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  1. I'd recommend searching that model for prices online, running & not running. its amazing how wide a price range I found for mine. I posted it on craigslist & got way more (urgent) offers than I expected. A garage told me mine was not worth anything, so I posted it for $300. and that was way too low. Then I saw a junked corolla sedan in an ad for $999. Mileage isn't the only consideration. Post it & let craigslist decide the value, I say! Good luck :)
  2. Sorry, the photo keeps loading compressed, and thumbnail size. :/
  3. Hi. My 93 Corolla DX Wagon just broke down in Billerica, Ma. They said it's not worth fixing due to age and has slow brake fluid leak, a broken strut, plus minor front end damage from lo speed accident, though everything works. It's only got 90k miles, is manual with 1.8 litre engine and mint interior. Very fast & agile, I just love it & hate to junk it. Anyone interested or have advice? Thanks, Elisa B. >>UPDATE: The car is waiting for an appraisal to fix the strut & tire, so may fix more stuff & post with better photos. Gotten a ton of offers on craigslist, which I didn't expect!