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Hi. I am looking at the Toyota Highlander and the dealer cannot seem to provide advise about what the tow package includes. I do know it only has a 4 pin connector and I need a 7 pin one. He said the 4 pin would be fine --- but of course, then I could not use things like, uh BRAKES. Yikes!  I have seen people write on other forums about adding a 7 pin connector, wiring and discussing adaptations way beyond my capacity. Can anyone tell me exactly what the tow package includes; if they have made adaptations and who did the work --- e.g., the dealer or someone else; if someone else did it effect the warranty? Any what was your experience towing. I am looking to tow and 16 or 17 foot Casita travel trailer that has a dry weight of about 2300 pounds. Would love to hear others experiences. Thanks. 


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Hi Debbie133...welcome to the Forums

I would probably entrust the installation to an authorised installer as the system would need to be wired correctly to work with the CanBus system.

If it is wired incorrectly for the vehicle then it can interfere with the onboard electronics with disastrous effect.

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