Cranking but not starting

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I Have a 2003 Corolla S and then acquired a 2003 Matrix XR thats engine was removed. So I removed the corolla engine and transmisson (1zz-fe) and dropped it in the matrix. Everything went smooth and is now all bolted in.

Its cranking but not started. We checked the fuel line and it wasnt getting fuel. Everything else seemed to be working. The fuel pump wasnt turning on, so I swapped it out. Same thing, not getting fuel. So then I swapped the fuel pump relay, and checked all the fuses. Everything looks to be good.

Could it be a vacume line or sensor connection conneted wrong or anything else not conneted correctly?

I used the wiring harness from the corolla after realizing a plug to the ECU was cut off on the matrix harness after installing the engine. Everything conneted back fine except I dont see the plug to the fan. (All was done before trying to start it for the first time)

Fuel pump still not turning on and now the check engine light is on. A buddy tried to power the fuel pump and it's working. It is not fireing possibly?

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Everything was working on the corolla before the motor swap. The fuses and relays should all be the same right? 

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