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  1. I have found the quality of belts (especially those from China) are poor and seem to emit noise no matter how tight they are. I would always replace with OEM parts from your Toyota dealer, you pay more but worth every penny. The bearings in the pulleys also dry up over time and new ones from the dealer are not overly expensive
  2. Sounds like it is still a superb car and worthy of being restored to good working order. Plenty of parts available on eBay but may need to ship them in from abroad
  3. It could be a defective coolant temperature sensor which is giving the wrong reading through the temperature range. Also, could be ignition or fuel issues which are affected by temperature. Try running a scan for fault codes stored in the ECU
  4. Also, maybe the master cylinder leaking between the internal seals (or outside of the seals if losing fluid) which means replacing as a matter of urgency
  5. Hi Ben....welcome to the Club As you say, you can't really go wrong with a Toyota, they are certainly well engineered and last for many decades. Look forward to reading your posts in here and also hearing how you are getting on with the XRS
  6. Tat2dgerl. How are you getting on with the Avalon after this period of time?
  7. https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/news/articles/toyota-mirai-sets-a-world-record-with-845-mile-zero-emission-journey-r173/
  8. You can list them here: https://us.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/forum/17-buy-amp-sell/
  9. It looks like a Corvette emblem Looks like someone has doctored the Chevrolet 'bowtie' with the Toyota logo
  10. Article from back in February 2021 https://tiremeetsroad.com/2021/02/18/true-zero-confirms-first-h2-supply-shortage-for-2021-socal-fuel-cell-vehicles-cites-current-deep-freeze-as-cause/
  11. “there will be a temporary hydrogen shortage the next few days caused by the current weather conditions in the Southeastern United States.” Can only assume it is relating to the distribution and dispensing of the Hydrogen that is being affected by the weather. How many Hydrogen charging stations in your state?
  12. You may be able to change the settings (or at least your dealer can) to switch off this function
  13. Its a difficult one to diagnose without capturing any data when it occurs. A first thought it may be ignition related in which case it would be worth checking all ignition components and replacing if necessary. All ignition parts would be cheap for this age of vehicle and can easily be seen if defective (plugs, leads, coil, etc) After that then I would look at replacing the fuel filter, checking vacuum hoses and go from there. Also, check battery earth connections and leads as if these are not up to par then this could also lead to loss of power, cutting out, etc
  14. It could eventually lead to battery discharge over time. Maybe worth having a portable solar panel on your dashboard to keep the battery topped up
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