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Nav system screen misalignment


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The alignment of the screen of my 2016 Camry XLE is very misaligned. If I press, for example, a middle button on the screen, the function above it will activate. The bottom button is not accessible at all because I would have to press below the display to operate it.  I have tried searching for this defect, but haven't come up with any references.

Can anybody suggest a direction that I could go in to resolve this?

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Hey there! So, your 2016 Camry XLE's screen's all outta whack, huh? Pressing a button does something totally different or the bottom one's just not doin' its thing at all? That's a weird one, for sure.

If you've been lookin' around for a fix and comin' up empty, here's what you could try:

First off, check if there's any software updates for your screen system. Sometimes that sorta thing can mess with how buttons work.

Next, see if there's any physical issues with the screen itself—like if it's kinda shifted or if there's any damage.

If those don't cut it, it might be worth swingin' by a Toyota service center or a tech-savvy auto shop. They might have seen this before or have some tricks up their sleeve to get that screen back in line.

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