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Found 6 results

  1. Can/will a regular size wheel/tire fit in place of the "donut" spare that comes from the factory?
  2. Hi everybody! Bought my first Toyota in October. 2001 Highlander with 118k miles on it. Paid $3400. She's got the 2.4L inline 4 cyl. and FWD, base package. Bought her from a private seller. It was previously owned by an elderly couple and the husband apparently became to ill to drive. It had two accident reports, and it seemed like the guy got in a couple fender benders as he got too bad off to drive anymore. Anyway, the interior is amazing for a 17 year old car! I can't believe it. No major leaking, there was some seepage on the corner of the valve cover but nothing fresh. Passenger side boot of rack and pinion is leaking but it's a very slow leak, so that will be a project for another day. I didn't notice it too much until I took her home, but she vibrated like a massage chair at stoplights and at idle, in park. The exhaust was also rattling quite loudly. Also, the PVC valve was bad and the hose was dry rotted. I took her to my mechanic, and he confirmed what I already suspected: mounts and struts were shot. He quoted $2400 for the job. I didn't have $2400 lying around so I spent $700 on the parts and did the job myself. Took about 7 hours. Also replaced 3 exhaust hangers, PVC valve and hose. What a difference! Driver side sun visor was shot, as well. Found a factory OEM visor on eBay for $55. Due to the fender benders and really shotty repair attempt, the driver front and passenger rear sections of the bumper were loose and hanging. There is some structure damage at the passenger rear corner, it's crumpled a bit, so it won't fit just right in order for the locking tabs to sit and lock the bumper into place. Also two tabs were broken. Couple of zip ties took care of that. Also had the driver side power window motor die on me. Did that myself, as well. I love the way she rides. Very smooth when cruising down I-95 at 80 MPH. Only real issue I have now is vibration and a slight lack of power when accelerating hard or from higher RPMs. Here a slight hissing sound from the gas tank. Could be a broken hose. That will be my next project. Oh yeah, and also head unit and speaker upgrade! I really like this Highlander. She's great on gas, rides smooth, and like I said the interior is amazing. Due to her age, however, there's some things I want to take care of, as I want her to last well into the 200k mile range. Anyway, that's my story, my first Toyota I have owned, and hi to everyone!
  3. Curious to find out if anyone has had this issue with the new body Highlander. The rear-passenger lens has been replaced four times at a Toyota dealer but continues to exhibit water getting in the lens. Not one issue with the opposite lens, only the passenger side. Perhaps it is an installation issue with improper servicing technical requirements, design issue, defect, etc? Anyone have insight into this?
  4. Need some advice here. Just bought a 2011 certified used Highlander, AWD, V6 in November of 2014. From the very first week of driving i was experiencing mpg in the 11-14 range. I was told that Maryland just switched to winter gasoline, and that's likely the issue. About a week after that, i start to notice a sulfur (rotten eggs) smell when i drive it first thing in the morning. I work remote-so the most driving i do is to the kids school (about 4 miles away) and back home. The smell normally hits us at one of the lights we stop at on the way to school. I try to remember to turn the 'circulate air' button on to close the vents from outside just to avoid the smell. I brought the car into Toyota because of these two issues on 12/11/14. No check engine light, so I know this is hard for a mechanic to diagnose. They did all their testing, even took me on a test drive, and found nothing wrong. We averaged 17 mpg on the test drive trip, but that was driving on roads where we typically were going 40 mph with little stopping--which is NOT my typical drive to and from the kids school. I do 30 mph if i am lucky, and go through at least 4 lights and over 4 speed bumps.. all city driving. I do not sit idle in the carpool, so that is not a contributing factor. Anywho, i was told to put 93 octane in it and let it ride till on E and calculate as well. Tried that. It was just as bad. Dash showed about 13.8 and my calculation was below that. Today i brought it back. Both my bro and father are mechanics and told me to have them put it on a 5 gas analyzer to see the hydrocarbon level at the tail pipe-since the computer is not picking up that there's an issue. They told me they dont have one of those, and all they could do is the checking they did last time... said the tires are the right size, the car's computer has no updates... Again, they found no issues. I brought the car in with 11.8 mpg on the dash (so they can clearly see that's well below the national reported avg of 15.7). I left, drove all the way home doing about 40mph and now have 10.5 mpg on the dash. The smell is only there when driving the car first thing. No, i am not heavy on the gas. I have even tried letting the car drift as much as possible with my foot OFF the gas and still get the smell and bad mileage. If i do a trip odometer reading on the highway, i can get between 19-21mpg. City driving trips-full talks that is- have all been between 11-14 since i got the car. Am i the only one?? Is this normal for all city driving? Please let me know if anyone else is experiencing the rotten eggs smell.
  5. Hey all, I own a Prius as well, but this is actually a call for help about my Certified Pre-owned 2007 Hybrid Highlander. I have recently experienced a fairly steep drop-off in fuel economy. ~20%, such that my Highlander is now struggling to get 20mpg where it used to get 25. The new lower number is about what my friend is getting with his 2007 non-hybrid, slightly worse. I know, I know, different driving styles, air-pressure in the tires..... I have brought it into the dealer but their tests did not reveal any problems. I suspect very strongly that the hybrid batteries have begun to loose their potency. My local dealer has no additional diagnostics beyond a red-light, green light test. Has anyone out there replaced their hybrid batteries, diagnosed them or seen similar fall-offs in economy? Thanks for your help.
  6. Hey all, So I am the owner of a Certified Pre-owned 2007 Hybrid Highlander. As my car crossed the 50k mile marker, my fuel economy dropped off by about 20% and has continued to decline. I have brought it into the dealer but their tests did not reveal any problems. I suspect very strongly that the hybrid batteries have begun to loose their potency. My local dealer has no additional diagnostics beyond a red-light, green light test. Has anyone out there replaced their hybrid batteries, diagnosed them or seen similar fall-offs in economy? Thanks for your help.