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  3. I recently purchased a 2021 Prius Prime Limited and am unable to find answers to some questions in the owner manuals: 1. What is the meaning of beeps that do not include a visual warning. I often hear two beeps and occasionally five beeps. The only answer that I can find in the manuals is that it may beep when it sees a speed limit sign. That does not apply to nearly all of the beeps that I hear. 2. What is the meaning of the various lines in the Lane Tracking system. I usually see two solid (good lane detection) or hollow (poor lane detection) lines in white or yellow. What i
  4. We have a 2015 Toyota rav4, it has a water leak that comes through the overhead controls console for the sunroof. Long story short, after several inspections, the source of the leak cannot be found either by Toyota or a local water leak detection company. I suspect it has something to do with a replacement windshield the car has from the prior owner. We bought the car used in 2018. Video of leak https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYVmT-Af8JM (at about 30 seconds). Pics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tU3ej7mJMOy3yxkjsSppRutAasXfBCdo?usp=sharing Background: In December 2
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  6. I have a 2021 Prius XLE. It has 4000 miles on it. On the evening of Sunday, May 9, 2021, the right front tire disintegrated without warning. I was on a highway at the time. Because the cars carries no spare, I ended up waiting four hours for a tow. I am wondering if anybody else is having trouble with these tires, supplied by Toyota with the car. I live in Southern California and only drive on flat, well surfaced roads and streets. There was no good reason for the tire to disintegrate. I got the Toyos removed and put on a set of Michlein Defenders.
  7. I am looking for the side skirts ( side steps) aluminum with black caps for a two door 1996 Rav4. I have not been able to find them anywhere. Please let me know if anyone where I can find them or if anyone has them for sale.
  8. I have the same car but haven't sorted out using my iphone 5 and google maps,, I hope it is possible.... will be following this thread ...
  9. I used Dual Horns by Sickspeed. Easy to install. Just running cables in a series, and ground, makes a nice harmonic sound.
  10. What do you mean by wheel hop? Most tire stores will inspect the tires for free, and some will check the suspension & front end w/o charge as well.
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  12. Looking for a used suv,under 99000 miles price $6000 or less
  13. Set the alarm with the key fob with the windows down, just like the owners manual says too do. I wait for the security light to began flashing on the dash, reach in to unlock and open the door from the inside, just like the manual says. No alarm?? Interior dome light coms on, gage cluster shows doors ajar light, and security light is still flashing?? ( still armed )?? Why won’t the alarm go off?? any help would be appreciated!
  14. My Advice: Coil springs can be both difficult and dangerous to handle. Both the struts and the springs have the same amount of miles. When I replace struts, I get a unit WITH the spring already installed, which also means new rubber and the bearing plate. It not only makes sense, but it makes the job much faster/easier. You can find OE parts at rockauto, KYB's for your car run a little over $100 each plus shipping. Monroe & Gabriel are acceptable alternatives if $$ is a factor. Tires are always a compromise, longer life means a harder rubber, thus more noise. I think Michelin can't be
  15. well i have a oem fog lights(white)went to ebay bought some amber color type lens,then replaced the correct size bulb but witha higher light out put(7200 calvin)insted of the oem bulb of 3200 calvin.Hopefully that works.
  16. i have a 2012 toyota sienna limited xle awd,2 thing how do i stop the anoying auto adjustment when backing up,it is on both mirriors.The drive aside will not go back to the original position and i have used the set option on the door and it still does it how can shut it off permently.2nd problem is the driver side mirror heat wont work.I checked the fuse(its good)pass side mirror heats up replaced the driver side mirror,thinking it was bad still no luck.
  17. 05/08/2021 Hi! I’ve been driving my Camry for a while and need some tech advice to streamline some vehicle service . With 193,000 miles, there was no evidence that the struts and lower coiling springs are not original. I have the 100,000 mile Toyota dealer service invoice and there was no mention there of any replacement of the factory KYB Excel-G struts and lower coiling springs? KYB still made the struts but have not received a statement regarding the correct springs to use for replacement of the old struts with new ones? Considering the struts and springs are ori
  18. There are specialists out there who can transplant modern audio innards into an old radio set. Maybe a Google search may bring some results?
  19. Hi....welcome to the Club Yes, that is quite normal for an Atkinson engine. The Lexus RX450 has the same engine and also sounds the same
  20. Hi Michael....welcome to the Club a '91 Corolla, quite a rare car now, is it in good condition?
  21. Are there any companies that offer aftermarket suspension parts for the 2020 Avalon TRD
  22. I have a 2009 4Runner Toyota dealer changed transfer case actuator and front differential actuator, because 4-wheel low would not engage, still after installation still does not work. The 4-wheel lights blink all the time in 4-wheel high. Stopped in neutral try and engage 4 low lights blink VSC off 4 Lo light blinks and have and alarm sounding also. Toyota does not know how to fix the problem, and it has cost a few dollars and no results. Hopefully, someone has an idea to solve this problem.
  23. Alright, so I have a 2008 Rav4, which I love, but as of recently it's been giving me some problems. The most recent one happened today, I drove to a near store and when I started up the car the engine started stalling (wanting to shut off) I turned off the car waited a couple of minutes and then started up just fine. Drove home, let it cool for a bit before checking it out and turns out the oil dip stick was DRY!!! No OIL what so ever. Now, after purchasing the Rav a couple of years back, I found out through online research about the recall notice for these vehicles due to a bad o-ring.
  24. Hello, I have the base XL avalon with the stock non JBL CD stereo. I want to upgrade the front and rear speakers. I will leave the tweeters alone. Anyone know which speakers toyota uses in terms of ohm rating and any other specs? I want to find better speakers that will work best with the head unit specs. It's my understanding even if u find speakers that are the right physical size..they still may sound worse because they're not compatible. I don't have any plans to buy any amp or anything. Just want to do a cost effective upgrade.
  25. Hello everyone good afternoon, I have an electrical concern. My coolant gauge needle is stuck on cold. I’ve replaced the thermostat and the ect sensor that controls the gauge before. Ive checked the coolant temperature with a thermostat gun and the reading falls within range with what my scan tool ect reading say. That’s telling me 1 my ect sensor is giving a reading and 2 the ecu is giving me output data which is telling me there’s nothing wrong with the ecu correct? I’ve then tried jumping my ect sensor connector to see if the needle jumped to hot but nothing happened. Does anyone have a wir
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