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  1. XR2003

    Newbie me

    Welcome! I would suggest you go ahead and do the transmission oil drain & fill. Or better still take it to the dealership for a proper fluid exchange where all of the old tranny fluid is removed (including inside the torque converter) with brand new and fresh Toyota Type IV automatic transmission fluid. Most likely they will also drop the transmission pan to remove any possible fluid sludge buildup. Reason being that the transmissions are based off the Corollas from 2003-2008 and since the Matrix is a little bit heavier in comparison to the Corolla - the transmission runs hotter - meaning the fluid is hotter and does wear out quicker - usually around 40,000 to 60,000 miles depending on driving habits. The front lip spoilers are notorious for getting damaged. Even on OEM ride height they do get scratched very easily. You can choose to remove them or replace the front bumper from a 2005-2008 model as they do not have the front right and left lips and the foglights (if you have them) are relocated towards the bottom corners of the bumper. If you are ever in Southern California, you may see my car in Anaheim or in Costa Mesa (work). There is also a few modified Matrices (plurl) around SoCal.
  2. http://auto.howstuffworks.com/auto-parts/brakes/brake-repair/change-brake-pads.htm This might help
  3. I agree with what humanoid posted. Time to find a dealership with people that actually know how to help.
  4. XR2003


    Also since you have a 2006 Corolla, you will need rims with a wheel offset of 5x100. The majority wheel offset is 5x114.3, so your options are some what limited. For an OEM look, the rims from the last generation Celica, 2003-2008 Matrix & the 1st generation Scion TC rims will fit your Corolla.
  5. Sounds like your idle air control valve (IACV) needs cleaning or worse - replacing. Have it checked out by a trusted mechanic or if you are mechanically inclined - you can do so yourself. Another possible issue is that there might be a leak in your intake manifold and/or gasket - which would cause the issues that you are experiencing. Please let us know what the issue is and what your resolution was to the problem.
  6. Based on what others have suggested to me try crutchfield.com
  7. I am the Spam Assasin! Beware all processed meat!

  8. XR2003

    Synthetic oil

    I agree with humanioid. 3000 miles oil change intervals are no longer the normal routine as regular non synthetic oil can easily last to 5000 miles. That's with stop and go/city driving - but if most of your miles come from the highway - the oil quality can last a little more longer.
  9. Hi there and welcome. Please feel free to post pics of your Corolla S.
  10. Why are people asking questions in their status updates?