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  2. What if the VSC TRAC light come up and never goes off?
  3. I have been observing a bang sound at the time the car comes to a stop after I apply the brakes, or sometimes after resuming acceleration after I have stopped, and there is no any check engine light to tell if there is a system problem. Could it be the gear transmission, ABS or the transmission sensor? What could be the problem?
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  5. I’m anxious to see the 2020 Highlander configurator to show up - anyone have any updates? I thought they said December, and that’s almost here. But I haven’t heard a word about the vehicle since the auto show it was displayed at (except for someone with a preproduction one a few weeks ago.) I want this vehicle for 2 big reasons; 1) full speed range ACC, and Apple CarPlay (and a bigger center display. I hope and pray Toyota doesn’t make the same assumption/mistake so many other brands do, and that’s not allowing me to spec a 2nd row bench seat in the top trim level. Why does a manufacturers assume that I want captain’s chairs just because I want all the top trim goodies? I’m a family of 5, and I want 3 people in the 2nd row so we have enough room for luggage etc with 3rd row folded down. PLEASE TOYOTA- don’t make me buy an Explorer!!!!!
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  7. I'd hate to replace the motor mount if its not the issue... its $330 just for the mount alone... and thats after market, plus labour.
  8. Hello everyone! I have a 2006 Toyota Highlander 3.3 l, v6, Front wheel drive, and Im having a loud vibration from my motor when it is under 1000 rpm's. When Im above that, Its fine, no loud vibration in the suv. It still drives great, just the sound is loud... gives a head-ache lol. Im thinking maybe the front motor mount, on the front wheel drives, the front mount has vacuum lines coming out of it to the air box where the air filter is. Does any one have any idea? Ever experience this before? I only have 145 000 km. The complete exhaust is fine.. so that rules it out. thanks, Frank
  9. I love my 2002 GT, rebuilt engine, new clutch, new struts, tires, etc. and I'm sorry to have to sell it, due to physical injury. All glass good, no cracks or rock chip damage. Upgraded sound system. Silver colour. looking for a good home at a reasonable price: here in Calgary
  10. Hello Guys, Just looking for a reference for a reliable shop in the Mississauga area or GTA to fix A/C for my Camry 2014. I can't go to the dealer as it is too expensive. My regular mechanic checked the freon and pressure it was fine. Please advise. Thank you, Dmitri
  11. Hey all! I currently own #11 of the 1992 Camry Kentucky Bicentennial Edition. Does this mean my car has extra value or is this just some gimmick they had back in the day?
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  13. We are in the market for buying a 2019 highlander pearl white... just curious what people paid in north east Ct
  14. The coupler worked like a charm! And she runs like attached.
  15. So updated.Today I cut the cracked end back about an inch.went to oh oh Oreillys and bought a silicone coupler 3" to 3" (spectre brand) ten bucks.I'll put it on and give another update with pics.
  16. Ok , I'm working on a 2005 highlander ,I did spark plugs ( no easy job) I had to remove upper intake to get the back three plugs.while reassembling the hose from throttle body to air cleaner box the hose cracked.I go online for Toyota parts and it's discontinued.Now what? I can only think of junk yard,but those might be just as dry and brittle.Any help or suggestions much appreciated.
  17. Hi ,I'm Nick I'm new. I do not own this highlander it's my co workers.I'm helping him out.I am a really good Jack of all trades cars being my fav.
  18. I can't remove my front bumper because of 2 screws on top that all videos and tutorials are saying are bolts. The screws are impossible to remove because they are made of some type of soft metal that just makes the screw get stripped. How come all tutorials are telling me these are bolts when they aren't? Thanks for any help
  19. There are no wires INSIDE the engine. There is a wiring harness in the engine compartment. Should not have to pull the engine to check it. I suspect the rat they speak of may be working at that shop. Get another diagnosis somewhere else. You only need an alignment if the cars pulls one way or another or if the tires show uneven wear. Don't spend anymore money there go elsewhere.
  20. I have never had a vehicle that would allow the use of recirculating air with the defrosters. You need to bring in fresh air to get the moisture laden inside air out so the windows will clear off. I always laugh when I see someone driving during one of our Minnesota Winters and their windows are so steamed up and frosted over that they can't see. Turn off the recirculating and they will clear right up. I know what I'm talking about, been doing this for almost 60 years.
  21. I have a Base 2017 Tacoma Access Cab without rear seats. I have heard there are aftermarket rear (jump) seat / seat belt kits available online. I have done google search, but no luck. Does anyone know where to find these?
  22. I have 40,000 miles. Went in for service and new tires. Told I need alignment and brake fluids changed although pads ok, Then dealer could not align correctly, needed front camber bolts. Brought back next day and done. Rear wheels still a bit out of spec by about 1.4. Dealer said normal no problem. Went home, started van next morning now awd check light on. Also cruise control not working. Back to dealer, they check it and tell me it probably a rat chewed a wire inside engine. 80 hours of work and $3,000 to pull engine. Most likely original part not faulty. Advised to call insurance company to pay through comp on policy. Anyone experience anything like this? Thanks.
  23. We have a 2018 LE model with the base level manual AC system. It will not allow the windshield defog button or windshield defog&feet button to be used without forcing the recirculate to turn off (uses outside air). Our particular climate actually benefits greatly from using the windshield defog vents with recirculate turned ON to keep out smoke and urban smells/fumes. I have never run into a problem in other cars where defogging using heat and recirculate was not able to effectively defog the windshield so I'm not sure why that is not at least an option in this system. Does anyone know of any modification (maybe a software change via OBDII?) that would enable the use of the windshield defog vents AND recirculate at the same time? Thanks for any tips or ideas!
  24. I am very interested in this noise dampening product. I am curious tho, isn’t the Hylander rated well for a quiet ride currently? I am buying soon, and am considering the Buick Enclave or the Hylander. A quiet interior is a must for me. Also worried if applying the Dynomat, will the fit and finish of the door panels be compromised? thank you for any input..
  25. I have a 2016 Highlander. Whenever the vehicle is not used for and hour or more and then started, the radio is off. Every other vehicle I have owned the radio will be on the station it was on when the vehicle was turned off. I have to turn the radio on every time I start the Highlander and then tune to the station that was on when I turned the vehicle off. Any help/ideas to resolve this would be appreciated. thanks
  26. I have a 2012 Camry Hybrid XLE I purchased about 3 months ago. Just recently, the key fobs stopped working to unlock the doors (have to use the mechanical key), but the car still recognizes them when starting the car. I replaced the batteries in both fobs, to no avail. Once I turn off the car, a persistant beep occurs until I close the door, at which time the car beeps exactly 3 times. Anyone know how to determine what is going on with it? TIA
  27. just realized its easier here to find how to issues on toyotas and lexus i have a 94 toyota camry le v6 3.0 with hydraulic fan system, Just replaced power steering pump with new and pressure hoses with new, flushed the system and now the fan runs fast at idle , very fast. How do i adjust the speed of it? Can anybody help?
  28. My girlfriend's 2000 Camry is still running, but has some major issues and is not worth repairing. We're looking to sell it for parts and were wondering if there might be anyone on here who's interested, especially in the Denver area. The transmission in particular is still in good shape. If anyone has any advice on dealing with this, that would also be welcome. Thanks!
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