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  2. Model - 2004 Camry LE Issue - Remote locks all doors but unlocks only driver side door. Same thing with the button on the driver side door. Can someone please help me with cheap and easy solution? Thanks, Rahul.
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  4. Hi, I just signed up. I've got a '15 Highlander and while my wife and I both loved our '05, this new one just does not measure up. It has a few bothersome problems and I'm hoping to find solutions here.
  5. Hello Everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any American Camry car clubs out there on Instagram? Please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Hi jc...sorry no-one got around to answering you previous post. Well, at least you managed to find a easier way of accessing the hose clamps. Now, as you say, you can get into the timing chain...good luck with it and let us know how you get on with it
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  8. Hi Toots and welcome to the Forums Maybe an aftermarket accessory type compass would be the way forward as anything that interfaces with the cars' onboard electronic system would invalidate the warranty. CD players are now listed as 'Retro' which is unbelievable as they are still selling CDs in stores which I find unbelievable. Good to have you onboard
  9. What is they battery voltage at rest and does it need replacing as this could be one of the symptoms
  10. Hi Daves Auto and rust.....welcome to the Club Nice collection of can never have too many tools 🙂 Good to have you onboard
  11. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would go to a Locksmiths to see if they can programme a new key for the car....probably cost no more than 100 dollars but you would need the original key code for them to replicate the blade to unlock the door and ignition. Otherwise, a mobile Locksmith should be able programme a handset to the car directly Keep us updated
  12. Great information and thanks for sharing it with us
  13. Joey, the Solution Provider. Thanks. I am interested in getting the 2016 Highlander. I have had 4 Toyotas.
  14. That was going to be my next stop if Toyota has no solution (which at the moment it appears they don’t). My theory is Toyota is behind the curve on the release of the new phone and iOS and hopefully they are working on an update. Thanks for the response.
  15. Hi....welcome to the Forum '69! haven't seen one of those around in a very long any pics of it?
  16. I’m not sure what to look for. I drove an MR2 in Abu Dhabi and had a ball. This one looks good, but I’m not sure what to check before I buy it. (Weekend car)
  17. Can someone help with this information: Largest diameter wheel for the 1969 Corona
  18. Where does everyone go for the classic parts for the classic Toyota models, i.e., 1960 to 69? Looking for a replacement fuel tank for 1969 Corona
  19. are any of those parts compatible with a 1969 corona?
  20. I know... brought back from the dead! Nice car!
  21. I have seen several on e-bay. They all look alike with the 4 pipes, but I am not sure if it is a perfect fit for the SC. I am also concerned about loudness. I want to replace my HKS exhaust with a Stainless unit. My car is not driven in the winter, but the ones on Ebay look better, plus the no rust factor. this is the first response I have had so I don't know if there are any other SC owners out there, or anybody has experience with replacement exhaust. If there is an expert, guru, or just plain MR-2 SC nut out there, I would be happy to communicate. I don't drive the car much as I am original owner and the car has about 43k on it. It just seems as time goes on, the eighties cars become rarer and rarer.
  22. Welcome Nice channel Here's mine
  23. pbc95124toyota . Thanks for posting up the video....very useful and cost saving exercise
  24. Anything is possible but is sometimes just a case of money....but I would love to know if it is easily achieved...anyone done this before ?
  25. Not sure if there may not be a setup procedure to stabilise the idle speed after replacing the main battery. Worth carrying out a search in the forums for this. If not, then worth cleaning out the throttle body as any carbon build-up could affect the idle speed
  26. Not sure about the reprogramming but i would be more interested in why the fuse blew and does this have any relationship to the other components not working?
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