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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. I just took possession of a beautiful '07 Camry XLE 4 cylinder. It came with what I'm sure at the time it was built was considered state of the art technology: An integrated AM/FM/CD changer/Bluetooth phone/Navigation system. JBL. Sounds great, frankly. But my owner's manual references a different unit entirely. Keeps referring to an "Audio Control Knob" and there's no such animal on my radio. Illustrations don't match up either. I found a separate manual online but to my disappointment it too referenced a different unit. Despite its lack of intuitive design I've managed to figure out how to program the steering wheel controls so that I can turn the unit off and on, control volume, and move from one station to the next (but not to my presets, unfortunately) and also from one track to the next on a CD or when I'm using Bluetooth to stream from my iPhone. My problem is with the phone. I can pair my phone (iPhone 7 originally and now an iPhone 8) to the Bluetooth just fine, and although the link occasionally drops out, I can do "Hey Siri" and place an outgoing call. The person I call hears me through the roof mounted mic, and I hear them through the car's audio system loud and clear. But when I receive an incoming call things get weird. Instead of hearing my phone's ringtone, the car's audio system produces a loud ring like an old fashioned telephone. And no matter how I answer it.....whether by tapping on my phone's screen, tapping on the audio system's screen, or using the steering wheel controls, the connection to the caller is made, but I only hear them through my phone and not the car's audio system. And yes, I make sure to check the iPhone's screen to be sure the call is being routed through the car's bluetooth and not the phone. Basically I'm looking for a way to bypass the car's out-of-date integrated phone system and just use my iPhone 8. Here's a pic of the unit in question: If anybody can help me I'd be truly grateful. I hate the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars for a new double din unit and installation simply to gain that one capability, but being able to make and receive phone calls hands free is of utmost importance to my job and my personal life.
  2. My package tray speaker in my DD (04 Avalon XL) started crackling and when I went to find a replacement at Best Buy (cringe, I know!), the "rep" said that only the stock speakers are compatible with the stock system. He said if I wanted to take out the head unit and replace all of the speakers and amp, there's plenty I could do, but just changing one speaker with anything they had would cause the amp and head unit to not work as they should. And that's fine, I actually REALLY like the way the stock system sounds and I don't think aftermarket systems sound 'great' unless you spend an unholy amount of money on them, and it's my DD, so I don't ultimately care THAT much... However, the cheapest I could find the one speaker for was here https://parts.olathetoyota.com/86160-ac180.html for around $250 (the dealership by my house said the speaker was $350 and they'd have to order it, yeah that's okay bud). ...the only alternative I found was a kit on Amazon--- What is this repair kit? Has anyone used it? http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=86160-ac180+&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3A86160-ac180+ I'm going to order the speaker monday and just suck it up unless I can figure out an alternative...any advice is greatly appreciated :)
  3. Hey all, Newbie here with a 2002 Avalon (JBL). I would like to hook up a Bazooka powered subwoofer to my new Sony touchscreen deck. The deck has an accessory wire that I can hookup for power to the subwoofer. Should I add a fuse to the line? Amps? There is another alternative. I purchased an Bussmann ATM Fuse Add-A-Circuit for the fuse box. http://www.automotiv...use-p-7114.html The adapter is supposed to allow me to connect the subwoofer to a power wire coming off of the fuse adapter. It can only be a max of 10 amps. My sub is low powered so it SHOULD work in theory. Of the 10 amp fuses in the Avalon, would any work? Does anyone have experience with these adapters? Should I just go with the power off of the deck? A very inquiring mind would like to know. Thanks! RoadWarrior
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