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  2. Hello Sr. I have the exact same issue on my 07 Avalon, how do you solved your issue? Can you give me a hint? hoping you see this, thanks
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  5. My 2012 rav4 Limited, have peeling paint on the roof, anyone else is having this problem?
  6. Additional Photos: 1984 Toyota Supra Mk II P-Type in pdf attachment 1984 Toyota Supra Photos Oct 2022.pdf
  7. 1984 Toyota Supra Essentials: 1984 Toyota Supra Mk II P-Type/ VIN: JT2MA67L2E0102319/ 2.8L 5M-GE DOHC 6 cylinder Engine/5 Speed Manual Transmission/ Digital Dash/ Made in Japan and originally sold by dealer Toyota Village Edmonton, Alberta, Canada/ 82k original miles (133k km)/ Factory stock original condition/ No rust/ Always garaged and only summer driven/ Has been in dry storage since 2002/ Body: Light Blue Metallic color 894, Interior: Striped Light Blue cloth YS84/ Private seller- Edmonton Alberta Canada This 1984 Toyota Celica Supra Mk II is a P-Type model powered by a 2.8L DOHC inline-six paired with a 5-speed manual transmission and 4 wheel ventilated disc brakes. Equipment includes 14” machined alloy wheels with BF Goodrich Radial TA tires, original Dunlop spare wheel, wheel arch flares, pop-up headlights with washers, fog lights, rear spoiler, a power-operated sunroof, automatic air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, mirrors, door locks and factory sound system with power antenae. The car is finished in Light Blue Metallic 894 with Striped Light Blue cloth YS84 interior. Drivers seat features adjustable side supports with 3 lumbar airbags. Suspension specially designed by Lotus. Car History: Made in Japan and originally sold by dealer Toyota Village Edmonton, Alberta, Canada December 6, 1983 with 12 miles (20km). (have original document and warranty) Purchased by current owners April 25 1988 with 20.6k miles (33k km). Majority driven by a man in his 50s and passed to Engineer son, who maintained the car, in 1996. Used occasionally during the summers and put into proper dry storage off the ground (2002) when moved to Europe. The vehicle was only used during the summer months and always properly stored for the winters off the ground with engine fogging. The vehicle wore a car-bra on the front end which protected from paint rock chips and wear. The vehicle was professionally rustproofed when first purchased with Valvoline Tectyl Rust Preventative in all crevices and body cavities as well as full vehicle undercoating. The vehicle was situated in a small town and majority of driven kilometers were highway. From 2002 the vehicle was in dry storage off the ground and every possible preventative measure was taken to best preserve and maintain the vehicle over the storage period of 20 years (2002-2022). Due to the majority of use by a man in his 50s, the dry prairie climate, along with very detailed maintenance, storage and preservation techniques the vehicle has not experienced any mechanical failures. Everything is factory original with the exception of regular Toyota maintenance parts and a change of all fluids and oils. As an example of the vehicles light use: original brake rotors and brake pads with 50% pad life remaining and original windshield with only one small rockchip . The vehicle is fully functional as new with all mechanical and electrical systems operating properly including the retractable power antenae. Items replaced with Toyota parts, Battery, windshield wiper internal gear, thermostat, valve cover seals, platinum spark plugs, fuel filter, timing belt, exhaust muffler and tires (BF Goodrich front 90% remaining). Interior has been detailed and in excellent condition. Original vehicle paint is in excellent condition, with the bumpers and rear spoiler repainted. Mechanically there are no fluid leaks and the entire vehicle has been maintained to the degree of the photos of the engine. Items being Sold with the vehicle: 1 additional set 14 X 7 alloy wheels (we also had a Celica GTS), 2 original keys and key ID plate, LeBra Car-Bra front end driving cover, Car storage cover, tinted sunroof shield, additional floor mats The vehicle is located near Edmonton Alberta Canada and will need to be picked up. I am willing to provide any additional information. First snowfall here is normally November so the vehicle cannot be test driven once there is snow and will be again stored for the winter until spring 2023. Serious enquiries only and price is firm. $29.5k USD jameswr1812@gmail.com 1984 Toyota Supra Photos Oct 2022.pdf
  8. Hello, My Grandmother has a 2012 Avalon. She has trouble using the backing camera screen because of the glare. Does someone know of a "hood" I could use to block the glare? Thank you
  9. I purchased a 1995 Corolla wagon for $1800 in 2020. It had been a one-owner car and is in very good condition. It has just over 200,000 miles on it. In over two years the only repairs I’ve had to make are routine oil changes and replacement of the serpentine and power steering belt. I’m hoping this car can go to college with my daughter who learned to drive in it, and last her at least until college grad. Your story gives me a lot of hope!! Thank you.
