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  1. 14AWDLMT

    2014 + Highlander Rear Tail Lamp Condensation

    The manufacturer for the Highlander tail lamp assembly is North American Lighting. Not sure if they do the Lexus 760A lamps but you should be able to see either "N.A.L" or "North America Lighting" embossed on the housing if they do make it. Basically Toyota told me to keep taking it back to the dealer and there was no bulletin related to this issue.
  2. Curious to find out if anyone has had this issue with the new body Highlander. The rear-passenger lens has been replaced four times at a Toyota dealer but continues to exhibit water getting in the lens. Not one issue with the opposite lens, only the passenger side. Perhaps it is an installation issue with improper servicing technical requirements, design issue, defect, etc? Anyone have insight into this?
  3. 14AWDLMT

    2016 Highlander Sound System 😩

    I too am disappointed with the sound system somewhat. I have the factory JBL system and think the overall sound quality is great but the main issue is the vibration and rattling of the plastic from the rear lift gate cover. It ruins the whole sound system.