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  1. I"m a retired Toyota industrial electric technician. I just purchased a new 2022 Camry. There is an easy way for technicians to locate what is draining the battery, but it is time consuming and there in is the problem, dealers won't give their technicians enough time to truly diagnose a problem. For the tech, the way to find the problem, with the car off check for amperage draw at the battery. It should be 0. If not something is draining the battery. Pull one fuse at a time and watch the amps, when it goes to 0 you have found the circuit that is draining the battery. Next you need to isolate what component on that circuit is causing the problem, as you know it may be multiple components. My first guess would be the security system, it is active 24/7 but should only pull mill amps and that won't drain a battery quickly. After reading this thread I can't imagine why Toyota hasn't corrected the problem, it should be an easy fix once isolated. I live in California, if my new Camry develops the same issue, they will get the car back, I live fifty miles from the nearest Toyota dealer. Tiffany this kind of thing truly angers me, whoever told you that doesn't know what they are talking about. The service advisors you talk to at the dealer aren't technicians because no honest tech would say something that stupid.
  2. RBP

    First oil change

    Most of the oils used today are synthetics and have a much longer life. Not only that in the old day oil contamination happened much sooner than it does today mainly due to better fuels, and advances in engine technology. So you are good to go to 10k miles.
  3. Hi all. I'm not new to Toyota I was actually a retired Toyota Master tech, but not on cars or trucks, but Forklifts, my specialty was the electric trucks. My wife and I live in the California Sierra foothills so we have some pretty twisty roads up here. To be honest I'm totally blown away by this car, the handling is incredible, the fuel mileage is also outstanding. I once had a 66 Corvette and this Camry handles better than that old Corvette did. Just because I worked for Toyota dealers for many years isn't why I purchased the Camry, we actually looked at other cars, to me, nothing else came close for us. One issue I have is the insistence on 0-16 motor oil. My understanding has always been that oil viscosity is always based on the environment the vehicle is operating in. Example when we had customers with Gas/LP trucks that operated in freezers we recommended 0-20 oil, otherwise we recommended 10-30 due to the California heat in the summers. I will say it is always best to follow the manufacturers recommendations, but the oil requirement does confuse me. I was asked why I didn't go with a Hybrid since I was an electric forklift tech. Well first of all the technology is the same but much different. I do like the fact they put regenitive braking on the hybrid. For me I'm not totally sold on Litho batteries yet, but that is just me, and I know they have come a long ways in the development. I did purchase the extended warranty because even though it is pricy; major maintenance can get real expensive, so I felt is was a good insurance policy. Since I'm 73 years old this will most likely be my last car because I drive them until their antiques. To Toyota; Great job on the Camry, just love it. Hope there is no engineered failure in it. LOL
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