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2020 Camry battery going dead

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After so many Months troubleshooting this issue was a simple adjustment all along.

Toyota is irresponsible in not adjusting this problem.

Follow these steps. 

1. Select (Menu)

2. Select (Setup)

3. On the left press arrow down until you see (Vehicle )now select Vehicle.

4. Select (Vehicle Customization). 

5. Select (Convenience Services) on the right select the arrow down and select "off"  before you exit make sure the red dot is on off.

6. Select back arrow twice this will bring you back to the setup menu. 

7. Scroll up arrow and select (General). 

8. Press Double arrow  down twice Select "Software Update setting" if on select off. 

that's all. Select home button your done. Hope this helps everyone globally. 

it's been over 2 months and no problem I've left my car sitting for 1 week no problem. 












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So we don't have a 2020 (yet) but see the reviews while looking at them. We do have currently a 2011, 2014, 2016 w/o issues but looking to upgrade the 2011. Does this solution indicate most folks have the remote start app working thru their phone/Verizon or are signed up for a radio subscription service? Or is this something that is left "ON" from the factory as a default?

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Count me in. We parked my wife's 2020 Camry SE with 5200 miles on Christmas day around 2 p.m. and came out on the 27th at 11 a.m., and the battery was stone cold dead. Read 3.4 V. I took it out and charged it back up. It runs fine, but I wish they would find out what is causing this. I called into the repair place, but I think the people that run the front desk don't have a clue as I asked the girl about whether they had found a fix and she said we would just have to bring it in, so that they can check the batter. Yes, she doesn't know squat. 

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Me too - dead battery on my new Camry.   UGH - this is so annoying.  Since I drive to places where help is hard to find (no cell service), I'm going to buy a battery boost pack to keep in the trunk.   This is such a problem that Toyota should just make them an accessory for the Camry Hybrid!   

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best boost pack system to buy?  On my recent jump (yesterday) the attendant said he used a low voltage: 2.4 volts.  Some of the boost packs seem to have excessive power.   Looking at the Noco Battery Boost Pack (GB40).   Not sure what's best - any suggestions would be appreciated.    Also, comments on how best to jump the car would be appreciated.

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I have had the same issues with my 2020 Camry XLE, luxury model.  Several battery drains since purchase in April 2020. Dealer finally installed another battery in October 2020. Didn't have anymore problems until Dec 27th...walked out to start my car for a doctors appt and dead battery! Called the service dept they told me they had a fix for the problem and made me an appt to get it fixed. He said it should take care of the problem, I hope so or Toyota will be giving me another car in same price range! Will see an attorney if the fix doesn't work. I will not be responsible for a defective vehicle sold to me with their knowledge of the problem beforehand!

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I made the same fixes: software update at the dealership (they said the update would fix a known parasitic power draw) and turned off the options noted above.  We'll see - fingers crossed.

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