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  1. Does anyone own the 2014 Corolla LE? I am inquiring about the vehicle radio reset code that is located as a sticker provided in the glove box of the vehicle. The radio reset code is used to input the code into the radio center console to reset your electronics and functions in the case that you had to remove your car battery and reinstall the battery. I have noticed in my vehicle that there are streaks of sticker residue that suspiciously indicate the dealership removed it, however they furiously deny any of it. I am imploring for ANY body who owns the 2014 Corolla LE to please reply to this thread and share that vehicle reset code with me. I need to flag this thread as High Importance. Thank you very much, I hope for cooperation.
  2. If you are looking for body kits, bumpers, or any exterior modifications, Go to GroundDynamics.com
  3. Or, instead of doing the exterior "Fast and Furious" getup, try interior neon lights like footwells or dash installations. Something more personal wouldnt scream FnF to others
  4. Hello proud corolla owner. Im also looking for performance upgrades for my baby. So far, check out: Horsepowerfreaks.com Advancedautoparts.com Grounddynamics.com Hope this helps
  5. If you bought the car new, the representative might've mentioned about the x-year warranty in which it would cover for any electronics-based malfunctions, such as your navigation system or even the whole head unit itself. If you are out of warranty, yes, it would cost quite a few Benjamins to replace it. When I bought my vehicle, the representative pushed me towards getting the warranty AS THOUGH the electronics head unit goes out quite often after a few years of usage. Reading about your situation, I should've opted for the warranty myself.
  6. I appreciate the time for you to search for the website for me, however, the only parts available for a Toyota is for the MR2 model.
  7. I have the 2014 Corolla LE 4-speed AT 1.8L. I'm looking to spoil my machine with some performance upgrades and am wondering if anybody knows of any good websites where I can get parts for said model? Much appreciative.
  8. OK, it's alright now. Earlier I did not have the function to upload an avatar through my files.
  9. That is indeed the article. Thank you, it did not allow me to directly link the article using the button.
  10. How about a "Site Troubleshooting" section in the Misc.? Topics can include things such as, and for example my own troubleshooting concerns, how to post links to other websites or how to customize an avatar or signature for your profile. All of these I have tried but it seems to me that my site membership has limited capabilities of being able to do any of these.
  11. Attention all potential Toyota shoppers and current owners of 2014 models! I have stumbled across an NBC news article entailing a fire hazard recall for 8 different models concerning the heated seats. Now as far as I know, it only concerns those who have the leather seats with heat capabilities. Unfortunately, I am unable to attach a link of the article to this topic for those interested to read. If you are unaware of this news, simply type into Google, "2014 Toyota Fire Hazard Recall" and find it that way.
  12. I am also new to the club and would like to be able to update my profile with an avatar and signature, however it seems that I have limited capabilities.
  13. Well to be honest, your Corolla seems to get just a little more mpg than my 2014 LE. My avg is 32 mpg. So if you're doing a lot of highway driving you seem to be better off.
  14. Congratulations! I am a proud new owner of the 2014 Corolla LE whom I dubbed her, "The Mothership" in slate metallic. I am looking to spoil her with some performance upgrades. (Some wonder why I didn't settle with the S trim). It's only because the LE and the S had the same specs, so I settled with the cheaper model.