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  2. Hello Sr. I have the exact same issue on my 07 Avalon, how do you solved your issue? Can you give me a hint? hoping you see this, thanks
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  4. My 2012 rav4 Limited, have peeling paint on the roof, anyone else is having this problem?
  5. Additional Photos: 1984 Toyota Supra Mk II P-Type in pdf attachment 1984 Toyota Supra Photos Oct 2022.pdf
  6. Hello, My Grandmother has a 2012 Avalon. She has trouble using the backing camera screen because of the glare. Does someone know of a "hood" I could use to block the glare? Thank you
  7. I purchased a 1995 Corolla wagon for $1800 in 2020. It had been a one-owner car and is in very good condition. It has just over 200,000 miles on it. In over two years the only repairs I’ve had to make are routine oil changes and replacement of the serpentine and power steering belt. I’m hoping this car can go to college with my daughter who learned to drive in it, and last her at least until college grad. Your story gives me a lot of hope!! Thank you.
  8. Hello! I resolved the issue. The original clockspring was defective. I installed the new/used clockspring and kept checking the wiring, suspecting that a wire was spliced when the previous mechanic installed that dashboard horn button. I found a wire that was spliced under the horn relay. The mechanic spliced the wire for the aftermarket horn button. I spliced the wire together again, and re-installed the steering wheel. The steering wheel must be grounded and installed all the way or the factory horn switch won't sound the horn Once it was all put back together, the horn is working as it should. Thank you! PS I still don't know what that extra connector is for. It's just a dummy connector and serves no purpose.
  9. I would imagine the system needs a firmware update to the more modern phone you are trying to pair (dealer or Toyota specialist job)
  10. Battery voltage could be a consideration and also depends on what fuel (petrol or diesel) if diesel then glow plugs could be the cause
  11. I am afraid to say that it would more than likely be the whole intake trunking that would need to be replaced I would however, attempt to remove the broken part and introduce the hose back into the hole
  12. Hi Jason Did you manage to resolve this issue in the end or did you go completely mad and burn the car? The only thing I can think of if you haven't already tried it is that a lot of cars will not play video of any sort without the parkbrake being applied?
  13. I would seriously look in the area of the new timing belt and water pump as there may be fouling on the covers or something hasn't been installed correctly
  14. Is there absolutely no way of getting the original tank repaired (again) or even getting a new one made from scratch?
  15. Not sure in the US but in the United Kingdom there is a website which is called 'how many left' and lists the number of specific makes/models left on the roads
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  17. Amazon is a great place to buy goods, but it's also a great place to complain. Most of the time, when you're shopping online, you don't expect a complete stranger to respond to your complaint or refund your money, so go now here for best amazon chrome extensions. But that's exactly what happens at Amazon when you file a consumer complaint. The company has an entire team of customer service reps and lawyers who deal with these problems every day.
  18. Have only used this beauty for light recreational driving, 70,000 miles since 1986! Last oil change however the mechanic did not check the gasket on the plug and I lost oil while driving in the country around Newark Delaware with the unhappy not unexpected result. So.. I have been trying to find a. replacement engine since June. Still no luck. This would be a great rebuild project for someone and I would consider selling the car to someone with the time a talent to take on such a cause.
  19. Phil Cusa


    I just joined and wanted to say hi. I purchased my supra about 3 months ago and loving it!
  20. hello I'm in Ohio , my 97 red Paseo convertible is # 2469 Im wondering how mant r still on the road ?
  21. Hi Camry2013, I am NOT a professional mechanic, but I do enjoy tinkering on cars. I guess a Shadetree Mechanic. The sound your describing while driving might be a wheel bearing. YouTube some "bad wheel bearing" videos to hear if the sound matches. As far as the warm-up issue, I had an old Dodge (1954) with an automatic transmission, and I would have to warm it up the same way or it wouldn't engage into drive or reverse. Sounds like it might be a transmission fluid issue or something with pressure in the transmission. Maybe the transmission needs a filter and fluid change since you seem to keep up with the engine oil. How many miles on her since a 2013 is relatively new, and Camry's are usually good runners. Changing the transmission filter and fluid is a regular maintenance thing, so it might be a good idea to do it if it's never been done. Mine is a 1999 with only 39,000 miles so I got lucky. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!
  22. The molding on top of my Highlander on the drivers side keeps coming off after going through the car wash. Anyone else having this problem?
  23. I need a wiring harness for my 1995 Celica GT with the following specs: - 2.2 liter engine - Automatic transmission - California spec, not federal - Original part #82121-2H740
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