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  1. Hi....welcome to the Club It does sound very much like a key issue. Unless its got a turbo-timer or remote starting then it is more than likely a problem with the electronics/immobilizer system. Worth dropping it into the dealership as it is under warranty and could/should be subject to a recall
  2. That does sound quite terminal, that's a lot of oil being consumed. Still think complete bottom-end rebuild may be an option though (rebore, pistons, etc)
  3. Whats the issue with the engine and would it be easier or cheaper to rebuild it?
  4. I would say at first glance that its a vacuum leak on the inlet manifold side of the engine. Any component that has a vacuum hose or is somehow linked to the inlet manifold needs to be checked and even spray some brake cleaner near the areas to see if it is drawn in and burnt in combustion which will raise the revs momentarily. Other methods (safer ones!) would be smoke generator to see where any smoke is coming from within the engine. Also, an exhaust gas analysis will show an excessive oxygen content (should be 0%)
  5. Am hearing this is an issue, i do wonder if they will release a software update. Worth talking to your local dealership in the near future to see if this is going to be the case
  6. Hi.....welcome to the Forum 330k miles is a superb achievement and I always say 'it wouldn't have got there if it wasn't any good' Superb testament to Toyota as a brand
  7. I'm not sure of the ride height & rebound length though
  8. I could only recommend driving each model but this is obvlously a bit of an issue with the current pandemic restrictions. Supply of certain models could also be an issue with manufacturing grinding to a near halt so there may also be good deals on unsold older models (e.g. 2019, 2020 manufacture years)
  9. fingers crossed and hope it is just a simple fix
  10. I suppose that there is the issue of initial cost and how long the return is made, although at 3-4 mpg it wouldn't take long 🙂
  11. Matt8889. thanks for posting the Tech Service Bulletin link, very useful information
  12. I would certainly address it with the dealer and see if they are willing to replace it. Alternatively, in the long term you could apply some vinyl wrap to it to protect it in the future from abrasion
  13. Sorry for the late reply....did you find a roof rack yet? Fitting an aftermarket air filter can improve air flow and also may clean the air better so less contamination in the engine....cleaner air and more of it 🙂 However, it can also affect the fuelling which may actually affect economy but so will fitting a roof rack. K&N make a superb replacement air filter element which is reusable by cleaning and refitting and gives many other benefits over standard filters
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