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  2. RPAltman

    Replacing Panel

    Yep. They are the same panel. I can send you an snapshot from the service manual if you need it.
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  4. John Stuart


    I seriously wanted the car to fix and sell so I could put more money towards a Superduty... something beautiful, strong, and actually doesnt make me want to hurt myself everytime i see it much less drive it
  5. John Stuart


    I am quite possibly the biggest gear head in the states, but I want a 1999 Island blue metallic and tan lariat 4x4 6 speed manual 7.3 Ford F250 TurboDiesel. Me and my family are super poor so my grand mother gave me her 1993 Toyota Camry. I was thankful until I found this out. 1, I cant sell it. 2, I cant trade it. And 3, I cant engine swap is. Its got the weak Toyota 2200 or whatever the 4 cylinder is called. Its white with blue interior, and is an automatic :(. It is also beat to you know what. It is the ugliest, slowest, most bland and boring car I have ever seen in my life and everyone Ive talked to says the 4 cylinder in those make no power even after being boosted, and I cant find anything on youtube because well... they are boring af. SO if there is anything I can do to this base model, broke down, ugly pile of ****, please let me know, since you people like Toyotas other than the Supra, Celica, and Tacoma for some reason that Ill never understand. BTW, Ive had this car for a day and i already hate this pile of junk.
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  7. Hi all joining gere hoping to get info on my 2012 Venza Limited AWD
  8. Colin Lambert

    2017 Avalon XLE

    Hi, New member. Just purchased a 2017 Avalon with 23K miles. This is my first Toyota, and I was attracted by the brands reputation for reliability. However, reliability requires proper maintenance, so any advice on what to keep an eye on?
  9. Hi Jeff Teague ...welcome to the club Good to have you onboard! Feel free to post up any Toyota videos on here and they will also go into the video section on the forum. Cheers, Trevor
  10. Toyota Owners Club

    Just signed up

    Hi Jan Didawick ....welcome to you, and Graycee Good to have you onboard, and have to say....great to see an older Toyota still looking good and going strong! Cheers, Trevor
  11. Toyota Owners Club

    Saying Hello from Laval, QC

    Hi....and welcome!
  12. Toyota Owners Club

    New Member

    Hi Mixalis Tsar and welcome to the club. good to have you onboard
  13. Saying Hello from Laval,QC
  14. James Ashton

    for sale

    Hi guys, selling my Supra. Stunning original example Toyota Supra 1993, WITHIN THE FIRST 500 BUILT. This car one of the first of 500 ever made, production in Japan started in April 1993, this vehicle was produced 4 weeks later in May 1993. I have conformation from Toyota stating this. Alpine Silver Metallic with only 85,500 miles from new. Superb full black leather which is in concourse condition, the original supplied interior. This car is almost 100% original other than the 19" wheels and exhaust system. Engine numbers match and has not been tampered or uprated. This car is almost stock. Conformation of authenticity and production date from Toyota. Original owners handbook stamped with servicing history from new alongside a stack of receipts showing the slow progression of mileage throughout the years. The original tool kit is presented with the plastic cover that sits above, extremely rare to find still with the cars. Meticulously documented history file with invoices dated chronologically showing all work carried out throughout each year. It is an original twin turbo car fitted with the infamous 2JZ-GTE engine joined to the automatic 4 speed gearbox. The engine runs seamlessly just as it should, gearbox shifts perfectly without any hesitation or delays. The turbos spool up perfectly, when the second powers in it really throws you into the seat. The car is extremely positive on the road and is probably the best example I have driven. This particular example is the RZ spec so is top of the range which means it comes with the full leather interior which is a really nice upgrade from the more common cloth alternative. The only modifications made to the car is a set of 18" Kahn wheels, UK spec front brakes and a Blitz Nur Spec cat-back exhaust system which is a very reputable exhaust for the Supra. A beautiful understated note on idle however when you hit the gas the car roars. The car has been intencly maintained over the years, fully undersealed to stop and rust occurring underneath. As well as this the car has recently had a new alternator, front rotors, pads and rear pads. The tyres are matching all round and are all on approximately 6mm. This is a great opportunity to add to a current collection of exotics, future investment or acquire for a project to build a 1000BHP monster. The car certainly attracts an enormous amount of interest from motorists. These are very rare beasts, very few right hand drives in the states as good condition as this. Its a pleasure to drive and own this car as it will be for you. The car can be viewed in Tampa Florida, shipping and delivery available. Please call James on 813-465-9979. I very much look forward to hearing from you.
  15. drgerryc

    TSB 4593B

    Any have a link to how to repair Toyota TSB 4593B?
  16. Hi. I own a 2005 toyota camry xle who I call Graycee. She has 272000 miles on it and looks absolutely beautiful. I have taken great care of her through the years. Just recently gave her a total new strut job (loaded Moor and Monroe top of the line). (First major expense I put into her). I have been told NOT to trade her for a new one because she runs better than the new ones. The engine may have high miles on her, but under the hood she looks almost brand new. I have never ridden her hard, had every oil change required and her normal day traveling has been all highway miles. (minimum 100 a day). I love my Graycee. I hope you like your toyota as much as what I love mine. Happy to be part of the toyota world.
  17. Hello everyone, we just picked up a beautifully-maintained 2010 Camry XLE with only 55,000 miles yesterday. My first Toyota was a 1984 Corolla, did I love that car! No more Toyotas until many years later when we picked up a used Sienna AWD which I loved and my husband hated. I am passing my Ford Escape down to our 17-year-old son and the Camry will be my new commute car. Looking forward to it and also to learning more about the vehicle on this forum. Thanks! Lisa
  18. Paul Adia

