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Mystery Part


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Found this on my garage floor where I park my Matrix.  Don't know if it's from my car or something that was dragged in.  Any ideas what it is?  Where it might belong?  Looks like it may be some kind of cable/wire harness.  The only identification I can find on it is a stamp >POM<.  Thanks. 


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That's part of a plastic clip that holds the brake/fuel pipes in position on the chassis rail/floorpan area under the car.
There are usually quite a few located on the underside so no chance of the pipes falling off but would be advisable to purchase a new one and fit it into place when you can

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Thanks so much for your reply.  As soon as I knew what to look for, I was able to find a picture online clearly showing them.  Well, blurrily out of focus showing them 🙂.  Thanks again.



Screenshot 2022-12-01 162452.jpg

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