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Prius C shock assembly single top nut, clicking, help?


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I was doing the front brakes on my daughters pain in the butt prius c, and noticed one of her front struts leaking oil and creaking and binding.  so i popped in a pair of complete shock assemblies.  these prius c have only one single top mount nut instead of the regular three top nuts.  i don't like it.  anyways, everything installed smoothly, new links, double checked everything i touched, tightened top nut under load (jack under lower ball joint) and here's my issue:

when i turn the steering wheel side to side (still up on jack stands, I'm waiting for more parts) i hear clicking.  investigating this, if my hand is on the top nut i can feel and even see a wiggle.  is this normal? i tried loosening the top nut, jacking back up, and retorque, same thing.  

please if anyone has done this job and can advise, i would be very grateful!

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