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  1. Sorry for late response, also check out monkeywrenchracing for boosted power for the 1zz and 2zz motors.
  2. Heard the sound, almost positive it is the struts. I have that exact sound in my 2003 Matrix with over 180k miles, original owner since 2002. Worn struts make a clunk sound but also can howl as you described under a light load. I especially hear it when moving slowly in parking lot or a drive through. Another possibility is worn engine mounts. So any slight load on the motor would make that sound appear and disappear. Cheapest fix is to turn up the volume in your radio. Lol. But if you got some time and money look into replacing whenever it is convenient for you.
  3. Toyotas are well built and with minimal effort and cost can last a long time. Easily over 100k miles. Myself I have over 180k miles on my 2003 Toyota Matrix. Bought it brand new on May 31st 2002. As for too many miles as a prospective owner, it's more important to get the history of the car, no flood damage or rust and again decent maintenance. The 4 cylinder Toyotas should last well over 200k miles or more.
  4. Currently have a 2003 Matrix. Have many friends who have 2003 Corolla. Almost all the same components in terms of engine and transmission. Corollas do not have the odometer issue that Matrices will have once they go over 299,999 miles/KMS. The only real issue that is common for both are intake manifold gasket replacement. Other than that just wear and tear.
  5. For that price range, I have to guess a 2003-2008 Toyota Corolla. Issues are rare, gas mileage is still great and many replacement parts are available if you need to maintain it.
  6. Actually to prove control and clear the gravel, you could use the same size tire with higher profile, meaning more tire as compared to low profile. Or find one of the rare awd 2003-2004 matrix models.
  7. Unfortunately, yes there are 2 different threads for the pcv. Take the old part and use it to find the correct one.
  8. Throttle position sensor. Did you recently clean the engine, specifically near the throttle body plate and intake? If so, you will likely need to recalibrate the sensor. Another issue you may have is worn out spark plugs and maybe cool packs. Also a dirty iacv can have the same symptoms you have. The last item maybe dirty or clogged fuel filter.
  9. Sounds like an issue with the torque converter solenoid.
  10. Did you try cleaning the iacv?
  11. Double check for vacuum leaks, since most of your issues were resolved from replacing the gas cap, there might be evap leaks elsewhere. Also check the charcoal canister, that might also be a source of the problem.
  12. You will need to determine if the sound is engine related or perhaps due to the wheel bearings giving out.
  13. XR2003

    Newbie me

    Welcome! I would suggest you go ahead and do the transmission oil drain & fill. Or better still take it to the dealership for a proper fluid exchange where all of the old tranny fluid is removed (including inside the torque converter) with brand new and fresh Toyota Type IV automatic transmission fluid. Most likely they will also drop the transmission pan to remove any possible fluid sludge buildup. Reason being that the transmissions are based off the Corollas from 2003-2008 and since the Matrix is a little bit heavier in comparison to the Corolla - the transmission runs hotter - meaning the fluid is hotter and does wear out quicker - usually around 40,000 to 60,000 miles depending on driving habits. The front lip spoilers are notorious for getting damaged. Even on OEM ride height they do get scratched very easily. You can choose to remove them or replace the front bumper from a 2005-2008 model as they do not have the front right and left lips and the foglights (if you have them) are relocated towards the bottom corners of the bumper. If you are ever in Southern California, you may see my car in Anaheim or in Costa Mesa (work). There is also a few modified Matrices (plurl) around SoCal.
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