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Overheating under load. Heater not blowing hot air

Daniel Boone

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Overheating! Have changed thermostat. Changes water pump today. Had vehicle at dealership earlier week. Dealership tested for exhaust in coolant…no exhaust. Ran for an hour trying to burp system. Heater blew hot initially then stopped and blew cool air and hoses to heater core cool to touch. Bottom radiator hose cold to touch.engine will overheat when raining rpm’s. What’s up? Please help!

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I would remove the thermostat to see if there is an even flow of coolant.

If so, then chances are it is a faulty (albeit new) thermostat

Air can be very difficult to remove from a cooling system occasionally but always check the obvious things first.
A coolant pressure cap is a prime example of when it fails for the pressure to drop and lead to overheating and also a source to introduce air into the system......very cheap part to replace

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