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  2. Will the 2020 Highlander rubber floor mats OEM fit in a 2018 Highlander ?
  3. I ran across this once but it was an aftermarket parts I was dealing with on my Camry , someone had replaced the OEM with an aftermarket strut/spring combo and it was a different diameter spring. I ended up buying the bullet and replaced it all with the original equipment new.
  4. We have been super pleased with the 3.5L performance and have collectively put 150k on 2 of them with no issues. Using them to pull a boat as well.
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  6. I have a 2015 Highlander LE+ with the V6. It has 53K miles. While mine may be a little older than your looking for, I can tell you that I have had a great experience with the vehicle. While the 3rd row is cramped, it does come in handy for taking a group to dinner. I believe you would be pleased with the vehicle if you are looking for a mid-size SUV.
  7. Anybody? Come on, someone has had to replace their springs?
  8. Went to start 2020 SXE Camry (2833 miles on car) this morning and battery was almost dead. Checking it with my meter it read 5.2 volts. Noticed the last few days when I went to back out of the garage the electric park brake was on. This happened 2 days in a row. Charging battery now. Will update in the next few days if there are more issues with battery going dead.
  9. This my 2011 3.5L V6 AWD Venza. Lots of mods done over the years including: custom powder coated 22x9 Asanti ABL6 wheels, custom AWD Megan Racing coilovers, K&N intake, bored throttle body, ported/polished lower intake, MagnaFlow CATBack exhaust, R9K tune, custom front bumper and interior. Not only a shower, but a goer; 260ish whp at 216 torque, 14.4 quarter mile at 93 mph.
  10. Hello everyone, new here and new to Toyota's. I just bought a 2004 Avalon Xl with 86,000 miles and really like it but it needs some work. The car swayed a lot, not just in turns but stopping and going too. I pulled the old oem struts(which surprisingly were Sachs and made in the US, go figure). Replaced them with KYB's and that helped a little but still swayed more than an old Buick. The bushings looked ok so figured it had to be the springs. I ordered some Moog's that listed a front spring rate of 166 lbs. I have a homemade scale that I checked them on and got close to 150. I pulled my originals and the best I could get on the scale was 120. I did look up springs for a 2003 and they're listed at 141 lbs. So I guess Toyota got enough complaints to stiffen them a little the following year. Same for the backs - Moog's are 150 and OEM's are 110. I did the backs first and they fit fine, no problem. Took a test drive around the block and huge difference yet still a smooth ride. Took the fronts off and can't believe what I found. The Moog's we're about an inch smaller in outer diameter and didn't fit the rubber isolator it sits in, especially the end of the last coil which wasn't curved enough. But the biggest problem was that smaller outer diameter. The coils weren't out to the edge of the strut seat so I could get a spring compressor on them. They we're inside enough where that was impossible. But like the rears the top mount fit fine. I thought maybe my car was one of those strange ones that's listed as a 2004 but has the suspension from 2003. The dimensions on the 2003's look closer to mine but then I looked at the rubber isolator and it's a whole different shape. And the end of the last coil seems different in the direction it points. I'm lost. How could my car, my struts and my mounts be from 2004 but aftermarket springs for 2004 don't fit? And, by the way, AC Delco, Duralast and a few others have dimensions similar to the Moog's. So a different brand won't help. Anybody run across this before?
  11. Hi all! I'm new to the forum. We just bought a '15 Sienna XLE over the weekend. I got the van home and found the RH headrest of the 3rd row seats won't go down with the button. This is keeping me from being able to stow the seat. We're planning on using that cargo space on an upcoming roadtrip. Does anyone have a quick fix for this? Does the headrest pull out using that same button so I can just remove it altogether? I tried a little, but it seems like it didn't want to budge. Again, I'm looking for a fix to either get the headrest to flip forward or to remove it altogether. Thanks for any insight you have!
  12. do you have any photos to put up with the advert?
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  14. Im looking for a windshield for a 79 Corona wagon. Are there any other Toyota models that use the same windshield? Any ideas?
  15. Toyota Celica Gts, TRD, Panasonic Edition ( Canadian car), 6 spd, 2zzz motor, Trd package with ground effects and spoiler, Panasonic Edition, very rare ( GT version only 800 made but GTS with 6sp cannot find ) Panasonic decals were removed years ago from exterior of car. Owned for 12 years. Lady driven, oiled by Krown every year but last year, synthetic motor oil from start. Have original Panasonic radio , car outside no rust but clear coat is starting to flake. (Interior near perfect but driver seat showing some wear). Was going to keep it for my collection but no room. $8900 Canadian. I will send pics if interested. Sorry no test pilots, low ballers or car wanna be analysts. Don’t waste my time and move on if not interested. Sorry not try to be ignorant but had many different people that I have no time for.
  16. Just purchased a 2019 Touring. The maintenance book has times for the cabin filter to be replaced, but not the engine air filter. Seems odd. Anyone know why?
