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Found 7 results

  1. I have a 91 Toyota pickup 22re motor. I was leaking from EGR cooler plate. Which caused white smoke. I replaced that with a factory gasket. The leak stopped but still have white smoke not as bad but enough to not drive. I ran it 20 to 30 min. Tighten everything down. Oil is fine and coolant in the radiator doesn't bubble or shoot out. I pulled two spark plugs and they just had oil on the thread. No outside leaks. I have no idea what it is and where to go from here. I think it has to be coolant or water since it's white smoke. Anyone could help that would be awesome thanks in advance.
  2. Owner of a 2004 corolla LE. Driver's door was damaged in an accident, and I found a replacement in a salvage yard. Foolishly, I replaced the door without disconnecting the battery. Now, the interior dome light does not come on when opening the door; the power door locks don't work, and the map lights won't come on either. I can't think of anything else that has failed. Power windows work, and all other controls seem to be ok. Any suggestions on where to start to locate this problem? Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  3. I have a 2011 Toyota Matrix XR, will post pictures if anyone wants. Only things I've done to it are: Magnaflow Muffler, Res delete, Sub/Amp wiring (spliced the speaker wire behind factory deck), tinted windows (5% back windows / sunstrip, 15% front and rear facing window). Was wondering if there is anything I can do it to it to get more power out of it? Ive heard about the spark plugs and the CAI / SRI stories but none on a matrix.. Anything I can do to make it an overall better (looking or performing, I don't mind) car?
  4. Hey all...wondering if anyone knows if a steering wheel from a 03-07 FJ100 Land Cruiser will fit a '03 Lexus GX470 without any special installation? My Wife's wheel is all beat up and I came across a really cool remanufactured one with ergo grips on ebay. Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided to a newbie!
  5. Most of the lights I am finding is not the correct ones for my car. Can anyone help me as the only one that can say they have something to fit at the junk yard wants 150 for each side without knowing for sure it's the correct one. Thanks.
  6. Can some one explain how to remove Toyota Camry 2007 Altise fuse box panel from under bonett. I am trying to check the condition of the alt high volt fuse as I shorted out the alt wire while replacing waterpump. Cant start engine. I hope its not the ECU
  7. Hi all out there, i may be newer to this site but i am not new to cars and i am in need of some serious help. i have an 87 celica gt liftback 2.0 L currently its fouling out plugs, overheating is my main issue along with a rough idle after it warms up. its not turning on the fans unless i unplug the fan sensor? odd to anyone? it seems to have an 88 engine and front clip. what i have tried to do to solve this situation is, pull oil pan clean pickup screen, replace maf sensor, new rotar cap wires and plugs, pulled intake manifold cleaned all ports on it and cleared all the carbon build up out o
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