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  1. I had a 1999 Mustang gt that was doing the same thing on one injector, I replaced all the O-rings and that fixed mine.
  2. I always put 2 psi more in the tires than what it says! Helps me!
  3. Stuart Swanson


    I did some research of my own after I needed to replace mine, (2013 Camry LE) The Original Michelin X-green tires were really good, lasted 118,000 miles of pretty much straight shot highway driving. I wanted to buy them again but couldn't get myself to pay the $$$$ I think it was going to be about $500-$550 so I went with General tires, ($350) they had good reviews. glad I did because they have been great so far, even in the snow! So far I've put 27K miles on them and haven't really seen much wear off of them.
  4. Nice! I think those wheels are my favorite. Hope to talk with you in the future.
  5. Hi Everyone! I was hoping to get some good advise on maintenance of my 2013 Camry from people who aren't persuaded by monetary gain, Since my car has 145,000 miles, and all I've done is put gas in it and change the oil & filter myself at the scheduled intervals. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks! Stuart