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  1. FWIW.... My paseo convertible ASC (Automobile Specialty Company) ID in the door jamb has the number "00873" which would seem to indicate it is the 873rd convertible ASC made for Toyota. If other convertible Paseo owners report their ASC number, we could start to get an idea or confirmation or the production number range.
  2. PS -- just last week I was at Toyota looking for a part for my Paseo. The part's guy came out to see the car to help understand what part I needed. When we got back inside he smiled and said "I've never seen a convertible Paseo before." And the part I wanted, relating to the top, was discontinued.
  3. I have a '97 convertible. Out of our four cars (Tacoma, Matrix and Honda CRV) the Paseo has become my favorite beater (several years ago replacing my very beat up 1984 Toyota Hilux pickup that my wife ironically titled "the babe magnet"). My wife and I have driven the Paseo lots over the years. The car's in pretty rough shape, 156k miles, faded paint, on it's second top, torque converter causing shaking at idle. One day last year I saw somebody taking a cell phone photo of me driving along in it. I thought "WTF?" I did some homework and saw these are rare -- and unpopular. Made me think of the infamous Ford Edsel. Maybe in fifty years it will be worth.... $1,500 OBO. whoo hoo! ain't retiring early. (Edsel's, however, will fetch huge money)