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  2. Got this 2019 RAV4 Adventure and found out there is no CD player. Just bought a CD player from Amazon. It's a CD/MP3 player made by a company called LEHWEY. I plugged the device into the USB port and the screen showed "Checking USB device. Please wait...." I waited for a long time, but nothing happened. After I tried several times, suddenly it showed "Please update the Gracenote data." I tried to press the screen that asked me to update the Gracenote data and then the screen showed "The Gracenote data could not be read. Please check the USB flash drive" I don't know much what they are talking about. I just want to get a CD player so that I can enjoy my old CD in the car when I am driving long distances. Does anyone know which small CD player is compatible with the 2019 RAV4 Adventure that I can plug in the USB port? Thank you for your help.
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  4. I want to put 17 " rims on my truck with maxis big horn MT tires and cant get answers from Toyota on the offset for stock rims. I can go further out but don't want to put fender guards on? it will fail inspection with out them in NY. Does any one know what the stock off sets are?
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  6. I had to have airbag and sensor replaced in my 2007 Limited. I just noticed that the steering wheel will not adjust up or down. It will slide in and out, but not up or down. Any ideas what could cause this?
  7. My wife wants me to sell my 1995 Corolla DX wagon. It has 525k miles on it with rebuilt trany. Top end of motor was done at 316k. Runs like a champ and still passes smog with out any issues. If you're interested, make me an offer.
  8. Hello I went to a Toyota dealership hopping to patch my Dunlap tire which have a nail sticking out of it. The technician and the manager said that its not advisable to fix it since it was part of the tire side wall. explaining it would weaken the integrity of the tire, and suggest to replace it. This is less than a year old tire and I pointed out that its not even on the sidewall, he explained that the sidewall extend up to the first grove. Are they BS or true, anyone experienced this ? thank you.
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  10. Hey guys i can't find anywere a dash cluster diagram i want to install a tachometer and wiring it to the wire on the cluster i got a 1999 tercel thanks in advance for your help
  11. Still new and never used. Toyota distributor for 1972 to 73 Corona or 1971 to 74 Corolla. Part number 19100-26050 Shipping available Anyone interested? thanks Doug
  12. Having just completed a 1000 mile round trip, I found the BZ4X to have approximately a 100 mile range between charges. I had set my trip planner, ABRP, to arrive at charging stations with 30% SOC in case the station was occupied or broken. The dismal charging speed I experienced in 50-60 deg F weather meant that I would typically spend 75 min per charge to get from 30% to 70%. Charging speeds would often start out at 35-45 KW but would then drop to 16 KW after a short time. The one time I tried to charge past 70%, I experienced 4KW speeds. I will never try this again. A 500 trip (each way) that would typically take 8 hrs in an ICE took 14.5 hrs. The BZ4X is seriously rangebound.
  13. I have a 2005 4runner from new. It's not normal because my 4runner started making a whine after going 15 years without any noise 247,000 km PRIOR to a few years ago taxman@batelnet.bs havens67@gmail.com Tom SUV is in the Bahamas 242 327 7359
  14. I have a 2005 4runner from new. It's not normal because my 4runner started making a whine after going 15 years without any noise 247,000 km PRIOR to a few years ago taxman@batelnet.bs havens67@gmail.com Tom SUV is in the Bahamas 242 327 7359 Still shifts fine. My 954 580 7491 (house) magic jack US number
  15. i believe the subscription is just for the phone app not the fob. i'm thinking there are 4 subscription services of which i plan to use 0. we've had the phone app on multiple other vehicles and i might have used them twice in the last 5 years
  16. My 2003 4runner has one head light cover that's yellowed and cloudy. What do I do ?
  17. Hey all - I have a 2008 Prius that has the dreaded braking actuator failure. I'm disappointed that Toyota is ignoring the problem, now that the extended warranty ended in 2017. Dealer wants $3751 for the job. The poor thing is probably only worth $5-6k so it's not worth having the dealer do it. Anyone know of an independent around Baltimore who might take it on?
  18. I'm getting quotes online to sell this Highlander, and some of the sites are asking if it has panel damage. I wasn't sure if this area of the bumper is considered a panel? Thank you for any feedback.
  19. Hey - I have a 2017 Highlander XLE. I replaced the map SD card about 3 yrs ago, no issues. Card is still in place and now the system gives me the message "Unable to read the map SD data - Check the Map SD" and I have no navigation system. Other times, it works for a short period of time - but it works rarely. I don't want to buy a new SD card only for it to not work if there is something else wrong. Ideas would be greatly appreciated TIA, Maureen
  20. I was told only oem sensors would work in my matrix. Is that right??
  21. I was told that the air sensors for my 2005 matrix xr had to be bought only Toyota. Is that correct?
  22. Hi all, I just bought a 2001 Sienna XLE. The motor that moves the driver seat forward and backwards seems stuck; it just buzzes and the seat goes nowhere. I can't seem to find a new motor anywhere on google. Anyone got a part number? Thanks!
  23. I am trying to sell a 2003 Camry for an older gentle. He got T-boned and the car is not drivable but the engine only has 85,000 miles. installed the complete exhaust in it 1 1/2 years ago. Kept up on all maintenance. In Omaha Nebraska. contact me if interested ericandshellly@cox.net
  24. Hello, I am looking for help in the right direction. I live in the USA Georgia and I have a 82 manual black toyota supra that has a dead engine with a body condition fair and was planning to revive it with a beams engine. I was able to get an altezza Half cut that has Includes: - 3S-ge BEAMS engine Head & Block - Half Cut - 6 Speed Manual Transmission - L+R Fenders - Power Steering Pump - L+R Headlights - Alternator - Hood - AC Compressor - Steering Wheel - Intake & Exhaust Manifold - Cluster/Speedometer - Wiring Harness - Pedals - ECU - Front Dash/Radio This project never got started and now I am looking to sell it. Do you know where is the best place to look to sell it or do you know anyone interested?
  25. Create New Topic - Toyota Owners Club of North America
  26. I cannot remove the shelf holding the 3rd brake light which needs replacement. There are several videos on You-Tube that show you how. After removing some back window panels, the videos show popping up the front of the from it's four plastic rivets and then just pulling it out. popping op the front was easy, but I cannot pull it out. The videos show it sliding out very easily. No matter how hard I pull or jiggle the shelf, it will not com out. I think that this same procedure is as for the 2008 thru 2009 years.
  27. I have distorted shadows on the road when low beams are on. Dangerous to drive at night. Was told by dealership it’s normal.
  28. We love our 2000 4 Runner with 314,000 mies on it and going strong. It lives outside and handles all sorts of gravel and dirt "roads" snowy, steep, rocky and all.
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