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Gear box display

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Ok...Not really sure how to begin here, but I have a 2008 Rave 4 and as of recently when ever I switch to D all available options appear with a square around the gear, when I'm driving the R for reverse appears black, N for neutral also appears. Now, there's no physical problem nor does it affect the driving conditions of the vehicle. Please see the image in case what I'm explaining does not make a whole lot of sense. Has anyone encountered this before?IMG_2540 2.HEIC

Thanks for the help gang.

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thaks for the reply, i actually took the vehicle in into a toyota specialize shop and they had to replace the gear module, not sure what it is exactly but that fixed the problem. the mechanic told me that item sits outside of the transmision and it tells the car which gear the car is in, after replacing this default piece the display looks all normal now. 

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