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  2. I have a 2021 Corolla sedan. There is a fuse in the car interior fuse box called Wiper RR. I do not have a rear windshield wiper on a sedan. What is that fuse used for?
  3. don't play, get the KYB spring and strut assembly, i got all 4 replaced, rock auto is the cheapest, don't forget the sway bar extention too
  4. i went to costco with a tape measure i have a 2005 camry, the wipers work fine but you must measure, and read the instructions, good for winter, quick fix is the ones at walmart, not rainex
  5. This happened to me a couple of months ago where my battery was nearly completely drained because it sat in my garage without running for a couple of days. I charged the battery and took it to my dealership where they said the battery was defective and they replaced it. It just happened to me again today and I got the message that there was a smart key malfunction and the car would not start. Again the car has sat in the garage without running for a couple of days. Searching for this issue, I've found many other reports of similar issues with 2020 Toyota vehicles. I am currently charging
  6. no. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnuson%E2%80%93Moss_Warranty_Act They would have to prove that the subwoofer or wiring that was added caused the fault/defect they are refusing coverage on.
  7. Hi all! I will joining the Highlander Hybrid owner's club soon, as my car broker has located a vehicle that is in transit. We are getting a Limited trim with captain's seats in the 2nd row. We have a 70lb dog who will be sitting back there, so we found this company that makes custom gap fillers to accommodate our dog: https://www.dogshell.com/product/customcaptain Would anyone be kind enough to take the measurements shown in the picture for us so that we can order this ASAP? I would be immensely grateful!
  8. Hi - first time poster here. I want to have the 22r in my 1981 4x4 rebuilt. Does anyone have an outfit who rebuilds these that is trusted? Any specialty shops? Preferably near Baltimore, although I can ship. I can yank it, but don't have the time to do the rebuild myself. Thanks!
  9. I have the same problem. Drove 767 miles and when I got 35 miles left to empty, stop to top it off and only was able to put in 10 gallons. Every time I fill it up it only gives me a range of 430 miles to empty. Toyota says 565 mile range. Hope they send a Service bulletin just like the Rav 4.
  10. Hi everyone, Bought a 2021 Camry XSE on April 2021 and it has an issue with the paint. Has anyone seen this?
  11. Hi, New here and have a 2011 Sienna Limited with a seat motor on the way out. P/N is 439440-10280, it's the 4 pin connector type for a memory seat. Toyota sells the frame + motor + whatever else they toss in for $700+ I can buy an entire used Limited seat for ~$500 I have to imagine Toyota used this motor in more than 1 vehicle, any tips for how to cross reference that to other vehicles? FWIW, I have a 2010 RX350 also but that has a different setup Haven't been able to find an aftermarket source for motors either, is that because one doesn't exist? Thank in advance
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  13. I have a 2000 Toyota Avalon XL. Has 210 HP. with 176k miles. Beautiful condition. Can I put in a 2005 3.5 L 280 HP engine? Would it require tranny upgrade. Thanks Jack Bosch. Gig Harbor, WA
  14. Ive seen a lot of recommendations for denso COPs and Im interested, but how can you know they are not counterfeit? I see my two local auto stores selling them for more then my toyota parts dept sells OEM. Then i see this site. https://www.densoproducts.com/ Selling denso COPs cheaper then dealer OEM. But is that site really Denso, direct from the manufacturer? I need the electrical plastic plug that plugs into the COP. Dealer parts 10$ each. Someone needs to make a quality aftermarket, but who? ditto gas cap or just the rubber. mine dried out. Dealer 32$. Ouch. Also m
  15. See spark plug images. 5 of the six plugs look like the 1st two images below https://imgur.com/gallery/HWxojWN and https://imgur.com/gallery/HNsRAML questionable plug is in these three images: https://imgur.com/gallery/4cxiIIA and https://imgur.com/gallery/5hdPUH9 and after removal and replacement, then sat for 24 hours(was not driven): https://imgur.com/gallery/0wPFTvK See the electrode crud and oil on threads. It looks like even more oil after removal and replacement. One plug only. Is there issue with that cylendar? 2007 Engine 2gr fe with 190k mile
  16. Has anyone installed 6x9 speakers on a 2021 Corolla SE rear dash? I think the metal has openings and the deck would have to be custom cut.
  17. Do not buy , HOLSTEIN 2ABS2606 (Economy) Includes Harness, Rear Left; AWD cable short.
  18. Good day. I own a 2017 highlander platinum edition it came with rims that had a plastic tinted cover over the chrome rims, are these removable or not, also can they be fixed.
  19. RV62

    LTA Problems

    I solved my own "problem." There is an LTA button on the right side of the steering wheel. I must have inadvertently hit it and switched the LTA off. It's working now. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  20. Here in Tacoma/Seattle you could realistically get $3000-4500
  21. I am an auto technician in Auburn Wa. An old ECHO came in for brakes and tires. 2002 it didn’t look too much like my 2020 inside but outside it did look like a Yaris. One of the only ECHO I’ve seen in years. Also I actually saw a white late model Yaris sedan in Tacoma today, looks like someone just bought it, it still has the temp paper tag in the window.
  22. I'm upgrading my '87 supra and I need advice on the best complete brake system swap. The factory ABS is trying to kill me! I need a system that is compatible with the electronic system, or a way to remove the electronic braking.. All help is Supra appreciated! JK...I couldn't help myself.
  23. RV62

    LTA Problems

    Hi, I own a 2021 Corolla SE CVT. In the past few days, the LTA stopped working. Collision alert, cruise control and automatic breaking still work. The camera area on the windshield is clean. The little picture of the white and blue "lane" lines don't appear anymore. All the systems are switched on. Any ideas what may be wrong?
  24. 2007 avalon LE, 189k miles. Don't know maintenance history. Has not been to dealer service since 2010. Got it three months ago (gift from wife's family to her) and it's been fine around town for us. West central florida. It was shipped here from Delaware. That is where it was bought new and her family used it. I did much routine maintenance on it in those three months. It was making loud clicking noise, which this engine is known for, but once I changed the engine oil and ran it for awhile it quieted down. I think oil was too thick. Both engine and trans-axle oils had b
  25. Good evening all from Tacoma Washington this is 2020 black Yaris and I vaguely remember the Toyota Echo I’m very sorry I don’t want to offend anybody I’ve vaguely remember it being a little bit like our Yaris us can somebody send me a picture please am I really like my new Yaris and I wish I could find an echo are they still available are there any around have a good evening everybody
  26. Does anyone know of a good sway bar for my 2020 Yaris. Hatch? I don’t drive it hard at all but at 45-60 on freeway entrance ramps that curve, it feels like it’s not stable at all. 10,000 miles, completely stock (that’s how I like my cars) should I get or can I get a rear sway bar or both front and rear beefed up sway bars ? please let me know. LET’S MAKE THE YARIS POPULAR AGAIN!
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