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  1. Not sure but there are some reviews on popular motoring sites that may be useful Generally, all the Toyota engines are incredibly reliable but differing power outputs which may be your choice
  2. Hi Eric0624 .... welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
  3. I guess if you take everything into account such as the heater and other ancillaries running along with extra luggage, possibly using AWD more than normal then this may have lead to the lower MPG than you are accustomed to ?
  4. As far as I know the 2.2 has bombproof engine and should go on for years without issue.
  5. Hi....welcome to the Club Wow! you really are a Toyota family and great to hear that you have been running them successfully (if that is the right word) for so many years Door handles do appear to be an issue judging by the number of posts relating to them on here Good to have you onboard!
  6. Tough one to narrow it down but I would check for play in everything from wheel nuts to engine mounts, bearings to pulleys until you find some wear or play in the components. Personally, I would throw my time and money at the propshaft bearings and joints to start with
  7. It may be cheaper and easier in the long run to get a headrest mount and place a tablet or portable DVD player (for offline play) in there to play the movie?
  8. Check the chassis and engine earth straps/leads as if one of these is broken or corroded then this could cause the symptoms you describe
  9. Driving style does make a huge difference to fuel economy but if you're happy with that MPG then its not too bad
  10. Unfortunately, it may be a process of elimination to determine the cause of the fault....it will probably take time more than money to resolve it
  11. I guess it is not meant to work over 6mph as this is classed as a distraction whilst driving if your attention is diverted to a screen, helpful when under a certain speed to maneouveur into spaces, etc
  12. Thanks for sharing this information, always good to know about mods that work and improve the car
  13. Thanks for letting us know the outcome. glad you sourced improved parts and at a cheaper cost Thanks for sharing this information
  14. Have you also checked battery terminals and leads, especially the earth lead(s) as one may be broken and causing the issue
  15. Sometimes, vacuum hoses can also split and sensors can fail which can cause issues. An inspection of components attached to the axles and transfer box would give an indication of what may have failed
  16. 4WD does tend to play up if not used and if you can select it then use it off road only to avoid transmission wind-up
  17. Crikey! that's a strange one! The only things that come to mind are if anything has changed recently to have invoked this problem? Routine maintenance or recent repairs for example?
  18. Hi 20054runnerguy .....welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
  19. Jimgri RevRick Welcome to the Club Good to have you onboard!
  20. My goodness! that sounds awful Its either one of two things, something is trapped underneath the seat and is getting dragged into the mechanism or the mechanism is dry and requires lubricating. Either way, it would necessitate removing the seat to resolve the issue
  21. Waxoyl is probably the best solution for any exposed metal on the chassis
  22. I would check the wiring to the hatch as it comes from the rear of the roof section to where it goes into the hatch. Sometimes the wires break and short circuit, easily repaired and sorted at little cost
  23. What a fantastic truck, quite envious! I would say it is definitely resistance related fault in a sensor or output such as a module. Once it cools down then the resistance returns to normal and no problems. Crankshaft position sensors are renowned for this, I know you said you changed it out but new ones can be bad from the manufacturer? Worth checking everything again and also look at any connections because they can suffer the same issue
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