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New Avalon Owner hailing from the Treasure Coast of Florida

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I've been a long lover and fan of Toyota engineering. I owned a Corolla in my youth then some Jeeps... then a Tacoma for years. Then, I got old overnight and desired a big truck with all the comforts of a car. Toyota did not have an answer (and still doesn't IMHO) so I went the route of the 2016 Ram Limited Eco-Diesel. Smooth ride with 25 mpg. But, diesel prices were killing me and it is hard to justify using the truck as a commuter vehicle. Sold it and got a 2014 Toyota Limited Hybrid. LOVE IT! How can such a great car come at such a great price (meaning comparably low)? Anyway, these cars and trucks last so that is why I came back to Toyota.

I am former Navy SpecOps and currently working as an Enterprise Architect in good ol sunny Florida along the Treasure Coast. I love it here and blend right in with all the "old people" driving an Avalon around. I don't care. I'm not too old but old enough (and secure enough) not to care about what others think. I love talking Toyota engineering and specifically, their institution (and near perfection) of their quality program (notably Lean Six Sigma). Boring to most but not me.

Looking forward to learning about my vehicle through the great minds and lessons learned here on this fine forum.


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Hi Jason....welcome to the Club

I thought the same about Honda that I was too young to own one but the draw of massive reliability, build quality and comfort dragged me over to the dark side.
It turns out that I just didn't realise I was old enough (but maybe not responsible enough) to own a car like a Honda.
Same applies to Lexus and Toyota in my mind....superb cars and no reason not to own one at all if you don't tie into the stereotype that is 🙂


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