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  3. New to this awesome forum. Look forward to contributing.
  4. I have a slight battery drain on my 2003 Matrix. Has anybody had this problem and solved it? I saw an owner of a different model Toyota report his battery drain was caused by a faulty automatic door lock. My email is: if you wish to email me. Thanks for any help you may provide!
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    Hi Peggy and welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  7. Hello everyone Happy holidays from Lost Wages Nevada
  8. Hi...welcome to the Forum My first thought is battery charge levels as if they are considerably low on charge and in poor overall condition from being on vehicles that have stood around for a while then this can lead to a range of issues with electronics That would definitely be the first thing I would check. Let us know how you get on with it all Cheers, Trevor
  9. Supra 96

    Hi my supra "Big J"was made in 1999, and before this was supra made in 1989 and I can say that the new machine is much better and less likely to break. Very cool of course gift to his son, probably he is a fine fellow), I can advise you only what is better to take with 4 doors, since it will be easier, but I think you will make the right choice. With regard to insurance, I have been working as an insurance broker for many years and I can advise you to read this site. Http: // How much I would not look for different sites, on this you will find the most current insurance and information about them. And yes I think you can take his car =) Good luck!
  10. Supra 96

    I have a son who will soon be 16, and I want to buy him supra 2002. I have a 1993 supra turbo but for kids all the best is how do you think I'll make the right decision about buying such a car to him? . What types of insurance policies exist for minors and how does it work?Or can give it to me and pick me up a new one:p Thank you
  11. Greetings everyone. This would be my first post here, as I am new to this site, and to Toyota in general. I got my first 2018 Platinum Sequoia (4x4) in October. I was happy and excited about all the new safety features and creature comfort it provides on the new model. Well, my excitement was short lived. 3rd day of ownership, the issues started. Mostly sensors: blind spot monitor, rear cross traffic, collision prevention, etc.... lights up like a Christmas tree, and invited me to visit the dealer. Almost 3 weeks later, some of the sensors were changed by the dealer, 3 visits already, and not even 500 miles, the issue is still there. What is the worst? They can't fix it... well, not permanently. I am getting home and the next morning the issue is up again. Some times it disappear when I restart the engine, some times, it doesn't. Long story short: 5 more visits, still not fixed. Toyota sent their tech and that did not solved it either. Is now a buyback under the lemon law, and they did replaced with a new one. That would have made me happy....only that the new vehicle has the same issue at 20 miles (!!!!) 3 months later, a 2nd identical vehicle, new with the same issues... this is not an accident anymore - I think that Toyota has a bigger issue on their hands right now as I see other people having the same issue on Platinum 2018 models ... For me, this is the first, and probably the last Toyota - at this time I don't put too much trust in Toyota's abilities to fix it in time, or at all....
  12. pulley replacement

    I would disconnect the auxiliary belt(s) and see if the noise disappears. Sometimes, rattling noises can be produced by the crankshaft pulley when it's breaking up and when no load is taken off it the noise then disappears. Also, Alternator pulleys (if the over-running type can also rattle but by taking the belt off then if the noise disappears then look there as well
  13. New member, Toy 4Runner Limited

    Pat_R That's quite an average mileage for the year and should go on for many years to come...hopefully with very few, if any, problems :-)
  14. Question

    Hi, I'm Pat, I've got a 2010 4Runner, and recently someone broke one thing off my truck (see the pic, I circled what was stolen). Now, I can not get a new one, as I do not know what it is this piece called? I googled for visor, window visor, deflector, window deflector on both e-bay and Amazon, and no luck, they have got only those that go above the side vindows. Don't think I do not know to use google, here is what ebay offered me - Can someone help me please and give the right word for this thing? Photo was taken from the site.
  15. New member, Toy 4Runner Limited

    My 4Runner is 2010 and it has got around 80K mi on it.... And I thought I drive a lot haha
  16. pulley replacement

    anyone ever replace any of the pulleys on the matrix? the water pump seems pretty obvious as well as the alternator. Have a rattling noise coming from one of them and have.nt isolated it yet but just getting prepared for whats to come. thanks.
  17. Hi!

    Hi....and welcome to the Forum Look forward to seeing how it looks standard and then maybe come up with some ideas to enhance it Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  18. Hey y'all, my name is Precious and I own a 2010 Corolla. Ive owned her for three years now and I think its time I dress her up. I have an Idea of where I want to go with it, but I am always open for suggestions. If any Toyota lovers Corolla owners in the the Charlotte/Rock Hill area - Lets link! *Pics coming soon*
  19. Shift knob

    Most gear knobs nowadays are pressed on but can be awkward to remove....I usually grip it with one hand and then hit the underside of the gripping hand with my other hand and hey presto! Just watch out that you don't look over it at the time and hit yourself in the face....been there!
  20. Brake Pedal goes 2 inches from floor before engaging

    Hi Laduca...welcome to the Forum The only place I can think to go to now is the ABS modulator. I know you said the ABS works fine which is okay but if there is any air locked in the ABS system then it will generally stay in there unless bled out. My advice would be to invoke the ABS as much as you can before bleeding it through and the next bit gets a little bit messy so put plenty of rag underneath and carry out with a cold engine, etc as Brake Fluid is highly flammable. Get someone to pump the brakes while you crack off each pipe connection to the block in turn. You should see any air being expelled almost immediately if its in there. Let us know how you get on with it. Cheers, Trevor
  21. Hi Smitty...welcome to the Forum Sorry, haven't got any data to set the switch up but I would imagine that like a lot of pedal switches, if you load it up and install it and then back it off until it switches off (should be able to hear it if its a plunger type switch. Probably better doing it this way as opposed to winding it in a bit at a time. Let us know how you get on with it Cheers, Trevor
  22. Venza schematic or dealers manual, who has one to share.

    Hi Kerry...welcome to the Forum Always up for sharing manuals (or sections of one) but haven't seen anything for a Verza by using a quick search....what jobs are you after carrying out? Cheers, Trevor
  23. 2018 C-HR

    Haven't heard of any issues at the moment but will post up if anything comes up. Hope you're enjoying it so far?
  24. Maintenance Agreements

    I would approach one dealer and then go to others to see if you can play one against another and drive the price down. worth a try at least
  25. remote

    Do you have another remote for the car and if so does that work for the trunk? Sometimes, the buttons break off the circuit board internally after a lot of use/abuse Let us know what you find
  26. new member

    Hi Victor....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  27. engine rebuild

    Hi Rory....welcome to the Forum I would imagine in the region of $3000 should get you a replacement (reconditioned engine) and fitting. Maybe even consider a used engine as a cheaper option? Let us know what you find Cheers Trevor
  28. Hello

    Hi Stuart....welcome to the Forum If it's done 145k miles and all you've done is the oil and filter then you must be doing something right. Generally, when it comes to servicing a car, most of it is something you can do on the floor and with individual wheels raised and supported one at a time...otherwise, it is just a case of inspecting systems and components for wear and tear and replacing serviceable items and fluids periodically. Only other thing to consider is any service update downloads to the electronic systems and also recall items which won't occur outside of the dealer network. Cheers, Trevor
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