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  1. I replaced the plugs. No difference. The only symptom I have left currently is the car starts up, then nearly dies, then recovers and runs perfect from then on... https://imgur.com/hgPfOzf like that...
  2. Hey all, just bought this car for super cheap. When I bought it the ABS and brake light was on (bad rear left sensor and bearing, will replace later - not a priority for now). Has a new clutch, new brakes and drives perfect. Well, almost perfect. After driving it for a week, the check engine light came on. I did notice the car had a bit of a rough idle and probably has a misfire. I got it scanned by a mechanic, it came up with a few misfires and evap system errors, and for some reason he suggested that I replace the coil packs, so I bought them online and replaced them myself. IDK why he
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