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  2. Hello, My 2014 Camry SE is constantly rebooting. The boot line get almost to the end of its cycle, but then it reboots or the display will go into shut down, then few minutes later reboots again. My question, If I replace the radio, then there is still the hard drive. Is there anyway to test the hard drive?
  3. Hello all, i am in the Phoenix AZ area. My beautiful 1985 Corolla with 180,000 miles on it has died on me... not sure what happened but the engine is locked up. Probably a spun bearing. Can anyone suggest a shop in the Phoenix area that would be able to repair this? If not can anyone suggest a place that might want to buy it for repair or for parts? Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Rick Aylward Sun City West, AZ
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  5. Did you find the problem? Mine just started doing this trying to find info before I dive into it
  6. I was just in the dealership with my 2020 Avalon. Told that the brake fluid should be flushed every 30K or 3 years. About a month ago, was told that an alignment was needed because the suspension settles after a year or so on a new car. These use to be upsell items at regular service intervals or an add on for retail hours. Any one have a comment or similar experience.
  7. $750, firm on price. Blizzaks and rims have <3000 miles of use and show 9/32 to 11/32 of tread depending on where you measure. Rims are in excellent, near-new condition, having been mounted for only a few months over the past two winters. 1 rim shows about 1" of minor road rash but the others are flawless. Purchased from Costco. They ran surprisingly quiet compared to my all-seasons... almost indistinguishable. Impressive. They did seem to knock 1-2mpg off highway mileage, unsurprisingly. Used on a 2022 Toyota Venza, which overlaps with both RAV4 and Highlander for tire/wheel sizes. They were originally mounted on a 2015 Honda CRV. Includes multiple lug holes for various vehicle manufacturer bolt types. My Venza couldn't lock in to the TPMS sensors but I didn't try too hard - am pretty sure they are TPMS equipped. Wheelsize.com has good tools to find the required specs for your specific year/make/model vehicle. Includes hub-centric rings to fit that CRV (64.1mm-->73.1mm) as well as the Venza (60.1mm -->73.1mm). Lugs included of course. 40mm offset, 18X8JJ rim. The lighting in my basement casts an odd reddish hue on things... there is no discoloration in real life: the rims are the normal silver color and the tires look good. CORRECT SIZE CHAINS INCLUDED! A perfect winter kit. Pick up in Columbia City, south Seattle. No shipping. Price firm.
  8. SmartLiner all weather mats for 2021-2023 Toyota Venza. Less than 6 months use. They should clean up to almost-like-new. Front passenger mats, rear passenger mats (full width) and cargo area mat. Precision fit is excellent! Pick up in Columbia City area of South Seattle. Not able to ship.
  9. i would take it for a drive with the lights on and see if they disappear after a while. Chances are it could be water ingress into the electrics for the ABS and this could trigger the lights If the lights stay on then it is worth getting a scan carried out to see what fault codes are in the ECU memory which will make it easier and more precise to diagnose the actual fault If the lights come on when braking or accelerating then you maybe need to look at your tires which may be losing traction and bringing the lights on
  10. If you have already changed the 12 volt battery it may require coding in to recognise the new voltage settings. If this has been done then it should start on that battery
  11. sounds like it could be drawing air through the intake....look for splits in hoses and particularly anything past the throttle body housing area and inlet manifold
  12. valeters tend to use distilled water to rinse off after washing as doesn't leave any spots then it can be sealed with a good quality wax polish that expels water once it contacts
  13. Maybe something to discuss with your dealer as they should have a 'backdoor' to deactivating this setting
  14. There is this advert within the forum that may be what you're looking for?
  15. A case of weighing up the pros and cons I guess.....also consider will the scheme still be active in a few years time (e.g. similar to extended warranty which has been superseded with another scheme)
  16. I had the same issue, you have to enter and save it in the Toyota app. Go into the app click on the pushpin on the bottom right select what you want to do. After you save your home address there, it will appear in vehicle navigation screen.
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  18. I need a good rotor set for my tundra and need some advice
  19. My 2021 venza sometimes also groans when I step on the brake. I have not asked toyota about it yet coz I always forget. It is disturbing coz it sounds like a metal to metal.
  20. 1993 Toyota Camry 5 Dr. Wagon SE V6,AT,AC,PS,A.O.P., Power windows/locks, sunroof, power seat (Drivers), rust-free,345km (90% highway driven). Very well maintained (records available). The 1992-96 Camry series is arguably the best Toyota ever produced; this vehicle proves it! Priced reasonably @ $5000. Ph/text 236-979-3443.
  21. Our low fuel warning indictor light came on recently with the miles remaining estimating at 45 miles. I drove another 50 miles and filled the tank with 11.1 gal., automatic pump shutoff. Curiously the electronic display quit reporting the usual information, such as estimate of driving miles related. I've presumed this was how the software was written so as to avoid saying car will go another 50 miles and having it run out leaving you stranded. I won't complain about that considering the problems of measuring fluid levels in a moving vehicle. But I was surprised. This confirms my safe practice of generally keeping the tank above the 1/2 full mark. Wonder how the similar Lexus SUV gage performs? Overall we have found the Venza's power unit impressive. I will inform dealership of the issue.
  22. Did you replace the proportioning valve?
  23. I'm looking for an aftermarket rear drive shaft for my 2007 trunda excab sr5 4x4 with the 5.7?.?.?.?. I'm in california and and can't find one anywhere
  24. Does anyone know ow if there is an aftermarket drive shaft for a 2007 sr5 4x4 excab with the 5.7?
  25. I've found mine holds gears longer when on freeway. If I let off the pedal a tad, it settles down into cruising gears. Mine is a '23 TRD and it took several thousand miles for the system to learn my habits. I like that it holds gears longer when I'm entering the freeway. The V6 is latent since it's naturally aspirated. I need a few more RPM's holding there (for HP) until I settle into traffic.
  26. I recently installed a TRD damper to the front end on my Camry. Anyone else done this??
  27. Hello. When choosing a remote control train horn, keep your budget and preferences in mind. If you're a collector looking for a decorative horn, check out the ridgid train horn gun, known for its variety of sounds and styles. If you need a train horn, opt for remote control models that are easy to integrate into your control system. Be aware of safety and legal compliance when using public railroad tracks. Regardless of your choice, follow the rules and regulations to ensure safety and standards are met.
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