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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all. I have a 2014 Camey SE. The car has a touch screen, with Bleue tooth, blah blah, but no navigation. I'm considering adding it, is this possible at s reasonable price?
  2. Hello, I bought my 2014 camry from drivetime. Since it's 2014 model, it still has warranty on power train, as per my understanding. The maintenance required light came up. I looked through the owners manual seeking help. The owners manual suggests to do some specific maintenance along with oil/filter change. My question is, can i go to any maintenance shop or will i have to go to a dealer? Also, can anyone suggest me any good maintenance shop near Cincinnati, Ohio? Apologizing in advance for my ignorance, this is our first car in USA.
  3. Hello everyone, The passenger power sliding door hesitates 1-2 seconds when I open it or close it in any weather condition, it doesn't matter if I do it from remote or any indoor button. The sliding doors recall was done back in 2017. All external components are clean and lubed with silicone spray. The driver side is just fine. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  4. Curious to find out if anyone has had this issue with the new body Highlander. The rear-passenger lens has been replaced four times at a Toyota dealer but continues to exhibit water getting in the lens. Not one issue with the opposite lens, only the passenger side. Perhaps it is an installation issue with improper servicing technical requirements, design issue, defect, etc? Anyone have insight into this?
  5. I recently purchased a 2014.5 Camry XLE. I am having issues with the iPod Classic playing in the audio system. I connected the iPod Classic to the USB in the dash and it played one song before I shut the car off. When I started the car, the iPod was frozen and would not work. I t would not charge, even at home in the wall outlet. I connected to iTunes and was able to restart the iPod and reload all the music. Yesterday I put the iPod back in the Camry and it worked for a while. I shut off and started the car numerous times with no problems. on the 17th song I started the car and it froze up again. When this happens, on the main menu, it does not show and iPod being connected. Is this a known problem, and if so, what is my fix? Thanks. Harley1098
  6. Does anyone own the 2014 Corolla LE? I am inquiring about the vehicle radio reset code that is located as a sticker provided in the glove box of the vehicle. The radio reset code is used to input the code into the radio center console to reset your electronics and functions in the case that you had to remove your car battery and reinstall the battery. I have noticed in my vehicle that there are streaks of sticker residue that suspiciously indicate the dealership removed it, however they furiously deny any of it. I am imploring for ANY body who owns the 2014 Corolla LE to please reply to this thread and share that vehicle reset code with me. I need to flag this thread as High Importance. Thank you very much, I hope for cooperation.
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