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2004 Toyota Tacoma 4 door PreRunner V6 2wd

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My truck has 270,000 miles I moved from California to North Carolina. I had the tiers inspected before the drive when I arrived, I noticed the inner front tires where balding.  I took the truck to an aliment shop they conveyed to me the that the front suspension need to be repaired and quoted me $2,100. I am verry mechanically inclined I have replace both lower ball joints so please give me advice on what should I replace. I am going to replacing front struts with springs, should I replace all bushing or replace all control arms with bushings installed also I am going to replace upper ball joints. Last question what brand and should I replace rack and pinion bushings? Thank you for your advice.

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I would imagine that if the tire wear is on the inside of the tread then this is down to excessive toe-out on the steering

This may be caused by worn suspension components and it is definitely worth checking for wear or broken components to assure there is nothing dangerous occurring there.
However, for the wear to be even on both from tires does not sound like a singular failed component and that both side failed at the same rate (possible but not probable) suggests to me that it is just plain old wheel alignment needed.

Take the truck elsewhere and get them to measure it and show you the results before committing to expensive and unnecessary repairs

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