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  1. aint checked in here for ages...sorry guys...will catch up on posts :)
  2. I voted 'yes' for the toyota and lexus brnch of this thread. The difference between the 2 is HUGE! As far as service price car yards relations are concerned lexus is miles in front here in aus. Toyota is not in the same league. I bought my car from a toyota dealer but now take it to lexus for services etc as they do a afar better job and actually listen...as well as do custom work for me...its a little bit more $$$ but its the peace of mind i like
  3. Does anyone know what % of loss we have through our drive train in the CTS (sportivo) ?? Because if i go of that I have increased the power at my wheels by over 25% you can take that back to the engine so original at the flywheel was 141kW? 25% of 141kW = 35.25kW 141kW + 35.25kW = 176.25kW 1kW = 1.34HP 176.25 x 1.34 = 236.18HP Does that sound right??????
  4. Hi im Craig from Brisbane Australia. And I'm a "liftaholic" !!!! Proud owner of a crazy 2004 Corolla Sportivo (CTS for the europeans) Been hitting lift from the first day and I LOVE IT !!!!! :D
  5. Thought it could be handy to have the "mark all posts as read" option at the top of each section ie corolla, discussion etc. and also one on the main page !?!?!
  6. hey guys thx for the warm wlcome :D kimi- life down here is BUSY!!!!! but the good news it its finally starting to get cooler during the day and especially at night. So its time to get the car ready to go down the strip a few times and set some PB's
  7. Thx guys .... I aim to please ;) any links to your rides?
  8. You mention remapping ?? I have seen a couple of posts around the place talking about doing this for the stock 2zz-ge ecu I have even talked to a few guys in poland who have apparently done it. Can anyone shine some light onto this at all??? ie what is needed hardware/software wise etc so that we can look further into this!?
  9. there has been big talk of this over in the TOCAU forums....we are all very excited :D
  10. Hey guys Thought I'd pop in and say g'day Im a proud owner of a 2004 Corolla Sportivo, which I think is similar to your matrix xrs?? we also have the 2zz-ge engine. You can check out my ride by simply clicking on the link in my signature. Ciao for now Craig
  11. Hey guys, A quick HELLO! to you all. Im a Corolla Sportivo owner from Australia. A few of you may have checked out the TOCAU site? Well a few of us will be poping in now and saying g'day and having a chat. Hope to see you all round soon Ciao Craig
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