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  1. Hey all, Newbie here with a 2002 Avalon (JBL). I would like to hook up a Bazooka powered subwoofer to my new Sony touchscreen deck. The deck has an accessory wire that I can hookup for power to the subwoofer. Should I add a fuse to the line? Amps? There is another alternative. I purchased an Bussmann ATM Fuse Add-A-Circuit for the fuse box. http://www.automotiv...use-p-7114.html The adapter is supposed to allow me to connect the subwoofer to a power wire coming off of the fuse adapter. It can only be a max of 10 amps. My sub is low powered so it SHOULD work in theory. Of the 10 amp fuses in the Avalon, would any work? Does anyone have experience with these adapters? Should I just go with the power off of the deck? A very inquiring mind would like to know. Thanks! RoadWarrior