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  1. Moffmo

    Happy Birthday Leigh!

    Happy birthday::D:D:D:D:D
  2. Moffmo

    My Echo

    Very nice :D what rims are those?
  3. Moffmo

    Does anyone know a good Toyota to sleep in?

    Carinas have good seats that lean all the way back almost flat
  4. Moffmo

    From an XJR to an Echo and Lovin it

    this was done by some people in england, but they took the trip to germany to get it supercharged :D Glad to see you are loving it, its brillant if you lay down the revs. over 3k ;) I suggest some coilovers and a fujistubo exhuast if you have the money :D
  5. Moffmo

    170 odd members

    In short TOC rules!!!
  6. Moffmo

    MR2 non-turbo: AC = less power

    ahh err yeah.. good point
  7. Moffmo

    MR2 non-turbo: AC = less power

    the best and cheapest mod you can do is to strip everything out :D
  8. Moffmo

    Navigation use while moving

    haa thanks for clearing that up
  9. Moffmo

    Navigation use while moving

    Whats the point in naviagtion if it doesnt work when you are moving
  10. we down get solara's in england but they are sweet, i love them (along with scions :D)
  11. AE86 Living in Japan must be very useful for parts and mods :D
  12. Moffmo

    170 odd members

    Whoo hoo Hi!! lol
  13. oh dear.... :P That happened to me
  14. Moffmo

    Toyota Hi-Ace.

    ooo any pictures ? iv always liked the modded truck
  15. Moffmo

    Fitting Springs - GUIDE

    lol, i was gonna try something like that but i was a bit scared! My mate did it apparantly and the top of the struct just shot off, and he has this massive dent/hole in his roof