    AC issues and not the relay

    So took a look at it again last night. Getting 5v across the relay to pull the switch for power to the compressor again. Also when I jump the terminals on the compressor no audible click or tap sound of the engagement but I do have 12v across those terminals. Rechecked new Stator coil(clutch Coil) for resistance and showed open. I ohm'd out the coil at the dealership parts desk before taking it with me and re ohm'd it before the install. I could not find any loose grounds either from the ecu area or engine compartment? I also have a brand new alternator in the car, that is less than a month old. Voltage reg is new and good also. The old alternator voltage regulator went out, I am assuming the same time frame of when the first AC issue showed up. Anyone else experience this also? trying to figure out what I missed or need to do or prevent before I purchase another coil from factory? below pics are the new and old stator before the install.
  19. Paul Adia

    AC issues and not the relay

    Soo at this point I am stumped on my AC unit, 04 matrix XR, originally across the relay switch that sends power to the compressor was at 5 volts, did some digging around, pressure switch is good, ohm'd out the electrical coil in the compressor, came up open, no resistance. Switch on dash is also good, fuse in driver kick panel is good, blower is moving air. Ordered that part new from toyota, Ohm'd that too before leaving the dealership parts, if I remember about 4-5ohms, installed it with ease, did not loose any of the washers that are with the clutch. rechecked the compressor is properly grounded. Rechecked voltage at relay, 12v, compressor clutch is engaged at this time. Let run for about 20-30 mins in idle, pressure is good, across the coil is 40'F, Las vegas ambient was about 90 with cloud cover and humid, didnt record the moisture levels. After the local driving, I was able to pull down to 54'f in the supply vent w my thermometer to measure the air temps. Fan for ac mode is running, no issues. drove around locally, light to light before heading home, normal driving, not beating on my car. As soon as I accelerated to match highway speeds, within a small distance I noticed my thermometer in the vent starting to rise in temps to ambient, which by then was closer to 100'F ambient. from then on no more cooling. Checked the fuse under the driver side kick panel, it is not popped. I have yet to re ohm out the new coil to see if it became open for some reason. I am just beat and disappointed at this time. will take a look at it again this weekend. Have any other ideas that you guys can suggest or know something specific with the matrix's ac. I herd that the relay is majority of the issues but not this time. I am not sure where else to look. Help a fellow new matrix owner. Thank you guys
  20. Hi everyone! I'm Jeff Teague and it's great to be here in the forum! I own a 2018 Camry XLE in silver, I've been a Toyota salesperson for 12 years, and I run my own Toyota YouTube channel called "toyotajeff." It's nice to meet you all. That is my YouTube channel. I'm always looking for ideas for new ideas of questions you have with Toyotas, trim level questions, how-to questions, technology questions, etc. Feel free to stop by my channel and write down any ideas you have for videos. Thanks and look forward to interacting with you all! Jeff
  21. Dave Divecha

    Water and Condensation on both inner taillights

    I dont want to say I know the answer as I just purchased my Highlander,but my past experience with vehicles and water is that there is often a drain hole and or vent in the light assembly, it sometimes has a rubber tube attached to it and if it gets clogged (even a small amount of dirt could do this) it will allow water to collect. It is also possible that the plastic lens is cracked or the seam between the lens and the housing has separated. It only takes a small crack to let water in especially with the amount of rain we have had in VA lately. If you remove the taillight and clean it and carefully blow some compressed air into anything that looks like a drain or vent and then inspect for any cracks, maybe, hopefully you will find the answer. Hope that helps
  22. Douglas Murison

    Speed Sensor Override

    I have a 2018 Camry Hybrid LE. When moving the screen that allows access to USB and CD music is not available. This means that to select the album I want I have to pull off highway and select new album, and then start moving again; or play the music from my phone which is even dumber, or try to select with the buttons on the steering wheel or dash dumber still. I have read in other forums how to disconnect the speed sensor to the radio, but have not found it for the 2018 Entune plus radio. Anyone know were the sensor input is to the radio???
  23. Mark Davis

    Replaced damaged door

    With a little online exploration, it would appear that the problem lies in the integration relay, and that it would have to be replaced.
  24. ToyoPro

    Have you got a name for you car?

    The Dark Knight
  25. ToyoPro

    Where do you all buy parts?

    I buy a ton of OEM Toyota parts online. Check out to find what you need. They have really good prices.
  26. Mark Davis

    Replaced damaged door

    Owner of a 2004 corolla LE. Driver's door was damaged in an accident, and I found a replacement in a salvage yard. Foolishly, I replaced the door without disconnecting the battery. Now, the interior dome light does not come on when opening the door; the power door locks don't work, and the map lights won't come on either. I can't think of anything else that has failed. Power windows work, and all other controls seem to be ok. Any suggestions on where to start to locate this problem? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  27. Hey everyone, thanks for reading my question! So I'm replacing the clutch on my 2001 echo using all-data instructions. I'm at the point where I need to remove the axles, but the car is on ramps so there is weight on the tires while it's in the air. Can I remove the axles to pull the tranny with the cars weight on the tires? Side note, I used ramps because at the location I'm forced to do it at there is no jack stands. If I have to I'll put the car on blocks it will just be a pain in my ass. If I'm only removing the axle I would think it should be OK structurally, but IDK if that would mess with my alignment or anything else else. BTW I'm far from being a mechanic and am way over my head here so any help is much appreciated!
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