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    Towing and towing package

    Hi. I am looking at the Toyota Highlander and the dealer cannot seem to provide advise about what the tow package includes. I do know it only has a 4 pin connector and I need a 7 pin one. He said the 4 pin would be fine --- but of course, then I could not use things like, uh BRAKES. Yikes! I have seen people write on other forums about adding a 7 pin connector, wiring and discussing adaptations way beyond my capacity. Can anyone tell me exactly what the tow package includes; if they have made adaptations and who did the work --- e.g., the dealer or someone else; if someone else did it effect the warranty? Any what was your experience towing. I am looking to tow and 16 or 17 foot Casita travel trailer that has a dry weight of about 2300 pounds. Would love to hear others experiences. Thanks.