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  1. Sounds like a bad ground...
  2. This happens as a part of an electrical glitch. I don't think it's an actual mechanical issue at all...
  3. I'm not sure if it's something you can repair (I don't think so) or you'll just have to replace the damaged happens with heat, driving etc. Check with the dealer to see how much replacing it would be, and maybe invest in a really good protectant?
  4. My package tray speaker in my DD (04 Avalon XL) started crackling and when I went to find a replacement at Best Buy (cringe, I know!), the "rep" said that only the stock speakers are compatible with the stock system. He said if I wanted to take out the head unit and replace all of the speakers and amp, there's plenty I could do, but just changing one speaker with anything they had would cause the amp and head unit to not work as they should. And that's fine, I actually REALLY like the way the stock system sounds and I don't think aftermarket systems sound 'great' unless you spend an unholy amount of money on them, and it's my DD, so I don't ultimately care THAT much... However, the cheapest I could find the one speaker for was here for around $250 (the dealership by my house said the speaker was $350 and they'd have to order it, yeah that's okay bud). ...the only alternative I found was a kit on Amazon--- What is this repair kit? Has anyone used it? I'm going to order the speaker monday and just suck it up unless I can figure out an alternative...any advice is greatly appreciated :)
  5. Here's a good list
  6. Check ebay What do you mean illegal?
  7. Sounds like a motor mount issue to me, or transmission mount.
  8. Sell the working parts on craigslist and the rest for scrap, don't waste any time trying to restore it.
  9. I know when this happens on Chevys, it's a part of a defect that was recalled because the entire panel is bad...maybe reset the computer by unplugging the battery and hope it was just a gremlin and not a bad board.
  10. I don't know about this "So to start, if say I did buy the car, would I be able to purchase an extended warranty from the Toyota dealershipthat would cover major these repairs." But buying a car over 100k miles isn't unheard of anymore, if well taken care of, a quality car can last 250k miles before needing major repairs. Check for leaks, check the color of the oil, etc. Here's a good checklist for when you drive the car
  11. *GASP* Oh wow, yeah that's not a factory thing, you're right, sorry. Maybe look at some of these Or even a Mr. Clean Erase pen? I would be mad too if a shop did that to my car!