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Need to fix my FJ Cruiser in Wilmington, NC area. Cannot find anyone willing to do so. Please help.

C Dudek

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My 2007 FJ needs fixing with breaks and rust issues.  Had someone come to the house but he did not finish.  Asked many places but none will touch it.  It is in pristine condition for the most part except for underneath.  The person who came to my house was able to remove much of the rust.  Needs to be finished.

Has much less than 100,000 miles.  I cannot believe this vehicle is irredeemable. I have attached some shots of the rust. Salt air may have oxidized what was accomplished. There  must be someone able to save this Cruiser.

Please advise.  I'd appreciate it if someone would contact me.

Thank you,


FJ rust pic II.jpg

FJ rust pic III.jpg

FJ rust pics.jpg

FJ rust pic IV.jpg

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I think a liberal application of WaxOyl will solve most of the surface rust issue and also make sure it goes inside the chassis legs through the holes as corrosion usually takes hold from inside

Once applied (which is easy but messy) then you can see what else is left to tackle but you would be amazed how it will transform the majority of the truck

Be sure to use eye and hand protection and not to smoke as it is flammable and can cause damage to eyes and skin

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