses (fusable link) under the hood and those were fine, the battery tests at 12.4-12.6.. im outta ideas cant someone please help before i send this to a shop and spent $$$$$$$$$$
  14. My 2017 Highlander gas gauge is weird; dealer couldn't fix it. I like to add a gallon frequently to get more KwikTrip rewards. When it says fuel low I can add a gallon and it says the same, still low. Add another gallon and same thing. By the 3rd or 4th gallon the gauge suddenly shoots up to 3/8 to 1/2 full. Any clue why and what to do? Mike
  15. Has anybody adapted the kick sensor to an XSE with the factory hitch installed? The toyota technician who installed the hitch at the dealer said that this specific trim level won't allow the kick sensor to be moved to the left like it is on the platinum or limited (different fascia I guess). I'm a pretty good engineer and have access to a 3d printer, but don't want to reinvent the wheel if somebody's already done it.
  16. Need right front corner light for 1984 Camry
  17. The Entune Radio/Navigation System on my 2015 Toyota Camry stopped working after I unplugged my battery a few weeks ago. Now when I turn the car on I get a loading screen like that shown in the picture. The bar will load to about 80%. It will then start over or the screen will go black. It never gets to the normal screen. This continuously repeats as I drive. Photo Link Here are a few of the things I have tried. I have tried most of the ideas I've found online including the following... - Disconnecting for half an hour. - Hitting apps and power button for period of time. - Running car while in reverse for 5 minutes. Nothing I've tried so far has worked. Most of the posts I've seen on this topic are older. Has anyone had success at fixing this issue? Thanks for any help! Nick
  18. Hello! I'm Jeff, a new Toyota group member living in Central IL ( Champaign-Urbana ). I have owned 5 Toyota vehicles since 1987. * 79 Supra, 81 Supra, 85 SR5 Truck, 85 Supra, 2006 Camry A few months back I began a project to bring my 85 Supra back to life after many years in storage. It's a P Type 5pd. with 87K miles. I'm in need of a few items for my rebuild and hoping to hear from other Toyota members. I'm sure there will be other items during this rebuild. I currently need the following. * 5ME 2.8 Lower Oil Pan , * 85 Supra Fuel Sending Unit Also, looking to source New/Reman Disc Brake Calipers ( all 4 ). Any help is appreciated! Thank you. Jeff.
  19. Hello! I'm a new member and I wanted to make a first post like some of the others I saw. I've had a 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid for about two weeks now after my old car (a 2018 Ford Fiesta) was sold. This was my dad's car, but with his death in March it went down to me as my old car could sell for more and was more expensive to insure. I've always loved Toyotas, especially in NASCAR, so it's a great shift for me to carry on Dad's legacy in this car. I'd love to meet and discuss Toyotas with other Toyota drivers and owners and have some good experiences. Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to see what this forum has to offer! - Megan
  20. Hello friends and fellow enthusiasts! I am currently selling a 2007 Toyota-Avalon with almost 168k miles on it. With pristine interior care. It runs great and Maintaince has been up to date. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.
  21. Same problem. Really stinky. Almost nauseating.
  22. CH......... I've had great luck with Zimmerman, ATE and Brembo rotors. WE have a Toyota now and I've never looked so I'm not sure that those companies make brakes for Toyota etc. I have never warped rotors on a heavy car (Volvo XC70 wagon) in good or even very used condition. On the other had on my first car when I was much younger you would turn the rotors on a brake lathe to get rid of warp........which made the rotor thinner and more prone to warping again when you turned it thinner than it was the last time that it warped, Rotors are throw away nowadays for the reason that I nmentioned above. I have had good luck with Ate brakes as well as others. Good luck, Mike
  23. Hi The RL 0W-20 is reported to have the viscosity of a 16 weight oil and I'm wondering if anyone has tried it in the newer hybrid engines that calls for 8 weight oil Thanks, Jersey Devil
  24. Yeah, it sounds silly, but I’m looking for recommendations for a strut tower brace for a 2024 XSE hybrid. Thanks.
  25. My 2024 Camry hybrid gas gauge is off by a full quarter of a tank. When it reads 3/4 full, I can pump 6.8 gallons, which is just over a half of a tank. Does anyone else have this situation? Is it a faulty sending unit? Any ideas are welcome. Car is still under warranty.
  26. Help! 2017 Camry hybrid has road vibration between 40 - 47 mph. Michelin tires have less than 10k miles. We have tried balancing and rotating tires, road force tire balancing, swapping a different set of tires to my car. Dealership is stumped and we are not happy. New user, Would appreciate any help!
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