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  1. Good Info ! Haven't had any trouble since the firmware update, but good info on turning off those options in the infotainment center. Thanks !
  2. Seems like there is hope. We let the car sit for about 60 hours and the car then started with no issues. Battery voltage was at about 12.7. The DCM firmware update seems to have helped ! Anybody else had any trouble since have the firmware updated ?
  3. They performed the same update on our Camry TRD today. Fingers crossed !! Dealer seemed pretty confident it will fix the problem. Thanks for the info !!
  4. Same here. 2020 Camry TRD with 4800 miles. First time the battery died was at around the 1500 mile mark. Car had been sitting for the weekend and on Monday it was dead. Jump started and took it to the dealer. They found nothing wrong with it. Happened again this weekend even though car had only been sitting for less than 48 hours. Unbelievable. Good thing I bought a boost pack. Going to be needing it on a regular basis apparently. Definitely wasn't the key fob as both fobs were in a different county than the car. I've seen the TSB that essentially admits that the
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