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  1. Did you have any pics of the Celica that you want to post up?
  2. Hi Nathan....welcome to the Forum Hope you manage the 1Million miles and there is no reason to imagine that you couldn't 🙂 Aftermarket parts are generally acceptable alternative to genuine OE parts but just don't go for the cheapest and stick to reputable brands and you can't go wrong. Good to have you onboard
  3. Hi TJ...welcome to the Forum Sorry for the late reply, you certainly have a very clean looking Toyota there Good to have you onboard and hope you have many trouble-free motoring miles ahead of you
  4. Unless the vehicle isn't being used for a considerable amount of time then the battery should remain in a charged state. If there is a current drain on the battery then I would be tempted to remove the negative terminal and see if the battery naturally discharges over time or whether there is something pulling it down and then you're into another completely different issue Let us know what you find out
  5. Hi, sorry for the delay in anyone responding to your post. My thoughts were Crankshaft Sensor, What was it in the end?
  6. Hi Joe....welcome to the Forum I fondly remember the Cressida and it was a great car back in the day. Glad to hear that one is still on the road and would love to see some pictures of it. Good to have you onboard Cheers, Trevor
  7. I would probably upgrade as the value is in the secondhand market to resell but not viable to continue ownership taking into account annual depreciation
  8. It depends on vehicle use, e.g. town driving versus freeway driving, the town driving is considered to be more degrading to the engine oil and would need changing sooner than say if you just drove around town
  9. Hi....welcome to the Forum Good to have you onboard
  10. Sounds very much like a software update is needed regarding the fast idle issue....hassle your supplying dealer to get this resolved (at no cost!) Let us know what they find
  11. I have always fitted Gates belts and never had any issues with them before
  12. Would be interested to know how good it is if you upgrade to the LED lamps
  13. Hi Bob K....welcome to the Forums I always believe that a well maintained car will go on indefinitely as long as you replace any components with quality parts and also keep on top of any issues that may arise. Otherwise, it should do you proud for many years and thousands on mlles to come Good to have you onboard
  14. It looks rather like an interior temperature sensor grille used to take measurements for the climate control
  15. I think it would be worth probing the live wire back as far as when it has power and look for a connection block in the area...corrosion in the block is more than likely the cause
  16. many thanks for posting the guide....very useful indeed !
  17. I would think it would be a faulty alternator. Try disconnecting various fuses (starting with the larger capacity fuses) and see if the battery is then discharging May take some time to work through them all but when you find the one that is running a circuit drawing high current
  18. not sure it would with the many differences in the drivetrain setup. Hopefully someone who may have carried out this mod can answer more specifically
  19. Hi....welcome to the Forum There are companies out there that sell rubbers suitable for window channel, etc and usually sell it by the metre. This is the case for classic cars but not sure who to contact for specific vehicles so you may need to google it to find one
  20. That would be to grab your attention by highlighting the fact that Reverse gear has been selected. Wouldn't want to inadvertently select that when moving forwards 😞
  21. There are a range of bolt on electrically driven forced induction systems out there but lots of money usually. Another way would be to remap the ECU for minimal gains but a lot cheaper