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Found 18 results

  1. I have been observing a bang sound at the time the car comes to a stop after I apply the brakes, or sometimes after resuming acceleration after I have stopped, and there is no any check engine light to tell if there is a system problem. Could it be the gear transmission, ABS or the transmission sensor? What could be the problem?
  2. Hello from Southern Ohio. 1998 Corolla 4 door - looks extremely worn but starts every time. 151,000 miles
  3. I have looked all over the place for a replacement hood liner for my 1998 Corolla Sedan. The one I have is torn away from the right front attachment tab and the liner is also oil soaked. It needs to be replaced, and I cannot find one. Any suggestions where to look? Thanks!
  4. Hey y'all, my name is Precious and I own a 2010 Corolla. Ive owned her for three years now and I think its time I dress her up. I have an Idea of where I want to go with it, but I am always open for suggestions. If any Toyota lovers Corolla owners in the the Charlotte/Rock Hill area - Lets link! *Pics coming soon*
  5. I just purchased a 1998 Toyota Corolla LE. The moonroof doesn't work, but I knew this before I bought it. The power windows in the door work fine, so I think it isn't a blown fuse since everything I've read indicates that the moonroof and power windows are all driven off the same fuse. I put a volt meter on the switch after pulling it down from the headliner, and none of the 4 wires soldered to it (black, red, yellow, orange) have 12v with the key on. The weather is getting nice here in Issaquah and I would like to have it working. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can try next?
  6. I'm a 5th gen Nova enthusiast (1985-1988) so I have this question, this 4A engine has me curious and I can't find any information about this particular one with the 4A-E sticker, the Novas came with a 4A-C from the factory. Any information regarding the 4A-E engine is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi. My 93 Corolla DX Wagon just broke down in Billerica, Ma. They said it's not worth fixing due to age and has slow brake fluid leak, a broken strut, plus minor front end damage from lo speed accident, though everything works. It's only got 90k miles, is manual with 1.8 litre engine and mint interior. Very fast & agile, I just love it & hate to junk it. Anyone interested or have advice? Thanks, Elisa B. >>UPDATE: The car is waiting for an appraisal to fix the strut & tire, so may fix more stuff & post with better photos. Gotten a ton of offers on craigslist, which I didn't expect!
  8. Hi Guys, I have a 2014 Toyota Corolla LE. I recently lost both sets of key and have no way to enter into the car. I've called the Toyota Dealership and getting different pricing and its turning out to be very expensive as follows: - Key: $200 - Reprogramming: $150 - Tow: $75 and I would have to tow the car to the dealership. Are there any cheaper alternatives? Any thoughts, suggestions and ideas would be appreciated it. I am located in New York, New York.
  9. Hi guys, managed to acquire a dent on the front bumper of my '10 Corolla. Any ideas on how to fix?
  10. Ok so this is gonna be my first engine swap like this I have an 89 corolla wagon with the carbourated 1.6l 4afe and I am getting ready to drop the 5afe engine and transmission into it. Just looking for tips and tricks for doing this. I have done some reading and I could be wrong and I probably am but should the 5afe bolt right in where the other engine was since it was an f family engine? I am pretty sure I have everything to this considering I have the whole mr2 that im pulling the engine and tranny from. All help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Does anyone own the 2014 Corolla LE? I am inquiring about the vehicle radio reset code that is located as a sticker provided in the glove box of the vehicle. The radio reset code is used to input the code into the radio center console to reset your electronics and functions in the case that you had to remove your car battery and reinstall the battery. I have noticed in my vehicle that there are streaks of sticker residue that suspiciously indicate the dealership removed it, however they furiously deny any of it. I am imploring for ANY body who owns the 2014 Corolla LE to please reply to this thread and share that vehicle reset code with me. I need to flag this thread as High Importance. Thank you very much, I hope for cooperation.
  12. My car is currently at 65,500 and the last time I changed my oil was at 59,000 and that was 8 months ago. The car seems to be running fine, but I want to make the car last (its my first car). Do you think I could make this oid last another month or should I change?
  13. Hello everyone, the name is Zach and I am an avid lover of DSMs. However I am very interested in the ae86 corolla but do not know too terribly much about them. My question is what kinds of things should I look for in the ae86 world? I.E. Model names, specific engine. I am at a lose on discerning the difference between "Sprinter Trueno" "Gt Apex" "AE86" and "Levin"..are these all names given to the same car in different continents or are they submodels? Also what are common issues with these vehicles, and what are the best years to look out for? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  14. just hit my first 5,000 miles on my corolla, couldn't been happier with the car. Rides nice for a $12,000 car, I sometimes chose it over the is250 or the RX350 at my house.
  15. My dad recently told me that for my birthday I could get somthing for my car. If price is around the $500 range, what would be worth it. I currently have hub caps and was think about getting rims, not flashy, but nice rims. Should i get rims, or something else.
  16. Hi I have a 2009 toyota corolla LE with 51000K on it....and there are two sounds that i hear coming from the engine area the first is a rattling sound that is head most prominently when the car is at operating temperatures and also when turning at low speeds...i have attached the sound clip for it as below car_sound.mp3 The dealership suspected it was the water pump and had it replaced....and it was fine for a few days after which the sound did return but fainter this time around.... The second sound again coming from the engine area is a creaking/chirping sound that seems to be proportional to the me hitting the gas pedal... i was wondering if somebody had any ideas and could help me out?? Thanks Steve
  17. Burstein6


    I currently have hub caps on my car, I would like to buy myself some wheels, but I dont want to be flashy. All I want are some nice looking rims for my silver corolla. Any suggestions?
  18. I recently bought a plug in for my ipod so I could listen to it when I drive, but its very difficult to find a station for the signal to connect. Also, when I do, the station last for about 50 yards and then it cuts out. Any suggestions on what to do?
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