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  1. I would comment but unfortunately there is no link there There are many checks to carry out before buying a secondhand car Check this link for basic checks that apply to most cars
  2. Sounds like it could be a drivebelt which is dry and when it heats up then it changes. Could also be a tensioner bearing. Best way is to trickle some water onto the belt and see if the noise disappears. If so, then change the belt.
  3. I see your predicament....not sure of the best way forward really
  4. You could try to run for a longer period and if the lights don't return then the fault is resolved. Keep us updated on this . Cheers
  5. Hi Oldude .....welcome to the Forum As far as I know the AWD Venza is quite sturdy and reliable and not any issues i am aware of Good to have you onboard
  6. Hopefully someone will have the answers and get back to you soon. A stainless system will not necessarily be louder but due to the wall thickness of the metal tubing being thinner it will produce a nice raspy sound which is very nice to live with.
  7. Hi Wrench....welcome to the Forum Got any questions then just fire away, we'll do our best to answer them
  8. Have you tried pressing the unlock button twice in quick succession as this should unlock all the doors.
  9. Hi jc...sorry no-one got around to answering you previous post. Well, at least you managed to find a easier way of accessing the hose clamps. Now, as you say, you can get into the timing chain...good luck with it and let us know how you get on with it
  10. Hi Toots and welcome to the Forums Maybe an aftermarket accessory type compass would be the way forward as anything that interfaces with the cars' onboard electronic system would invalidate the warranty. CD players are now listed as 'Retro' which is unbelievable as they are still selling CDs in stores which I find unbelievable. Good to have you onboard
  11. What is they battery voltage at rest and does it need replacing as this could be one of the symptoms
  12. Hi Daves Auto and rust.....welcome to the Club Nice collection of can never have too many tools 🙂 Good to have you onboard
  13. Hi....welcome to the Forum I would go to a Locksmiths to see if they can programme a new key for the car....probably cost no more than 100 dollars but you would need the original key code for them to replicate the blade to unlock the door and ignition. Otherwise, a mobile Locksmith should be able programme a handset to the car directly Keep us updated
  14. Great information and thanks for sharing it with us
  15. Hi Doug....welcome to the Forum Seems a convoluted way to pair your phone to the car. Have you tried contacting your local Apple retailer and seeing if they have any never know, it could be something simple such as a particular setting on the phone?