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The Bz4X is Seriously Rangebound


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Having just completed a 1000 mile round trip, I found the BZ4X to have approximately a 100 mile range between charges. I had set my trip planner, ABRP, to arrive at charging stations with 30% SOC in case the station was occupied or broken. The dismal charging speed I experienced in 50-60 deg F weather meant that I would typically spend 75 min per charge to get from 30% to 70%. Charging speeds would often start out at 35-45 KW but would then drop to 16 KW after a short time. The one time I tried to charge past 70%, I experienced 4KW speeds. I will never try this again. A 500 trip (each way) that would typically take 8 hrs in an ICE took 14.5 hrs. The BZ4X is seriously rangebound.
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Wow!  that's insanity.
Certainly the weather/ambient temperature will have an effect on the batteries and charge rate but it certainly is not a viable form of transport if you encounter stations which are out of order or need to be somewhere in a set time.

Thanks for sharing this information with the club....always handy to know if you are in the market for this model

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