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  2. Hi. I own a 2005 toyota camry xle who I call Graycee. She has 272000 miles on it and looks absolutely beautiful. I have taken great care of her through the years. Just recently gave her a total new strut job (loaded Moor and Monroe top of the line). (First major expense I put into her). I have been told NOT to trade her for a new one because she runs better than the new ones. The engine may have high miles on her, but under the hood she looks almost brand new. I have never ridden her hard, had every oil change required and her normal day traveling has been all highway miles. (minimum 100 a day). I love my Graycee. I hope you like your toyota as much as what I love mine. Happy to be part of the toyota world.
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  4. Hello everyone, we just picked up a beautifully-maintained 2010 Camry XLE with only 55,000 miles yesterday. My first Toyota was a 1984 Corolla, did I love that car! No more Toyotas until many years later when we picked up a used Sienna AWD which I loved and my husband hated. I am passing my Ford Escape down to our 17-year-old son and the Camry will be my new commute car. Looking forward to it and also to learning more about the vehicle on this forum. Thanks! Lisa
  5. Paul Adia

    AC issues and not the relay

    So took a look at it again last night. Getting 5v across the relay to pull the switch for power to the compressor again. Also when I jump the terminals on the compressor no audible click or tap sound of the engagement but I do have 12v across those terminals. Rechecked new Stator coil(clutch Coil) for resistance and showed open. I ohm'd out the coil at the dealership parts desk before taking it with me and re ohm'd it before the install. I could not find any loose grounds either from the ecu area or engine compartment? I also have a brand new alternator in the car, that is less than a month old. Voltage reg is new and good also. The old alternator voltage regulator went out, I am assuming the same time frame of when the first AC issue showed up. Anyone else experience this also? trying to figure out what I missed or need to do or prevent before I purchase another coil from factory? below pics are the new and old stator before the install.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm Jeff Teague and it's great to be here in the forum! I own a 2018 Camry XLE in silver, I've been a Toyota salesperson for 12 years, and I run my own Toyota YouTube channel called "toyotajeff." It's nice to meet you all. That is my YouTube channel. I'm always looking for ideas for new ideas of questions you have with Toyotas, trim level questions, how-to questions, technology questions, etc. Feel free to stop by my channel and write down any ideas you have for videos. Thanks and look forward to interacting with you all! Jeff
  7. Dave Divecha

    Water and Condensation on both inner taillights

    I dont want to say I know the answer as I just purchased my Highlander,but my past experience with vehicles and water is that there is often a drain hole and or vent in the light assembly, it sometimes has a rubber tube attached to it and if it gets clogged (even a small amount of dirt could do this) it will allow water to collect. It is also possible that the plastic lens is cracked or the seam between the lens and the housing has separated. It only takes a small crack to let water in especially with the amount of rain we have had in VA lately. If you remove the taillight and clean it and carefully blow some compressed air into anything that looks like a drain or vent and then inspect for any cracks, maybe, hopefully you will find the answer. Hope that helps
  8. Douglas Murison

    Speed Sensor Override

    I have a 2018 Camry Hybrid LE. When moving the screen that allows access to USB and CD music is not available. This means that to select the album I want I have to pull off highway and select new album, and then start moving again; or play the music from my phone which is even dumber, or try to select with the buttons on the steering wheel or dash dumber still. I have read in other forums how to disconnect the speed sensor to the radio, but have not found it for the 2018 Entune plus radio. Anyone know were the sensor input is to the radio???
  9. Mark Davis

    Replaced damaged door

    With a little online exploration, it would appear that the problem lies in the integration relay, and that it would have to be replaced.
  10. ToyoPro

    Have you got a name for you car?

    The Dark Knight
  11. ToyoPro

    Where do you all buy parts?

