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  1. You may be able to change the settings (or at least your dealer can) to switch off this function
  2. Its a difficult one to diagnose without capturing any data when it occurs. A first thought it may be ignition related in which case it would be worth checking all ignition components and replacing if necessary. All ignition parts would be cheap for this age of vehicle and can easily be seen if defective (plugs, leads, coil, etc) After that then I would look at replacing the fuel filter, checking vacuum hoses and go from there. Also, check battery earth connections and leads as if these are not up to par then this could also lead to loss of power, cutting out, etc
  3. It could eventually lead to battery discharge over time. Maybe worth having a portable solar panel on your dashboard to keep the battery topped up
  4. you could look on Lexus Owners Club as this is a common failure item and capacitor replacement has been discussed in detail before
  5. Did you ever find the transistors you were referring to?
  6. It could be that there was an issue with the ABS as the wheel bearing incorporates the ABS sensor and reluctor
  7. I wonder if it is a Right Hand Drive (RHD) model unit that has been fitted as most systems require you to press the button as it is viewed from the driving seat (parallax effect) and it is LHD vehicle the alignment should be viewed from the left hand seat....just a thought!
  8. With safety features they are both passive and active yet most are passive (e.g. they aren't apparent until they deploy in the event of an accident) There are only a few that are apparent and even adjustable such as Lane Assist, Active Cruise, etc. Worth trying out to see how they work on a quiet road and then see what they are like on a freeway once you are totally familiar with each setting
  9. Several things come to mind: when the alternator is plugged in then it is under a certain load which could accentuate noise from a dry bearing either inside or the actual over-run pulley alternatively it could also be a slight noise from the drivebelt which is transmitting through the alternator (drip some water onto the belt when running and see if this changes the noise
  10. What an absolute beauty!!! It wouldn't take a lot to clean up the cylinder head and maybe resurface it before reassembling with new gaskets. Keep us updated on the progress
  11. The oil on the plug thread could possibly be where the valve cover is leaking / weeping oil and tracking down the plug bore when removed. The best thing to do is to ensure the electrode gaps are perfectly set to the correct clearance and then torque down the plugs evenly. This ensures that the thread is not stretched due to over-tightening (which marginally increases the electrode gap) and also the spark is not putting excess strain on the coils by trying to fire the spark over an excessively large gap. It also wouldn't do any harm to run a cylinder compression test whilst the plugs are out to determine if there is an issue with one or more cylinders.
  12. Hi...welcome to the Club That's bad news about the mice invasion and it seems to affect many makes and models of vehicle> Not sure any manufacturers have ever addressed the issue of rat/mice infestation and the resulting damage caused by them nesting. Have you considered buying a cat? 🙂 Good to have you onboard!
  13. Hi....welcome to the Club The increase in engine speed and sound levels would be because of it being a Hybrid and these tend to be a lot noisier than traditional internal combustion engines Otherwise it is a generally superb car all round, maybe just takes a bit of getting used to Good to have you onboard
  14. Hi....welcome to the Club You could visit an audio shop who could upgrade the speakers for a start and see how it goes from there
  15. There are specialists out there who can transplant modern audio innards into an old radio set. Maybe a Google search may bring some results?
  16. Hi....welcome to the Club Yes, that is quite normal for an Atkinson engine. The Lexus RX450 has the same engine and also sounds the same
  17. Hi Michael....welcome to the Club a '91 Corolla, quite a rare car now, is it in good condition?
  18. Sounds like a worn driveshaft constant velocity joint causing this noise.
  19. Have come across this with some other vehicle makes and they offer a 'premium' seat package, so not sure if any package available for the Camry and if so, could you source some to fit in your car
  20. Fine looking Celica....worth the money by the look of the condition and provenance of the car. However, if the seller has reduced the money over time then he would probably take a lesser offer for it
  21. That is an horrendous noise and more than likely caused by the window regulator and guides expanding with the heat and contracting when colder. If it was me, I would remove the door card and make a very slight adjustment to the regulator and window guides/channels which the glass slides up. Probably only need to loosen the screws, shake the glass slightly for it to finds its own settled position, tighten the bolts and see if that improves it. While you there, ensure there is no grit trapped in any of the mechanism or guides
  22. Nice to see the Toyota grill going to a Lexus style
  23. Its usually recalled by chassis number (VIN) so worth contacting your dealer to confirm whether it is subject to a recall
  24. Vehicle production is now being compromised by a world shortage of silicon chip supply so you're one of the lucky ones if you have a guaranteed delivery for a new car 🙂
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