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  1. Very nice :D what rims are those?
  2. Carinas have good seats that lean all the way back almost flat
  3. this was done by some people in england, but they took the trip to germany to get it supercharged :D Glad to see you are loving it, its brillant if you lay down the revs. over 3k ;) I suggest some coilovers and a fujistubo exhuast if you have the money :D
  4. the best and cheapest mod you can do is to strip everything out :D
  5. Whats the point in naviagtion if it doesnt work when you are moving
  6. we down get solara's in england but they are sweet, i love them (along with scions :D)
  7. AE86 Living in Japan must be very useful for parts and mods :D
  8. ooo any pictures ? iv always liked the modded truck
  9. lol, i was gonna try something like that but i was a bit scared! My mate did it apparantly and the top of the struct just shot off, and he has this massive dent/hole in his roof
  10. iv always heard acura refered to honda acura
  11. the best thing is that you offered it for free first... :) Was nice of you mate!
  12. cant really help you here, but im 70% sure that not ALL corrollas are RWD
  13. Moffmo


    i love ALL the celica, They all look cracking imo but the next one on is gonna be crap, you seen toyotas lasest stylings? They are trying to change their market, and i dont like it Bring back the turbo performance i say... Whats with the huge spaces in the arches from toyota lately? Get them lowered ffs
  14. Come on guys, get posting, and STICK AROUND, have pleasure in watching it grow!! Trust me, once TOC USA gets going, you will a) never look back b)think its hella better than the other clubs and TOC USA has so much to offer, but only if its worth their time ;)
  15. Are you wearing your seatbelt? If not why? it will save your life. Dont make me go into what happened to a friend of mine :(
  16. 3 years!! all put to waste :(
  17. put a link im my sig :D
  18. the green one looks mint imo but black... in 3 door!! for me :D
  19. ahhhh but you cant burn 100 odd songs on can you ;)
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