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  3. Highlander- turn signal

    Wondering if any one that owns a Toyota Highlander has had any problems with their turn signals? Yesterday ours just is acting weird when we turn to the right, You push it up and it will blink 3 times then shut off. If I push it up right away, it won"t work at all, if I wait a few seconds then it does the 3 blinks again. Going to the left it works fine. If you have any advice on what is wrong please let me know.
  4. Selling genuine TRD Pro Toyota parts from we put on our 1794 Tundra, bronze mica. All parts are in excellent condition. TRD Pro Headlights - pair $375 CAD Black mirror caps 85.00 CAD. TRD Pro grill upper/lower colour match in bronze mica $500 CAD Seat organizer: $25 Contact via phone or text: 250-870-2392 or email
  5. tires

    Good Year Assurance for the Win!
  6. MR2 parts

    Check out for genuine OEM Toyota parts. I've ordered from them and they are legit. Why buy aftermarket when you can buy OEM parts at nice discounted prices. OEM quality is always better from my experience. These parts come with the Toyota factory warranty. Hope this helps.
  7. What insurance do you use?

    I've been with Mercury Insurance for over 15 years. No Issues. They've been great!
  8. 03 Corolla S - Radio and Clock Not Working

    Hi all, just wanted to add. I had this issue after the RFID chip in my key got damaged and I had it replaced. Turned out that when I was searching for the reason the car wasn't starting and I first checked the fuses I messed up. There's a blank space right next to the dome light fuse port. Very easy done, I accidentally put it in the empty space next to it so when I finally got the car running again, all of a sudden the radio, courtesy lights, key remote and the "key in Ignition" alarm weren't working. Followed the diagram under the panel, put the fuse back in the right place and away she went
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  10. Greetings All! I'm a fresh recruit to the Highlander ranks, thought to check w/ the experts online. Doing the routine maintenance on a 2005 model, found a boatload of transmission filter kits (ranging from $12 - $60 online, several claim to be 'Toyota OEM'). Is there any real difference between these, any warning signs to avoid OR cues that one is the real thing? I'm in FL & have seen the fangs-out blatant predatory practices in many dealerships - but also know that true OEM is often best.. any advice to help me avoid the sharks (online and / or IRL).. Many thanks in advance, will be around to learn from others much as possible! Cheers all!
  11. While in Cruise Control, Dynamic (Radar) at about 70 mph, for no apparent reason a chime will ring 4 or 5 times and the car will slow down dramatically (brakes) to about 60 mph, only to aggressively speed back up to 70. It may repeat this several times until I just hold the accelerator to hold speed. Weather, sunny and dry. Traffic, often NONE! Sporadic. it may go months without a re-occurrence.
  12. wheel alignment

    I live in Hungary and I own a 2006 Toyota Highlander (hybrid) which was originally made for exploitation in the US. I’ve recently taken my car into a car repair shop to get the suspension system fixed. However, I was told by a mechanic that they can’t do wheel alignment now due to the system difference between American and European cars. I was wondering if I could receive some guidelines of how to complete wheel alignment for my vehicle. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance! Sincerely, Szergei Loginov
  13. Hi everyone. I have been around Toyotas for the last 16 or 17 years . The 1st car my wife and I got was a brown 1986 4 door Corolla. As time went on we had got other corollas and trucks. Right now we own our 2nd Camry that is a 2015 and a 2011 sienna. We have had to siennas.
  14. Hi all. I just took possession of a beautiful '07 Camry XLE 4 cylinder. It came with what I'm sure at the time it was built was considered state of the art technology: An integrated AM/FM/CD changer/Bluetooth phone/Navigation system. JBL. Sounds great, frankly. But my owner's manual references a different unit entirely. Keeps referring to an "Audio Control Knob" and there's no such animal on my radio. Illustrations don't match up either. I found a separate manual online but to my disappointment it too referenced a different unit. Despite its lack of intuitive design I've managed to figure out how to program the steering wheel controls so that I can turn the unit off and on, control volume, and move from one station to the next (but not to my presets, unfortunately) and also from one track to the next on a CD or when I'm using Bluetooth to stream from my iPhone. My problem is with the phone. I can pair my phone (iPhone 7 originally and now an iPhone 8) to the Bluetooth just fine, and although the link occasionally drops out, I can do "Hey Siri" and place an outgoing call. The person I call hears me through the roof mounted mic, and I hear them through the car's audio system loud and clear. But when I receive an incoming call things get weird. Instead of hearing my phone's ringtone, the car's audio system produces a loud ring like an old fashioned telephone. And no matter how I answer it.....whether by tapping on my phone's screen, tapping on the audio system's screen, or using the steering wheel controls, the connection to the caller is made, but I only hear them through my phone and not the car's audio system. And yes, I make sure to check the iPhone's screen to be sure the call is being routed through the car's bluetooth and not the phone. Basically I'm looking for a way to bypass the car's out-of-date integrated phone system and just use my iPhone 8. Here's a pic of the unit in question: If anybody can help me I'd be truly grateful. I hate the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars for a new double din unit and installation simply to gain that one capability, but being able to make and receive phone calls hands free is of utmost importance to my job and my personal life.
  15. 2014 Prius V

