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  2. Team, Has anyone experienced a flashing L (with a square around it) right next to your D while driving? Not sure what this could be an indicator of but it started happening today. Anyone?
  3. I have a 2003 Toyota Matrix XRS, with an automatic transmission. I bought it pre-owned from the dealer in 2007. They had used it as a "runner", because the automatic simply wasn't popular in a "sport compact". (The reason it was produced only 1 year.) I always took really good care of it, and for the most part, it was trouble free for a very long time. I added a CAI, cross drilled rotors, and Hawk ceramic pads. The maintenance was always done "on time", or even before a problem really occured. (Bearings and axles) I had some transmission issues (shift solenoids), which I replaced, and added a transmission cooler (it was running high). I had finally gotten my California legal DC sports exhaust header installed. On my first long drive, I noticed that the "lift" over 6k rpm was not engaging. I checked the oil, and every thing seemed good. A little research suggested the OCV filters may be gummed up. They were clean, but I replaced them anyway. Next, I replaced the OCV. I took her for a run, and still no change. I returned to the house, and checked the oil. 1/2 quart low, not much to worry about, but I figured "maybe because I had everything apart". Again, I drove her down my dirt road to the hwy. I turned left, put my foot on the accelerator, and instantly.. MARBLES! It sounded to me like an engine with really bad timing.. valve and piston colliding. I immediately flipped around, and babied her the 1/2 mile home. Oil level still fine. OCV pulled and tested ok. Valve cover removed, bolts and clearances checked out fine. The noise while there at idle, gets louder as the throttle is increased. Not louder with higher rpms. You can open the throttle at any point on the tachometer, and the sound will get louder. I know the timing is controlled by sensors and the oil pressure. There was no check engine light, and no codes were thrown. I'm at an impasse. A bad oil pump should have thrown a code. It's possible it didn't. If it were bad bearings, wouldn't the noise have "developed", rather than started instantly? I also read a possible issue with a bad oil filter, so I'll do another change. I had just done one about 1000 miles before. Any suggestions? I'm looking to sell it, and really don't want it to need an engine rebuild.
  4. I bought 2008 camry last year. It's has 115000 miles..I'm not sure what maintenance needs to be done.i need help please and thank you..
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  6. I have a 2015 Highlander with a sunroof that stopped working which ended up being a fuse, but after I replaced the fuse the open and vent buttons are not working properly. Is it true it can be reprogrammed???
  7. Hey, Has anyone come across and issue where your toyota completely shuts down when placed in Neutral? My car's engine shuts down when in neutral, i can turn it back on without any issues and then put in on drive, but if I change gears from drive to park and pass 'neutral' the car will then shut off again. Anyone out there experienced this issue?
  8. Hi Pharel, Rav4's are a great car to buy! I would however, look into a problem that was detected back in 2011, read more here -----> I currently own a 2008 that was affected by the issue mentioned in the link provided. Other that all I can recommend is to make sure that you keep all services up to date, Toyota's are made to last when taking proper car of all services. I hope this helps in any way.
  9. Hello Everyone, I have a 2008 Rav4 with about 110,000 miles on it, second owner, I love my Rav. As of recently I started to noticed that when down shifting from P to D the car shuts down COMPLETELY! (as if you were to turn it off from the ignition) when passing N (neutral). I able to turn it back on in Neutral and drive off, but whenever I shift up or down and pass N the car shuts down. What I have done recently to the car; well, back in September the battery died on me and I replaced it with a battery from a local walmart, can't remember the name of the brand, but I don't know if that would be the problem. I've done mechanical jobs to the Rav but all related to suspension work. Also, the Rav4 currently has an engine code related to the catalytic-converter, which I haven't replaced yet as that is a very expensive part, but other than that there are no other codes. Not sure if any of you have experience this or know of anyone that did, but any help will be really appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hi .... welcome to the Forum That sounds like you got a great deal there! The first issue of stumbling revs is usually carbon build up in the throttle housing area....if you can remove and clean it will pickup revs as normal afterwards. Radio removal usually requires special tools to take out from the dash but very cheap (see link below)|Make%3AToyota&epid=27007474492&hash=item1efd25e49a:g:D4gAAOSwoxVdEIKb Power steering is usually a case of putting a drain tray below one of the unions to the steering rack or pump and releasing the union to allow it to drain from the lowest point possible....preferably with the engine not running as this would damage the hydraulic components. Refill with new fluid and then start the engine, turn the steering lock to lock and keep topping up until all air is expelled from the reservoir and is at the correct level. Recheck periodically to ensure it hasn't dropped down on the level or there are any leaks. TPMS - I would inflate all the tyres a couple of PSI one at a time to see which one is likely to be the culprit.....2 psi of pressure would not overly affect handling or wear in the short term but can be enough to extinguish the warning lamp. Ensure that you check tyre pressures using a reliable digital or analogue pressure gauge and when the tyres are cold. The bet is to replace it as the rust won't get any better 🙂 Good to have you onboard and keep us updated on the progress with the Matrix Cheers, Trevor
