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  1. My dad recently told me that for my birthday I could get somthing for my car. If price is around the $500 range, what would be worth it. I currently have hub caps and was think about getting rims, not flashy, but nice rims. Should i get rims, or something else.
  2. Burstein6


    I currently have hub caps on my car, I would like to buy myself some wheels, but I dont want to be flashy. All I want are some nice looking rims for my silver corolla. Any suggestions?
  3. Looking to buy a new Audio system for my corolla, any suggestions? I want a low price, because im trying to get a full set up.
  4. just hit my first 5,000 miles on my corolla, couldn't been happier with the car. Rides nice for a $12,000 car, I sometimes chose it over the is250 or the RX350 at my house.
  5. would you suggest going to my local dealer (lexus covers my car) or my local gas station. im 16 and im trying to impress my parents so im trying to do this without their help.
  6. Living in Minnesota, everyday traffic can be scary in the winter.
  7. Mine beeps if click the lock more then once. How many times do you click the lock buttton? If you do it multipe times, just hit the lock button once.
  8. My car is currently at 65,500 and the last time I changed my oil was at 59,000 and that was 8 months ago. The car seems to be running fine, but I want to make the car last (its my first car). Do you think I could make this oid last another month or should I change?
  9. I recently bought a plug in for my ipod so I could listen to it when I drive, but its very difficult to find a station for the signal to connect. Also, when I do, the station last for about 50 yards and then it cuts out. Any suggestions on what to do?