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  1. How was the Revtek lift kit? Would like to know your feedback. I'm for suspension lift kits for Tacoma and I've been seeing some people comparing Revtech and Tough Country.
  2. Toyotammy

    2011 Toyota Matrix XR mods?

    any feedback on the Magnaflow?
  3. Toyotammy

    2001 Celica

    wow 5th Toyota. that's nice. Welcome! :)
  4. Toyotammy


    Looking for new tires too. any feedback on the Continental?
  5. Toyotammy

    funky inside window weatherstriping keeps coming up

    found this on another forum, but you may find this thread helpful
  6. Toyotammy

    09 Camry

    As a retired mechanic you've mentioned on your introduction, it's a pleasure for us to have you on the forum. Hope you can give us some tips and help us resolve some issues on our vehicles. by the way, do you have any mods on your ride?
  7. nice ride. any new plans for your ride like mods?
  8. great photos. your cruiser has a nice color
  9. Inspect the connectors at the fan motor, relay, sensor or heat sensitive switch, and the ECM (your car’s computer control system). There might be broken wires or loose connectors around the fan circuit. Also check for a possible blown fan fuse.
  10. Congrats on the purchase. Look for any black spots on the exhaust system which is an indicator for leaks; check under the hood if there are dents, damage or rust; Inspect the engine for any sort of leak or corrosion.
  11. Toyotammy

    New member, Toy 4Runner Limited

    i wonder where's the people here too. some posts have been dated a few months ago