2001 Echo rear manual window replacement.

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Just wanted to put this short howto out there so Google can find it when the next person needs it.

2001 Toyota Echo Sedan rear driver or passenger window glass replacement, manual windows.

Step one & two: Accidentally break window, find salvage yard with correct window, don't break it bringing it home.

Step three: Remove inner door trim panel; remove window crank with a window crank removal tool (the retaining clip will attempt to flee), remove two obvious Phillips drive screws, from the bottom up, gently pry the panel away from the door until the clips pop out of the holes, lift the panel up and out to remove, set aside.

Step four: Clean the tracks of broken glass, vacuum the broken glass out of the door, gently peel the clear plastic water barrier sheet up about halfway, tape up out of the way.

Step five: This one had us stumped for a little bit.  Remove the two screws mounting the rear window track to the inner door sheet metal, 10mm socket, which will leave space to slide the window down into the door.  Put the front edge of the window into the front window track molding, but don't slide it all the way down just yet.

Step six: Crank the window regulator up until it's near the roller guide rail on the bottom of the window.  Pull up and back on the rear bottom corner of the window to tilt the window diagonally, and work the lift roller into the guide rail at the bottom of the window.  I am writing this a day later, so it may be the other angle, but I'm pretty sure it's "back end up" diagonal.

Step seven:  Crank the window down most of the way, and firmly press the window forward into the front window track as far as it will go.  From inside the door cavity, grasp the rear window track and twist it counterclockwise.  This will rotate the open face of the track in and back just enough to slip the window into the track.  Do so, then twist the track clockwise until window pops in and the mounting screw holes from step five line up, then reinstall and tighten the screws.

Reassembly is pretty much the reverse of disassembly from here.  Door panel hint; it drops into the window opening, with the plastic retaining fingers matching up with indentations.  After it is in place, but before pressing the panel back into the door sheet metal, take a small flat plastic pry with rounded edges and work the rubber trim under the rear quarter window over the door panel to match the other side.  A little 303 spray protectant on the rubber will make this much easier.


Thanks for giving me a place to post this for future repairers!

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