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    Toyota Celica Gts, TRD, Panasonic Edition ( Canadian car), 6 spd, 2zzz motor, Trd package with ground effects and spoiler, Panasonic Edition, very rare ( GT version only 800 made but GTS with 6sp cannot find ) Panasonic decals were removed years ago from exterior of car. Owned for 12 years. Lady driven, oiled by Krown every year but last year, synthetic motor oil from start. Have original Panasonic radio , car outside no rust but clear coat is starting to flake. (Interior near perfect but driver seat showing some wear). Was going to keep it for my collection but no room. $8900 Canadian. I will send pics if interested. Sorry no test pilots, low ballers or car wanna be analysts. Don’t waste my time and move on if not interested. Sorry not try to be ignorant but had many different people that I have no time for.
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    I have never had a vehicle that would allow the use of recirculating air with the defrosters. You need to bring in fresh air to get the moisture laden inside air out so the windows will clear off. I always laugh when I see someone driving during one of our Minnesota Winters and their windows are so steamed up and frosted over that they can't see. Turn off the recirculating and they will clear right up. I know what I'm talking about, been doing this for almost 60 years.