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  2. The AC on our 19 Highlander quit cooling mid trip yesterday. The AC indicator is on but compressor clutch is not engaging. I replaced the clutch relay on the road hoping for a quick fix, no luck. Checked fuse when I got home, all ok. On a side note, the radiator fan is not turning on with the AC either. Any ideas?
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  4. To disable the DRL's, it involves cutting a wire under the steering column.
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  6. You can list them here: https://us.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/17-buy-amp-sell/
  7. It looks like a Corvette emblem Looks like someone has doctored the Chevrolet 'bowtie' with the Toyota logo
  8. Article from back in February 2021 https://tiremeetsroad.com/2021/02/18/true-zero-confirms-first-h2-supply-shortage-for-2021-socal-fuel-cell-vehicles-cites-current-deep-freeze-as-cause/
  9. if you really need a vehicle that is reliable and fast, then I would say no, but as an extra car and a hobby to learn new things to restore, then yea. Either way you have it and good situation to learn new things with tutorials. Here is a handy sheet of all the types and quantity of fluids and filters for the engine if/when you get to that: if the engine is a 2.0 www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/toyota-2001-highlander-2.4l-2az-fe if engine is a 3.0 https://www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/toyota-2001-highlander-3.0l-1mz-fe You did not mention how many miles on the vehicle, that would also be a factor, if over 200k, I would move on. if less, use the synthetics in the links and you should be ok. Hope you found this useful.
  10. DISHONEST! DISHONEST! DISHONEST! This is the most DISHONEST, DISHONEST, DISHONEST -AND- UNETHICAL dealership (Camelback Toyota, Phoenix) I have ever dealt with! I worked with their Internet department over a week's time. Friday, 9/10, Shaun (Mgr) called me and told me that the truck I wanted would be in between Sept 13th and the 15th and that the truck was mine since we'd agreed on a price (of course, if someone came in before me and bought it, that could happen) and that he wrote notes in the book that the truck was mine and what the price is that we'd agreed on. Jesse (Mgr) called me on 9/13 and told me that the truck hadn't come in but should be in tomorrow. He told me that no one else was interested in this truck as far as he knew so it was mine. At 8:15 am this morning (9/14), I got a text from the salesman saying that the truck was in. I questioned him on that because Jesse (Mgr) called me yesterday and told me that it had not come in. I asked him to double-check because of the conversation I had with Jesse the afternoon before. At 8:20, the salesman texted me back saying it was for sure on the lot and to hurry in and get it. Texting back and forth with the salesman until 9:30 when I left the house. I was at the dealership at 10:33 am. When I arrived, I was told by the salesman that the truck was NOT on the lot (but expected in a few hours). What?! In the meantime, the MANAGER & I EACH ACCEPTED THE PRICE *and* I completed all of the paperwork. I even wrote a check (which the salesman said to hang on to)...I'd even called the credit union and had them transfer the money into the checking account since we were paying CASH for the truck. During this time I was waiting at the dealership, the salesman kept checking on me....told me to go to lunch and they'd reimburse (which they didn't). I was at the dealership from 10:33 to 2:00pm. At 1:45pm the salesman came up with a manager and told me that someone else just showed up and were offering more than we were so unless I upped my price, I'd lose out. DISHONEST, DISHONEST, DISHONEST! UNETHICAL! This vehicle was MINE! I was there first, I had made a deal that was ACCEPTED by MANAGEMENT, and now it was becoming a silent auction! The excuse was, "well with low inventory, this is how it is...." and "different departments were working on it".... that is COMPLETE B.S.! That's THEIR problem, not mine. I was there first, I had been waiting for the truck to come in, AND the deal had been sealed & approved by not only me but by management! This is completely UNACCEPTABLE!! DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER GO TO CAMELBACK TOYOTA. RUN, DRIVE, SPEED PAST AND GO TO ANY OTHER DEALER! (Upon reading reviews on Google Reviews, they pulled this same crap with other people on 9/8 & 9/12....so it's nothing new to them to be DISHONEST & UNETHICAL).
  11. For Sale 2014 Toyota Avalon Limited - Clean PA title Price: $17,500 Mileage: 46K Exterior: Classic Silver Metallic Interior: Gray Dealer installed options: Carpet floor mats, trunk mat, and alloy wheel locks Vehicle was purchased as a certified pre-owned from Liberty Toyota in Burlington, NJ in 2017. It was serviced at Toyota dealerships (which was a requirement to maintain the certified warranty). The car was owned by my father who did not drive much (about 5K per year). My father passed away, which is why I'm selling the car. Recent service includes a new Toyota battery and front brakes (rotors and pads). Vehicle is currently located in Philadelphia suburbs (Bucks County).
