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  1. I think a liberal application of WaxOyl will solve most of the surface rust issue and also make sure it goes inside the chassis legs through the holes as corrosion usually takes hold from inside Once applied (which is easy but messy) then you can see what else is left to tackle but you would be amazed how it will transform the majority of the truck Be sure to use eye and hand protection and not to smoke as it is flammable and can cause damage to eyes and skin
  2. You could make something out of cardboard to simulate the correct dimensions and then get something made or find something suitable to the size
  3. This can occur when the engine speed drops too low, the voltage regulator drops down to a low charge rate but increases with revs. So thoughts are: voltage regulator faulty, earth leads faulty or corroded and also alternator pulley size is incorrect (got caught out by that one many years ago) Also check the idle speed is correct and if possible rectify an issues that are causing the engine to run at a low speed
  4. Those lights are fine if the ignition is switched on but should go out when the engine is running
  5. Four cylinders in the Camry are fine, the V6 is better for performance but a lot more fuel consumed so occasional long trips is fine and local town work is even better
  6. I have used Valvoline in older engines and tends to suit them better than some of the high performance oils that are suitable from low range to top end cars.
  7. It seems to be across the range from information on other Toyota forum sections (e.g. aygo, etc)
  8. I would imagine the system needs a firmware update to the more modern phone you are trying to pair (dealer or Toyota specialist job)
  9. Battery voltage could be a consideration and also depends on what fuel (petrol or diesel) if diesel then glow plugs could be the cause
  10. Did you ever resolve this issue? I'm sure it was bypassed for a reason by the previous owner, although not sure how a horn stops working unless the button or the horn itself is defective
  11. I am afraid to say that it would more than likely be the whole intake trunking that would need to be replaced I would however, attempt to remove the broken part and introduce the hose back into the hole
  12. Hi Jason Did you manage to resolve this issue in the end or did you go completely mad and burn the car? The only thing I can think of if you haven't already tried it is that a lot of cars will not play video of any sort without the parkbrake being applied?
  13. I would seriously look in the area of the new timing belt and water pump as there may be fouling on the covers or something hasn't been installed correctly
  14. Is there absolutely no way of getting the original tank repaired (again) or even getting a new one made from scratch?
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