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  1. A S/C for the 1.5 litre engine? I just love to see the service manager york up a hairball when I ask him to fit that and retain the warranty, but if your right then I'm all over that puppy!
  2. Hi Mongo and thanks. Pics? No. It's a totally stock RS in Silver and I haven't put 500km on the odo. As options I have added the cold air intake and a trailer hitch (for a bike rack). Lowering springs and the sport exhaust were stupidly priced, as were the 15" rims and wheel packages so I'll get into those later on. The RS package only comes in a 4 door for some strange reason.
  3. Thanks fidgits, Love the avatar btw. That's one of my fav Dwarf episodes :D I'm just going to have to be careful of warranty issues with any mods I decide on. I suppose exhaust is going to be the first step, but I'll want something quiet. Had a Supertrap on my 86 Celica but those were different times.
  4. I guess it's been awhile since I'd pegged a rev counter for any length of time but I'm having a blast with my 2005 Echo RS. Redline an XJR even in second and your moving at an indecent rate. I do miss the bagfulls of torque I once had. I've got the cold air intake mod that gets installed at the dealership but I wasn't too keen on paying $800 for a Borla muffler, plus I'm not into being heard from 2 blocks away, so I'll have to shop around for some aftermarket goodies. As long as I don't void any warranty issues that is. Due to a bad left knee I had to opt for an automatic transmission so if anyone knows of any mods that could help with getting things going for the first 3000 rpm I'm all ears...
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