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    Here is the data specs for a 2017 Prius battery: Battery and Charging Battery Capacity 8.8 kWh Port Location Right Side - Rear Charge Port Type 2 Charge Power 3.7 kW AC Charge Time (0->25 mi) 2h15m Charge Speed 11 mph Battery Useable* 7.0 kWh
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    I recently had a drivers side sun visor fail on my 2006 Tacoma. I tore it apart, fixed it, and put it back together again. Here's a video of how I fixed it. I hope it helps the rest of you, not if but when it happens. https://youtu.be/ow0vdWhxZzM
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    Thank You! I agree with the ride like a ‘78 Caddy and better mileage!
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    I am the second owner of a 2008 Avalon Limited and it's at 228000. It rides like a 78 Caddy without the maintenance problems and way better gas mileage.
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    The new Supra looks awesome. Thanks for sharing.
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