  10. Hello! I resolved the issue. The original clockspring was defective. I installed the new/used clockspring and kept checking the wiring, suspecting that a wire was spliced when the previous mechanic installed that dashboard horn button. I found a wire that was spliced under the horn relay. The mechanic spliced the wire for the aftermarket horn button. I spliced the wire together again, and re-installed the steering wheel. The steering wheel must be grounded and installed all the way or the factory horn switch won't sound the horn Once it was all put back together, the horn is working as it should. Thank you! PS I still don't know what that extra connector is for. It's just a dummy connector and serves no purpose.
  11. I would imagine the system needs a firmware update to the more modern phone you are trying to pair (dealer or Toyota specialist job)
  12. Battery voltage could be a consideration and also depends on what fuel (petrol or diesel) if diesel then glow plugs could be the cause
  13. Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm sure it was bypassed for a reason by the previous owner, although not sure how a horn stops working unless the button or the horn itself is defective
  14. I am afraid to say that it would more than likely be the whole intake trunking that would need to be replaced I would however, attempt to remove the broken part and introduce the hose back into the hole
  15. Hi Jason Did you manage to resolve this issue in the end or did you go completely mad and burn the car? The only thing I can think of if you haven't already tried it is that a lot of cars will not play video of any sort without the parkbrake being applied?
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  17. I would seriously look in the area of the new timing belt and water pump as there may be fouling on the covers or something hasn't been installed correctly
  18. Is there absolutely no way of getting the original tank repaired (again) or even getting a new one made from scratch?
  19. Not sure in the US but in the United Kingdom there is a website which is called 'how many left' and lists the number of specific makes/models left on the roads
  20. I have recently come into possession of a 1978 Corona wagon. After finding out that information on these things is INCREDIBLY hard to find, I'm here for some support. The car has some big rust issues, and the fuel tank is no exception. I've pulled the tank, and found that it has been brazed before in an attempt to seal up a leak. This hasn't worked. My question for you guys is: Any ideas for putting a fuel cell (or fuel cell like universal) in the position of the stock tank? The area I'm working with is roughly 28x25x9, with the fill tube of the stock tank exiting on the passenger side of the tank (LHD car). I'd like to reuse the original filler tube, as I want to preserve the stock look, but recovering the current tank is not a viable solution for me. I'm going to link to some pictures of the space where the stock tank was located, the fill tube location, and the original tank. The tank is very strange in that it fills from the side, and I'm trying to find something simple to replace it with. Any ideas on ways to make this work would be incredibly helpful. I'm trying to avoid putting a cell just in the back hatch, or running a fill tube in the middle of the back storage area, I'd like to keep that as available storage. Let me know what you guys think. Links to the pictures of the tank/tube/install area: https://ibb.co/89mDj5C https://ibb.co/zs0tHQw https://ibb.co/xSMvHs3 https://ibb.co/9HzF7gK https://ibb.co/Zfn8NYc https://ibb.co/pKzPGXn https://ibb.co/3YmbQGk https://ibb.co/ZWLfdwz https://ibb.co/hCLhHMK https://ibb.co/R6mcZfH Note that the fill tube on the tank is located on the passenger side, and the tank is oriented so the spare tire indent (near the fuel pump) is oriented downward when tank is installed. Also dog tax Also, also, I have scoured for fuel cells and aftermarket tanks on all major websites... Short of going through thousands of tanks manually, I've come to the forums. RT43 Tune-Up & Maint. FIGR 49.pdf
  21. see photos for the hose in question, I am an idiot, yes! I was trying to open the air box to get to the filter and the hose broke - it appears to have a little plastic piece inside it that broke off. is this piece replaceable or does the whole air intake have to be changed? thoughts?
  22. Hi everyone! Just joined and looking forward to being part of this club / forum. Just bought a 2022 Corolla SE after trading in a 2006 Highlander with 240K on it which I bought new. I had purchase a new 2004 Corolla for my daughter and she had driven that almost 300K. Thanks and have a great day! Dominic
  23. Hello all, I have a 2016 corolla. It often does not start on the first try. It will always start on the second try. It runs fine after that. Any advice on what I should do? Thank you
  24. Amazon is a great place to buy goods, but it's also a great place to complain. Most of the time, when you're shopping online, you don't expect a complete stranger to respond to your complaint or refund your money, so go now here for best amazon chrome extensions. But that's exactly what happens at Amazon when you file a consumer complaint. The company has an entire team of customer service reps and lawyers who deal with these problems every day.
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