  11. Hey everyone! I just acquired my my first Toyota Matrix! It is an S model with the ground effects and sunroof and all kinds of nifty gadgets and in my favorite color blue! Whats really interesting is that I acquired it by trading my football card collection for it. I received the Matrix and $2,000 he received almost 5,000 football cards. We are both happy! I just drove it home today from North Carolina all the way to New York. First issue I am assuming is just a bad TPMS sensor as the light would randomly come on, then go off, the flash for a while and then go off again or stay on for a while. I stopped several times to check tire pressures and they never changed. Is the tire shop only place able to determine which sensor it is or could it be something bigger like a control module? second thing I noticed is that it idles rough but ONLY when at a stop AND in drive. If I click it up to neutral it smooths out immediately. I ordered some new iridium spark plugs cause when I asked the previous owner when he cha fed them last he looked at me like I had two heads. If it’s not the plugs what else could cause the rough idle when at a stand still in drive? Third, I noticed the front edge on the sunroof was pretty rusty/corroded. I did run it through a pretty ferocious car wash to test it and doesn’t leak at all. Is that just the glass piece that I should replace or is it the whole assembly. I want to make sure it’s fixed BEFORE it starts leaking. Fourth, is the power steering system serviceable? I brought it to valvoline to have a power steering system flush and they said they couldn’t do it so either they are retards or it’s a non-serviceable system. 5th- anyone have a reference link to removing radio? PO says he got a cd stuck in there and I would very much like to get it out since I like my CDs. tha me in advance! I’m sure to have more questions as I work my way through this car. Anything else I should look at doing as far as preventative maintenance on known issues? Car has just shy of 145,000 miles and made the almost 820 mile trip very comfortably. The cloth on the door s is no longer attached it’s looks like a sideways headliner that isn’t stuck to the roof anymore but in this case the doors panel. Also the drivers sunvisor doesn’t stay up, is that as simple as just replacing the visor?
  12. Here is the data specs for a 2017 Prius battery: Battery and Charging Battery Capacity 8.8 kWh Port Location Right Side - Rear Charge Port Type 2 Charge Power 3.7 kW AC Charge Time (0->25 mi) 2h15m Charge Speed 11 mph Battery Useable* 7.0 kWh
  13. Thanks for the video with the fix....very useful information
  14. Hi....welcome to the Forum There are some options here of aftermarket rather than OEM systems which offer way more than the standard system
  15. I recently had a drivers side sun visor fail on my 2006 Tacoma. I tore it apart, fixed it, and put it back together again. Here's a video of how I fixed it. I hope it helps the rest of you, not if but when it happens.
  16. I recently had a drivers side sun visor fail on my 2006 Tacoma. I tore it apart, fixed it, and put it back together again. Here's a video of how I fixed it. I hope it helps the rest of you, not if but when it happens.
  17. I am considering installing a oem nav system. My question is does the backup camera come through the bigger screen or does it still show up on small screen??
  18. I just got my Wisconsin license plate renewal notice and saw a new item - a hybrid tax for $75. Upon further investigation, I discovered that it's applied to hybrid vehicles with battery capacity not less than 4 kWh, to make up for loss of gas tax revenues. I've never had to pay that tax before despite owning the 2017 Prius since early 2017, so I was wondering what the capacity of the battery is. Does anyone know?
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  20. Soon to be available to buy for those who want to enter the club series racing....put me down for one!
  21. Some of you may have noticed that the site has had a bit of an update to refresh and also to introduce new Toyota models entering the market. Keep visiting and posting and keep an eye out for some more site enhancements occurring over the next few months.
  22. Hi Lisa It seems a logical idea to swap out the rear seats, assuming that the replacement one will fit. It is certainly a good route to go down and one that I would embrace to accommodate another passenger rather than change the vehicle. However, I think the best route to go would be to visit a breakers yard that has a Echo or even a Yaris hatchback and see if you can match the seats...if so, problem solved and also a cheap mod to carry out. Let us know how you get on with it
  23. Whoops, Sequoia Club was locked. Sorry guys. Posting is now available here. we almost archived this section. Hoping Sequoia owners can now use this club
  24. certainly sounds like a special edition
  25. Have you tried sourcing it through Junk yards? Welcome to the forum by the way 🙂
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