  12. Thanks for responding, the reason for the capacitor is not entirely clear, I thought it was a transistor, but it doesn't matter. If you have a link to this discussion, then it will be great to ask for it, to restore the native ECU. however, I went further and this is what I came to: I removed the upper console from the donor lexus es 300 and lowered the steering wheel to the pedals) unwound the cable braids from the immo amplifier unit, remembering the designers, pulled all 3 wires (4 wire went to the ground, this is easy) pulled through to the connectors and came to the computer. And then voila! All this beautiful garland needs to be transplanted and my avalon, but... need a chip key .... I ordered it, I'm waiting. Then with a key and crossing my fingers I will try to register it as a man in the video; ) :
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  14. if it's the front one you have to remove the engine mount in order to get the control arm off. you can do it yourself if you don't mind getting dirty. you'll need a basic socket set a jack,jack stand, and a block of wood to lift the engine up off the engine mount to get at two bolts that hide behind that engine mount.
  15. you should just do it yourself,scuff up the items you want black and mask off anything and the areas you don't plan on taking off.
  16. I have had four Toyota's over the last twenty years and my children have had some because I always said how good they are. My 2013 Highlander has started to have a clicking/clanking noise from the rear back door drive mechanism during both the opening and closing operations. The Toyota Enhanced Warranty which was issued about 6 years ago describes the problem and how the dealership will check for the problem. I suppose standing next to the door and opening and closing it a few times should indicate if there is a problem, I dare say they might talk about many hours required for this simple operation. I booked it into the dealership where I bought all of my Toyotas and have had them serviced at. When I turn up to have the simple check on the mechanism, they said the cost would be a minimum of $148 plus taxes. I guess because they cannot make money on new and used cars because of the chip shortage they have decided to rip owners off some other way. I emailed Toyota main office and they are not interested in sorting this problem, I guess they must be thinking that if people do not get it check out, they will not have to pay the cost of repairing the mechanism. At the end of the year I was going to buy one of the new version of the Tundra pickups, I have now decided after many years of owning Toyotas, to go to another brand. So much for Toyota stand behind their products, what makes it worse is that they know that their design is at fault but will still not fix it. David J. Lord
  17. I had a 2016 Rav4 Hybrid Limited which was recently totaled by a falling tree. I am holding on to 4 snow tires (low mileage) which I purchased in 2019 and were in storage when the car was totaled - size 235/55R18. I just purchased a new 2021 Rav4 Hybrid XLE Prem with a tire size of 225/60R18. Can I use my existing snow tires on my new vehicle even though the tire size is a little different? Appreciate your thoughts!
  18. Its a difficult one to diagnose without capturing any data when it occurs. A first thought it may be ignition related in which case it would be worth checking all ignition components and replacing if necessary. All ignition parts would be cheap for this age of vehicle and can easily be seen if defective (plugs, leads, coil, etc) After that then I would look at replacing the fuel filter, checking vacuum hoses and go from there. Also, check battery earth connections and leads as if these are not up to par then this could also lead to loss of power, cutting out, etc
  19. It could eventually lead to battery discharge over time. Maybe worth having a portable solar panel on your dashboard to keep the battery topped up
  20. Hello I am a new member and wondering if anyone can help me out.Does anyone know how many cd disks can be loaded into cd player on a 2014 Venza XLE 6cyl. I do not have a owners manual....Thanks
  21. Terry Todd


    A guy at the local tire dealership said it would be unsafe to put a different size tire on a 2004 Toyota Matrix XR. I would simply like to go with a wider tire.
  22. The Service Director called me back & said the "known problem" was for a different model vehicle, not the 2021 Venza. He wants me to take my vehicle to the dealership when I have a "Low on Fuel" indicator, and a Regional Specialist will take a look.
  23. I have a 2006 XRS Limited Edition. At least it has a 'Limited Edition' badge on the back. However, I cannot find any information about an XRS Limited Edition. Has anyone ever heard of one of these? If so, what is the difference?
  24. Can all 4AFE short blocks interchange? My car is a 1991 Geo Prizm.
  26. Looking gor some ideas take my tacoma look off road ish any ideas ?
  27. Lol. Nice ride I got the camry se awd. You have dirt issues from the door handles and gas tank. It runs down the car in a streak. I wash it regularly. It scary that the new camry has the potential to be a rust bucket in the future
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