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  3. Hello: My son recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Matrix as his first car. Overall, the car was not in bad shape. There are a couple of items that need attention, but I feel he chose well. This may seem odd, but one thing I'd like to do for him is to find a way to touch-up his interior trim. If you look at the attached pictures, you can see that some of the silver trim in his car has become worn to where the black underneath now shows. Here's the question: is there a way to touch up these worn spots as opposed to replacing the entire blooming trim pieces? I'm wondering about something you can brush on, like plastikote? Yup, call me a crazy mom. TIA for any suggestions or thoughts.
  4. Toyota Owners Club

    Suggestion needed about maintenance

    Hi I think I would consult Drivetime as to their warranty policy and who is allowed to carry out this work without invalidating the cover
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  6. Hello, I bought my 2014 camry from drivetime. Since it's 2014 model, it still has warranty on power train, as per my understanding. The maintenance required light came up. I looked through the owners manual seeking help. The owners manual suggests to do some specific maintenance along with oil/filter change. My question is, can i go to any maintenance shop or will i have to go to a dealer? Also, can anyone suggest me any good maintenance shop near Cincinnati, Ohio? Apologizing in advance for my ignorance, this is our first car in USA.
  7. Toyota Owners Club

    New Highlander Owner

    Hi Mark...welcome to the Forum It certainly looks in great condition for the year and the mileage....I think you got a good deal there! Probably worth checking the EVAP system for the fuel tank breather side of things if the tank is gassing then it may be blocked. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  8. Terry Werner

    Garage door opener

    Got the problem taken care of..I have a revolving code on my opener so there is no need to us the hand opener while programing.
  9. Terry Werner

    2014 + Highlander Rear Tail Lamp Condensation

    I have a 2015 Highlander XLE where the left side had the moisture. I just bought it pre owned. It has 36,000 miles. The dealer replaced it as part of the sales deal. I hope this isn't going to be an on going problem.
  10. The front dome light will not go out. The middle and rear dome lights go out as normal, after a time delay. The dimmer control is not set to 'ON". What controls the lights to turn off. Is there a time delay relay?
  11. Joseph Wright

    buying advice

    Looking to buy a Mk111 Supra. Hoping with it being a Toyota that most service parts area reasonably inexpensive and it's pretty dependable. Only wanting to consider a targa and an automatic as I already have more than one MT car. Are there any problem areas that I need to be on the lookout for? Any service items that I need to make sure are done? tia
  12. Hi everybody! Bought my first Toyota in October. 2001 Highlander with 118k miles on it. Paid $3400. She's got the 2.4L inline 4 cyl. and FWD, base package. Bought her from a private seller. It was previously owned by an elderly couple and the husband apparently became to ill to drive. It had two accident reports, and it seemed like the guy got in a couple fender benders as he got too bad off to drive anymore. Anyway, the interior is amazing for a 17 year old car! I can't believe it. No major leaking, there was some seepage on the corner of the valve cover but nothing fresh. Passenger side boot of rack and pinion is leaking but it's a very slow leak, so that will be a project for another day. I didn't notice it too much until I took her home, but she vibrated like a massage chair at stoplights and at idle, in park. The exhaust was also rattling quite loudly. Also, the PVC valve was bad and the hose was dry rotted. I took her to my mechanic, and he confirmed what I already suspected: mounts and struts were shot. He quoted $2400 for the job. I didn't have $2400 lying around so I spent $700 on the parts and did the job myself. Took about 7 hours. Also replaced 3 exhaust hangers, PVC valve and hose. What a difference! Driver side sun visor was shot, as well. Found a factory OEM visor on eBay for $55. Due to the fender benders and really shotty repair attempt, the driver front and passenger rear sections of the bumper were loose and hanging. There is some structure damage at the passenger rear corner, it's crumpled a bit, so it won't fit just right in order for the locking tabs to sit and lock the bumper into place. Also two tabs were broken. Couple of zip ties took care of that. Also had the driver side power window motor die on me. Did that myself, as well. I love the way she rides. Very smooth when cruising down I-95 at 80 MPH. Only real issue I have now is vibration and a slight lack of power when accelerating hard or from higher RPMs. Here a slight hissing sound from the gas tank. Could be a broken hose. That will be my next project. Oh yeah, and also head unit and speaker upgrade! I really like this Highlander. She's great on gas, rides smooth, and like I said the interior is amazing. Due to her age, however, there's some things I want to take care of, as I want her to last well into the 200k mile range. Anyway, that's my story, my first Toyota I have owned, and hi to everyone!
  13. Terry Werner

