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  1. Hello all, So I made a booboo when trying to install an aftermarket stereo in my 99 camry. Not having installed an aftermarket stereo in a long time, I forgot you do not need to cut the stock wiring to attach them to the new stereo wires (you can buy a wire adapter for like $20). So I cut them, and no longer have the plastic place holder for the stock wires. I am at a loss at what to do now, and the new stereo is not working because of it. All help is appreciated. Zach
  2. It sure is nice! My last car had a plastic piece covering the passenger side window. It was like an ice box in there 24/7
  3. So when I purchased my Camry about a month ago, the clock on the dash didn't work. I have looked at the fuses and tried looking it up online, but haven't found anything helpful. Is there anything else I need to check before giving up on the clock? Thanks! Zach
  4. Hello everyone! I recently purchased my (first Toyota) 1999 Camry LE (147k miles) from a fellow Alaska on Craigslist. It has a couple dings on the bumper and a tiny bit of rust by the tail lights, but the body is straight, and it runs great! I never imagined myself owning a Toyota, but so far I am very happy that I do. It is a very reliable car (at least compared to my others which I will list later). Even on the coldest Alaskan days my camry starts right up and warms up faster than I can believe. Just a couple days ago it was -3 F and whatdoyaknow. I don't have a whole lot of experience working on cars, though I am here to change that! I have owned and driven a 69 Chevy pickup, a 97 Pontiac Bonneville (I totaled it about 300 miles from home when I hit black ice), an 07 Suzuki Forenza, a 92 Pontiac Sunbird, and finally my baby, the 99 Toyota Camry. I look forward to being apart of the toyotaownersclub and hearing from everyone! Best regards, Zach