    While in Cruise Control, Dynamic (Radar) at about 70 mph, for no apparent reason a chime will ring 4 or 5 times and the car will slow down dramatically (brakes) to about 60 mph, only to aggressively speed back up to 70. It may repeat this several times until I just hold the accelerator to hold speed. Weather, sunny and dry. Traffic, often NONE! Sporadic. it may go months without a re-occurrance.
  16. That's a good idea. I'll check mine later today
  17. My 2006 Camry trunk cable fails to open trunk

  18. I need to know what insurance companies offered you the best rates. I'm 25 years old and I'm single if that helps. It's like every company I try offers decent, but not low rates. I looked online and many people recommend Nationwide, Progressive, and GEICO Have any of you tried them yet? Also, I've been hearing a lot about Safeco. Any recommendations at all? Thanks in advance for all the advice that I receive.
  19. Have you got a name for you car?

    Yeah, love mine is Blue haha!
  20. Best Sites to buy auto parts in the USA

    You might be able to find the parts that you need at your local junkyard or on craigslist.
  21. Cruise not working

    My manual transmission requires me to pull up on the clutch pedal if the cruse won't work. Sometimes if the peddle is not all the way up cruse will not work. Once cruse is on you can stop pulling up and the cruse will work. Of course this is for a manual and may not be your issue.
  22. Cruise not working

    worth checking that the stop lights are functioning properly as that can affect cruise control operation sometimes
  23. 2002 Avalon Shift Cable Issue

    I have a 2002 Avalon with what I believe is a shift cable issue. Not sure if it's on the top or bottom side. I'd like to inspect the top (where the cable attaches to the shifter). Does anyone have step by step instructions on how to remove whatever I need to remove so I can see if the cable bushing is bad or has slipped off of the shifter? I got things partway disassembled but am not sure where to go from here. I went looked thru AllDataDIY and could not find instructions. Thanks!
  24. Cruise not working

    Just wondering if anyone would have a idea on the cruise control not working. Nor is it lighting up on the dash. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated 😊
  25. 1986 Factory Manual for Toyota Truck - Diesel Supplement. Supplement only. $40C Cover is a bit faded & rest of manual is in good condition
  26. 1985 Celica Supra Repair Manual & Electrical Wiring Diagram Manual together. $100C Manuals are in very good condition.
  27. Limited edition number

    I want to know where i found the number of my limited edition car number.
  28. Alloy Wheel Corrosion

    I have the same problem with corrosion/peeling on alloy wheels on my 2004 Sienna. I ignored it for several years but now it is causing slow leaks around the rims and I need to make some decision. Hate to spend the $$$ on all new wheels for a 14 yo vehicle but the van runs great otherwise. Any suggestions, recalls?
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