  17. Just go to you tube.
  18. Hi, I have a 1991 Toyota Corolla 1.6 It has been taken to 2 Mechanics and neither could get it running, both gave up on it. The engine would turn over strong, but just wouldn't start. I decided to work on it and here is what I did: New fuel injectors and injector connectors New PCV valve and grommet, valve cover gasket and grommets New wires, plugs, cap, rotor, coil and entire distributor New Throttle position sensor Tested MAP sensor - it is good Changed out the computer with one that was tested to work Set timing to 10 degrees It does not throw any codes I can now start the car and drive it, up to about 45 mph before it starts to jerk and eventually it will stall when it warms up AIR-Air filter is clean, I cleaned the throttle body. I also can not find any vacuum leaks, I sprayed everywhere and inspected every hose. Fuel-I have every reason to believe filter, pump and pressure are good. I can jump and hear the fuel pump turn on. When I was replacing the injectors the key was mistakenly turned and fuel sprayed out from the fuel rail very strong. Also at near highway speeds it idles beautifully and is strong from the start after stopping at a stop sign. Spark - Plugs, wires, entire distributor have been replaced. Getting a very strong spark. A prior mechanic replaced the coil and the 2nd one put a whole distributor in out of a junkyard. I decided to buy and put in a whole new distributor with all new parts (It actually started for the first time after I replaced the injectors and distributor). Car will start up immediately after sitting for a week. As soon as it warms up or if I start to drive immediately, it will eventually stall. Any ideas??? I was thinking about taking out the Idle air valve and cleaning it. Not sure what to do next. It only has 140K on it.
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    Hi everyone! I live in Sweden and own a Toyota Celica gt four 1994. I'm thinking about selling it and my question is are the gt four a desirable car in America? Is there any company or site that you can recommend to use or contact? Cheers Andreas
  20. Had the same thing happen last night with our new Camry. It’s a 2020 and have only had it for 10 days. It has 400 miles on it and we had to call Roadside Assistance too. We are taking it to the dealer today so I will see if they say the same thing. If that’s the case and they have no fix for it I’m so disappointed. I’ve always loved Toyota’s, what a bummer.
  21. I will check into that thanks for the feedback.
  22. My 2020 Camry wouldn't start last week. Had roadside tow it to Toyota. I was then told the battery was dead, and that there is a problem with the software draining the battery, and Toyota doesn't have a fix for it yet, so there is no recall at this time. So you better carry jumper cables....
  23. Has anyone had a problem with their 2020 Camry battery going dead? I had to have roadside assistance tow my car in because it wouldn't start. Toyota said my battery was dead, and that they are having a lot of the new Camry's having problems with something draining the battery in the software of the car, and that there is no fix for it right now...I was basically told, ''sorry, if it happens again, just call roadside assistance''. I am livid. I should not have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road in a brand new car....
  24. Hi, I removed the middle seats in our van and on replacing them found the middle drivers side seat no longer is able to be adjusted when pulling the lever on the side. The lever moves freely, but the seat back stays locked in place. I found great info here for getting the passenger side unlocked from the tracks when it got stuck, but so far found nothing to help with the current issue. Any tips on making the seat back adjustable again would be very much appreciated!
  25. .02 Haven't topped off a gas tank since '80s with Gov't emission standards requiring vapor recovery gas tanks. Only have it a few months but get a full fuel fill pegging the gas gauge every time. Never run a gas tank below 1/8 anyway since the gas is necessary to cool and lubricate the in tank electric fuel pump. Rav4 '19-20 Hybrids have a plastic "saddlebag" gas tank like those used in many AWD GM SUVs. Unlike a typical saddlebag tank which straddles the driveshaft, these rear electric motor Toys don't use a rear driveshaft, but they do have a metal support beam similarly raising that portion of the bottom of the tank separating the tank into two sections joined at the top, the gas filler being on the forward section and the vapor vent line being on the other. Maybe like the GMs these type tanks have a problem when owners repeatedly attempt to top off the tank forcing liquid gas into the vapor vent line eventually jamming the vapor vent solenoid which is meant to vent vapor, not liquid. Once liquid blocks the vent line the rear section of the tank develops an air embolism and cannot be completely filled.
  26. No replies, did you get any private messages? I am also considering buying a Toyota warranty for my 2018 Avalon that just passed 34,000 miles.
  27. Hi Thomas...welcome to the Forum These things happen, I went to a local bike shop to buy a restored Lambretta scooter and came away with a Harley Davidson 🙂 Good to have you onboard and enjoy your Toyota's
  28. Hi....welcome to the Forum Sorry to hear about your mishap. I believe Toyota (Japan) have restarted production of panels for older models....I'm sure I read an article on it last year but you may need to google it to confirm this is the case. Good luck with it and hope you get it back to how it should be
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