    I buy a ton of OEM Toyota parts online. Check out to find what you need. They have really good prices.
  12. Hey everyone, thanks for reading my question! So I'm replacing the clutch on my 2001 echo using all-data instructions. I'm at the point where I need to remove the axles, but the car is on ramps so there is weight on the tires while it's in the air. Can I remove the axles to pull the tranny with the cars weight on the tires? Side note, I used ramps because at the location I'm forced to do it at there is no jack stands. If I have to I'll put the car on blocks it will just be a pain in my ass. If I'm only removing the axle I would think it should be OK structurally, but IDK if that would mess with my alignment or anything else else. BTW I'm far from being a mechanic and am way over my head here so any help is much appreciated!
  13. Ed Wolvin

    Rear hatch/door not automatic

    I have a 2006 XLE and the rear door/hatch does not come down in auto mode anymore . I have to manually pull it down and make sure it latches. However it will go up {open} both by the remote and the inside overhead buttons. I know that there is a rocker switch to go from manual to auto mode but that seems to work only bringing it up and the sliding doors work fine. Any ideas ? Is there a fuse for the rocker switch ?
  14. My Paseo is number 671, I found one for sale in. Canton, Ohio with a $6200 price tag, it is number 2048.
  15. When I opened my air box to replace my air filter, this piece was sitting on top of the old filter. I put it back hoping that its in right, but have no idea. I cant find any diagrams anywhere. Do I even need this piece? Looks like a noise baffle? Thanks in advance.
  16. I saw the Corolla got LED head light from factory , why they dont put it on Camry ? If i want to upgrade like that? where i can get the OEM LED or the best thing from after market ?
  17. Alex LM

    Replacing Panel

    Is the 2001 Toyota mr2 the same body as the 2003? I’m looking to replace a quarter panel for my 03 with the 01 but I’m concerned of minor differences. Anyone know if it’s the same fit?
  18. Wilf Hass

    2015 Camry hybrid shakes

    I seem to have similar problems, It seems to be more notable when cold. Dealer has balanced tires, maybe it is the tires I have Bridgestones. The Hybrid tech was not working that day so I will need to go back.
  19. Arnold Makil Abaya

    Bank 1/Bank 2, too lean messages

    Can anybody tell me the probable causes of the 2 messages? If it is the oxygen sensor, where is it located?
  20. XR2003

    2003 Matrix Battery Draining with everything OFF

    Late reply, did you check the alternator and battery?
  21. has everything Toyota. My shopping experience with them has been excellent. Check them out OP.
  22. Toyota Owners Club

    Towing and towing package

    Hi Debbie133...welcome to the Forums I would probably entrust the installation to an authorised installer as the system would need to be wired correctly to work with the CanBus system. If it is wired incorrectly for the vehicle then it can interfere with the onboard electronics with disastrous effect.
  23. Toyota Owners Club

    2014 Prius V

    can only think that the radar is contaminated with dirt or dust which may be inhibiting the readings or alternatively, there could be some Radio frequency interference affecting it (if it occurs on the same stretch of road each time?)
  24. Toyota Owners Club

    Foldable/breakaway mirrors

    I assume if the base plate fittings are the same dimension then they should fit
  25. Toyota Owners Club

    2000 solara radiator burst

    Sounds like the Coolant Temperature Sensor/ThermoSwitch is faulty or the wiring leading to one of the fans. I would bridge the connectors on the plug going into the sensor and if the fans run with the ignition on then it has to be the sensor at fault
  26. Toyota Owners Club

    '07 XLE Phone Prob. Outgoing works, incoming doesn't.

    it sounds very similar to the issue I have with my 2007 Honda CRV which has the opposite problem. To make calls, I have to dial the number on the phone, hang up and then press the phone button on the wheel and announce 'redial' for it to then go through the cars' audio system. When an incoming call comes in then I can answer that straightaway through the cars' controls. The reason is that the call has to come through the cars' audio system and I think in your case it is not when you receive a call. You may be able to alter the settings but I don't think that will work. Maybe the only way is to hang up and dial the number so you end up making the call....a complete pain but 2007 was at the start of voice control and phone connectivity and as such the technology is quite primitive by today's standards. Let us know if you do find an alternative method to get it working sensibly.
  27. Toyota Owners Club

    98-99 turn/park front light question

    Can you upload the image so we can see which components you are referring to, thanks
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