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Camry isn't getting fuel to the engine

Michael P

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I have an 85 Camry 2.0 ltr, 4 cyl, she's not exactly a beauty but she's all I have. The problem started while going up hills, that's still when she acts up the most but she's gotten to where she does it on flat roads as well. She acts like she's not getting any gas. She stalls, then cuts off. I can catch her at the right moment and hit the accelerator, get her going well for about 200-300 ft, but she won't "catch" if that makes sense. I've replaced the fuel filter and pump, since those seemed likely to be the issue. I've wasted over $200 with no luck. I had two mechanics yesterday tell me it could be the distributor coil, the ignition coil could be running hot, or the timing belt could be stretched (I've never seen a belt stretch, they just break in my experience). But while driving she acts like she's not getting fuel, acts like she's going to stall, then does. I'm not a rich man, I can't afford to take her to a mechanic to get the problem sussed out. Can anyone advise me? Thanks in advance.

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Its a difficult one to diagnose without capturing any data when it occurs.

A first thought it may be ignition related in which case it would be worth checking all ignition components and replacing if necessary.
All ignition parts would be cheap for this age of vehicle and can easily be seen if defective (plugs, leads, coil, etc)

After that then I would look at replacing the fuel filter, checking vacuum hoses and go from there.
Also, check battery earth connections and leads as if these are not up to par then this could also lead to loss of power, cutting out, etc

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