Regina Harris

2003 Matrix XR - Suggestions for Interior Touchups?

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Hello:  My son recently purchased a 2003 Toyota Matrix as his first car.  Overall, the car was not in bad shape.  There are a couple of items that need attention, but I feel he chose well.

This may seem odd, but one thing I'd like to do for him is to find a way to touch-up his interior trim.  If you look at the attached pictures, you can see that some of the silver trim in his car has become worn to where the black underneath now shows.

Here's the question:  is there a way to touch up these worn spots as opposed to replacing the entire blooming trim pieces?  I'm wondering about something you can brush on, like plastikote?

Yup, call me a crazy mom.  TIA for any suggestions or thoughts.






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Hi Regina...welcome to the Forum

I would be tempted to either buy some used parts in better condition or as you say, respray them with plasticote, but not sure you will get an exact colour match.

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Not a problem. A little more video watching has shown me that you can still cover those pieces that you can't get off.  I will supply an example link:

While I don't think I would ever actually drag my tool across in order to push the edges in, I think this could work for a couple of spots I have in mind. Good luck in your project. If I get mine done... it'll nave to wait until summer for me...I'll try to post some pics.

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