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  1. 2016 FOB security breach by technological means "grabbing" security codes. When is Toyota going to provide a code update to thwart this new technology that exposes toyota vehicles to theft and more.

  2. I have 1980 4Runner Ltd with 2013k miles on it. Only work needed was a new steering rack at 205 K Miles. Still in great condition.
  3. Runner

    New member, Toy 4Runner Limited

    Hello Toyotammy, I guess there is no interest in 4Runners. Just we newbies. take care.
  4. Looks like this Forum has died. I know they are tough but this is disappointing. I come back for another check up soon. I hope there are some guys out there with some discussions. Cheers, Runner
  5. Runner

    steering wheel shake

    This topic is quite old so likely wasting my time answering this one. I had the same issue earlier this year and resolved by putting in a new steering rack, new front-end alignment and balance. Be sure to go to a Toyota mechanic if possible b/c some shops don't have the right equipment to do alignments and balances and try to fake it. I experienced a dealership here in Colorado who tried to tell me my whole front end needed replacing. BS. They were trying to balance my wheels on a balance machine built for a car. Be careful. Runner.
  6. Toy 4Runner Limited, Year -1998, Have ordered a new 2016 Toy 4Runner Limited. Looking forward to participating in this club.