    Garage door opener

    I'm trying to pair my 2015 Highlander with a Genie door opener. What am I missing?
  14. ToyoPro

    for sale

    Awesome looking ride. Hope you find a buyer soon!
  15. ToyoPro

    Original Floor Mats

    Here's a genuine Toyota floor mats listing page showing floor mat options based the model provided. Hope this help someone out who's looking for discounted OEM Toyota floor mats with the factory warranty.
  16. Toyota Owners Club

    New (used) Camry owner

    Lisa Durgin . How's life with the Camry? Is it as you expected and how does it compare to the Ford?
  17. Toyota Owners Club

    New guy in Idaho

    Don Shore . Hows the restoration coming along Would love to see some more photos of it as its progressing Cheers, Trevor
  18. Cheryl Sabol

    Vent Problem

    I have an 06 matrix... I used some air freshener (auto vent sticks) and of course now they are stuck. Any idea how to remove vent covers without breaking? It doesn't seem like they can pop off and back on..
  19. Darrell Hodges

    Passenger Side Window Issue

    I have a 2012 Camry that has electric windows. I am the original owner and this car has been a trouble free automobile until recently. About a month ago, I noticed when opening the front passenger window there would be a "pop" then the window would roll down. However the other day the wife informed me that the window has not stopped working altogether. I have changed window motors and regulators on other vehicles in the past and was thinking this is what is wrong with this one. Before I do, I wanted to ask around and see if there is another known problem with this year Camry and is there are any tricks or tips to repairing the problem.
  20. ToyoPro

    Best Sites to buy auto parts in the USA

    I found that actually does international shipping if that helps out OP. This site offers genuine OEM Toyota parts and accessories.
  21. Hi , drive 2005 xr ... looking for a silver bumper, I refuse to get new car my runs great and I love it 🥰 

  22. New guy here but not new to Toyota. My dad had a sweet 74 Celica and a 79 Supra when I was a kid. My wife had a 75 Corolla when we dated back in the 80's and I had a 79 lowrider truck. I have always loved the old Toyotas and now I'll be pulling a 73 Corolla 2 door wagon out of a field this Friday. I just built a new shop and this will be the first long term project that will be built in it. The seller says it just needs a fuel pump to run, but I'm not holding my breath. lol You can see in the pic it's in pretty bad shape but it will be cool when done.
  23. Hello, This is my first post. I have a Toyota Matrix, 2008, model. 161,000 miles!!! Now the pressure sensor monitor stems (or the device) leaks air. I have to air up the tire every 3 days. I want to use a plain tire stems. I could just block the 'tire light' with a bit of tape but... If I leave one of the sensors out at atmospheric pressure can I just reset it to that and keep it in the car glove box? Or is there another way? Thanks, Paul
  24. Laura Davis DiCarlo

    1985 Camry AT Left Motor Mount

    I am looking for a left motor mount for my 1985 Camry, 2.0L gas, 4 door Sedan, DLX, Auto Transmsion. I have the OEM part number, 1237-263020 changed to 1237-263021. Toyota has discontinued the part. I have checked the usual after market sources like Rock Auto, and EBay with no luck. Any suggestions on where I might be able to find this would be appreciated.
  25. Just purchased the new Highlander XLE and would like to display my iTune Maps on the Entune display.. Is that possible? Thanks Jim
  26. Nicole Charron-Semenyk

    Rad cap leaking?

    Can anyone tell which part of the rad leaking? Matrix 2009
  27. Joseph Vaamu Iulio

    Toyota premio

    Problem..hard start got a 1zz under the hood, if drive to a store, it will hard start sometime, any help please?
  28. Paty Watkins

    Towing and towing package

    Hi Debbie133. I am just now going through the exact same ordeal. I bought a Scamp13 with brakes and cannot tow it with my 2016 Highlander because it has the 4pin flat connector. Were you able to solve your issue? Can you advise?
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