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  3. Toyota Owners Club

    Remote Key fob not working Corolla 2016

    Hi Marlon Thanks for letting us know the conclusion. Rather annoying that it just failed while you weren't using the car, almost a red herring to think that it was related to being laid up and not just a unit failure. Glad its resolved for you now and hopefully not too expensive. Cheers, Trevor
  4. Marlon Wouters

    Remote Key fob not working Corolla 2016

    Hi Everyone, The culprit was the "Computer Multiplex Network Body Module" located behind the fusebox driverside. This controls the signal from the remote to the car.
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  6. It looks like this may be what you're looking for . It's sold in a small tube. They don't sell OEM touch up paint in a bottle. Hope this helps.
  7. Cartier Nash

    Camry Rally

    Any plans for a Camry meet up in AZ for 2019?
  8. I purchased touch-up paint for my 2015 Toyota Camry with celestial silver metallic paint from my local Toyota dealer. When I applied the touch-up paint to the car, the color of the touch-up paint was several shades lighter than the color of the car. When I returned to the dealership to notify the parts representative, we tried another sample of paint and the results were the same. Does anyone have a suggestion as to where I can purchase a bottle of touch-up paint to match my car's color? Thank you for your assistance. Mark
  9. Marlon Wouters

    Remote Key fob not working Corolla 2016

    Hi everyone, I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla L sedan. I have this car stand for a month and now the remote key fob is not opening or closing the doors. I replace the batteries but the issue is still there. Also the dome and map lights used to comes on when I opened the doors, but now it doesn't. It only comes on when I put the ignition in "ON" position. I took the car to a local dealer, and they perform test on both remotes to see if it's communicating with car and it does. So they told me the remotes are ok. However it still does not lock or unlock the car neither open the trunk, etc.. The car starts and run fine and everything else work flawlessly. I checked all the fuses and all were ok. I took the negative battery out and leave for 15 min. Issue remain the same. Can anyone tell me what could be the problem?
  10. I recently purchased a 2008 Matrix TRD with the Panasonic CQ-C5303U stereo. I am looking high and low for a CY-BT100U Bluetooth Adapter but even with my fine Google skills, I can't find one. Any suggestions? TIA!
  11. Joe Burdock

    compression issues

    Hello, I'm new to the forum and the matrix. I Have an 04 with 160,000miles on it. I'm close to taking it to the mechanic but wanted to see if I could get some helpful advice here. Well I've only had it a month or so, it's always had a rough idle and ran rough at high speeds but I've been working on it and it had been getting better. The engine gave me a "miss in cylinder 3" code so I changed spark plugs checked some things and finally did a compression test. The result where food in cylinder 1&4, but #3 had no compression wet or dry and #2 would tick up to 50psi on each crank then fall to zero. From what I'm reading, it sounds like a head gasket but there are no other symptoms. No oil in the coolant. No overheating. I know it sat for a while I'm wondering about stuck valves? I'm new to gas cars (I have a diesel rabbit '81)so I don't completely understand them though I'm learning quickly. Any advice would be appreciated. I'm been looking for a leak down tester but if it were a problem beyond the valve cover of probably take it to a shop anyway. Thanks!
  12. Regina Harris

    2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

    Not a problem. A little more video watching has shown me that you can still cover those pieces that you can't get off. I will supply an example link: While I don't think I would ever actually drag my tool across in order to push the edges in, I think this could work for a couple of spots I have in mind. Good luck in your project. If I get mine done... it'll nave to wait until summer for me...I'll try to post some pics.
  13. Toyota Owners Club

    2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

    Thanks for the YouTube links Regina...very useful as I am also thinking of wrapping some interior trim panels and wouldn't have known how to go about it
  14. Regina Harris

    2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

    Thank you so much for the response. It does look pretty easy, so long as we can get the trim pieces off. For anyone in the future who is wondering about this, here are a couple of links to YouTube to give you an idea.
  15. Hi - new to this group. The battery warning light on my '07 Yaris is coming on intermittently. Sometimes the airbag light comes on with it. No problem starting or other battery symptoms. Mechanic found loose battery connections and tightened them; this reduced but did not eliminate the problem. So maybe there's a bad connection somewhere else. Anybody had this problem? Suggestions? Thx
  16. Toyota Owners Club

    2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

    Good idea Valdy Dreimanis....hadn't thought of that one, plenty of different finishes as well
  17. ToyoPro

    OEM or aftermarket?

    OEM Toyota parts are best for fit, form and function in my opinion.
  18. ToyoPro

    LF 1994 celica parts! has a lot of hard to find/discontinued/vintage OEM Toyota parts for anyone still looking for parts for older vehicles at low prices.
  19. Valdy Dreimanis

    2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

    Vinyl wrap. See Youtube for ideas.
  20. Toyota Owners Club

    2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

    Hi Regina...welcome to the Forum I would be tempted to either buy some used parts in better condition or as you say, respray them with plasticote, but not sure you will get an exact colour match.
  21. Hello: My son recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Matrix as his first car. Overall, the car was not in bad shape. There are a couple of items that need attention, but I feel he chose well. This may seem odd, but one thing I'd like to do for him is to find a way to touch-up his interior trim. If you look at the attached pictures, you can see that some of the silver trim in his car has become worn to where the black underneath now shows. Here's the question: is there a way to touch up these worn spots as opposed to replacing the entire blooming trim pieces? I'm wondering about something you can brush on, like plastikote? Yup, call me a crazy mom. TIA for any suggestions or thoughts.
  22. Toyota Owners Club

    Suggestion needed about maintenance

    Hi I think I would consult Drivetime as to their warranty policy and who is allowed to carry out this work without invalidating the cover
  23. Hello, I bought my 2014 camry from drivetime. Since it's 2014 model, it still has warranty on power train, as per my understanding. The maintenance required light came up. I looked through the owners manual seeking help. The owners manual suggests to do some specific maintenance along with oil/filter change. My question is, can i go to any maintenance shop or will i have to go to a dealer? Also, can anyone suggest me any good maintenance shop near Cincinnati, Ohio? Apologizing in advance for my ignorance, this is our first car in USA.
  24. Toyota Owners Club

    New Highlander Owner

    Hi Mark...welcome to the Forum It certainly looks in great condition for the year and the mileage....I think you got a good deal there! Probably worth checking the EVAP system for the fuel tank breather side of things if the tank is gassing then it may be blocked. Good to have you onboard Cheers . Trevor
  25. Terry Werner

    Garage door opener

    Got the problem taken care of..I have a revolving code on my opener so there is no need to us the hand opener while programing.
  26. Terry Werner

    2014 + Highlander Rear Tail Lamp Condensation

    I have a 2015 Highlander XLE where the left side had the moisture. I just bought it pre owned. It has 36,000 miles. The dealer replaced it as part of the sales deal. I hope this isn't going to be an on going problem.
  27. The front dome light will not go out. The middle and rear dome lights go out as normal, after a time delay. The dimmer control is not set to 'ON". What controls the lights to turn off. Is there a time delay relay?
  28. Joseph Wright

    buying advice

    Looking to buy a Mk111 Supra. Hoping with it being a Toyota that most service parts area reasonably inexpensive and it's pretty dependable. Only wanting to consider a targa and an automatic as I already have more than one MT car. Are there any problem areas that I need to be on the lookout for? Any service items that I need to make sure are done? tia
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