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Hi Everyone! 

 I was hoping to get some good advise on maintenance of my 2013 Camry from people who aren't persuaded by monetary gain,  Since my car has 145,000 miles, and all I've done is put gas in it and change the oil & filter myself at the scheduled intervals.  Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hi Stuart....welcome to the Forum

If it's done 145k miles and all you've done is the oil and filter then you must be doing something right.

Generally, when it comes to servicing a car, most of it is something you can do on the floor and with individual wheels raised and supported one at a time...otherwise, it is just a case of inspecting systems and components for wear and tear and replacing serviceable items and fluids periodically.

Only other thing to consider is any service update downloads to the electronic systems and also recall items which won't occur outside of the dealer network.

Cheers,  Trevor

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