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  1. Hi all out there, i may be newer to this site but i am not new to cars and i am in need of some serious help. i have an 87 celica gt liftback 2.0 L currently its fouling out plugs, overheating is my main issue along with a rough idle after it warms up. its not turning on the fans unless i unplug the fan sensor? odd to anyone? it seems to have an 88 engine and front clip. what i have tried to do to solve this situation is, pull oil pan clean pickup screen, replace maf sensor, new rotar cap wires and plugs, pulled intake manifold cleaned all ports on it and cleared all the carbon build up out of it from the stupid egr. i plan to get blockoff plates for it and i am suspicious if that may fix it because i belive that that carbon spewing monster may be faulty. i tried an used rad from an 88 corrola just to see if mine was clogged, after i put it in still same so i pulled my rad apart and yeah mine was way plugged so a little progress there and with the maf but thats about in. when its running i get back pressure up to the cap on rad? is this normal? and my top inlet hose gets rock hard when car gets shut off why? other cars i have worked on genraly have not done this. where i am at is i think i have a wire prob with the fan but for as the rest i am stumped. i even flushed the coolant too. <_< i am about to buy a full rebuild kit and go for it along with a new proper rad and egr plates but am i missing something? possible things that i suspect are egr blown gasket or bad water pump, or a combo. oh ya i replaced thermostat first thing after it oveheated first time. but ya i just need some opinions to help make my decision or if anyone has any advice or solutions/ suggestions anything would be much appreciated. thanks