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  1. I have a charcoal metalic Paseo with 36K miles. Great little car, lousy lights for night driving. If anyone knows where to get better lights ( I have 100W bulbs with relays - the lens design is bad) please let me know.
  2. The 1,000 number is correct. ASC (American Sunroof Company) was contracted to build the convertibles. Paseos were shipped to California where ASC cut off the roof and essentially rebuilt the car as a convertible adding a lot of strength to the chassis and body for rigidity. Mine has 36K miles on it. It remains a very rigid body (no squeaks or rattles). Even the local Toyota dealer didn't know what it was. Now it's a celebrity car when it goes in. Headlights are horrible, even with 100W bulbs and relays. The lens design is abysmal. I continue to search for a euro style replacement lens, but have found nothing. Nowhere to put driving lights, so I rarely drive it at night. When I do I drive with the brights on. No one has ever flashed me back.
  3. I was told 1000, all of course in '97. All were basically hand-built by ASC in California. Mine is up to 35,000 miles here in Michigan. It's only out May through September. Looking for a back-up top to keep for when needed. Have you found any good lights for it? the headlight design is dim at best with high powered bulbs.
  4. I have a '97 Paseo convertible with (now) 35,000 miles. Got it at 19,000. The headlights are miserable. Any recomendations for improved lighting while maintaining the stock look? Better lens housing? I have high power bulbs in it with relays, etc., but it hasn't made enough of a difference. Are there good driving lights I can install in the chin vents or something?